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  1. Sorry man, but no! I never release something that is not my primary work! I dont feel it right, release a skin that most panels is done by others. Guys like @keysi @wkdsoul @bluestillidie00 got that credit and have my respect. I just collect and tweak for personal use. I dont have time to answer to everyone that have requested me this skin, and i say sorry but thats the way i go. Thanks
  2. My last this year! Thanks to all skinners! All of this is work of others, sorry not mention everyone but i cant remember all. i just collect and tweak to my personal use!
  3. Go to page 1 and see the first layout of TCS skin! If you go almost to the bottom of the page you will see it! The first version have this panel! I dont know if links are working on first post regarding the first versions because i have this player overview since it was released by bluestillidie00 in October. I just made some minor tweaks for my personal use.
  4. You have in the first version of the TCS skin this panel of player overview, that it´s basically the same!
  5. Place in panels/team I used this panel on the 1.5 version of TCS I think it´s still working honours info panel.xml
  6. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YKLAG5n9Jel7_9Qh9GKCTK6G5qaqqFvH/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1P-M5r4Hx4XLs07I6dqzD5gSkPkSTVFAH/view?usp=sharing Here you have!
  7. Base Purple Skin adapted to dark mode with panels and graphics around here! This is for personal use, so thanks to all skin makers this year to provide great stuff!
  8. Managed to change for personal use the math in beetween highlights Great Work with the Skin, Thanks
  9. Armando Carneiro is not the HOYD of Porto He may have joined that club in your save, thats for sure! He left Benfica a couple years ago, to join MLS team Orlando City and since 2016 he is unemployed.
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