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  1. Do youth coaches influence newgen personalites (before they appear in the game) though? Thank you @Seb Wassell
  2. Thanks. I have only just started trying this, but haven´t managed better than "light" so far.
  3. I would imagine that those have an effect.. but yes, I´d love to have some input from them about this.
  4. Mine is driven. It´s good to know whether it has any effect, and what we could do to affect it. I think it´s one of the few things we don´t really know anything about.
  5. If that is SI´s official position it is confusing to say the least. Because (1) if it is an UI issue, why has not it been fixed in patches? (shouldn´t be too difficult) and (2) it´s not just here. Even during the match, you can see ass man feedback that working on set pieces is creating chances when I wouldn´t have worked on set pieces prior to that particular match. I´m not saying that you don´t know what you´re saying, just saying that is very confusing from SI as these are 2 contradictory types of feedback which should be fairly easy to fix.
  6. I understand that that is what it says in the training screen too. But in the "Training Week in Review" which I receive in the inbox, you can see the match prep at the bottom which says "Special focus has been placed on the following areas ahead of the match against ... tomorrow:" The things mentioned here are not just those trained after the last match, but those in the week (or 2) before as well. Can you explain this please?
  7. Go to Staff > Responsibilities > Staff > Advice and Reports and select the HOYD in "Provides Youth Development Information"
  8. Great thread you have going on here! Sorry if you have already mentioned (I can´t remember it), but do you use mentoring in the reserve or youth squads?
  9. Does anyone know what effects (if any) the human manager personality has? And any idea on what shapes it the most? Thank you
  10. As individual focus you mean? Because otherwise there are a number of schedules affecting concentration
  11. Is it possible to have a training rating rolling over for the whole season? (something similar to the average rating)? It would be good to see who has been training well (or not) regularly throughout the season.
  12. These are some intense schedules! Anyone who has used them: how have they impacted injuries pls?
  13. I don´t know about bravery and mentoring but I do know that an injury could result in a decrease in bravery.
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