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  1. As individual focus you mean? Because otherwise there are a number of schedules affecting concentration
  2. Is it possible to have a training rating rolling over for the whole season? (something similar to the average rating)? It would be good to see who has been training well (or not) regularly throughout the season.
  3. These are some intense schedules! Anyone who has used them: how have they impacted injuries pls?
  4. I don´t know about bravery and mentoring but I do know that an injury could result in a decrease in bravery.
  5. It depends on your tactical style too. With a patient approach I got my dlf to score lots of goals, mostly assisted by my more advanced forward. Re the 2nd part of your question. Know what you want him from him and rate him according to that. What are the 2 main reasons for your using dlf-s? Tracking back? Providing assists? Scoring? Bringing others into play? Decide on that and then you can see whether he is playing well/doing what you want or not.
  6. I think it is very easy to the AMC to be crowded out, but you can definitely get it to work. It obviously depends on lots of things. We need more info like your tactics, also it depends what you want your AMC to do. For example there where games where the opponents had a holding dm who was causing me problems. I used my amc to roam around creating confusion for the opponent´s dm and leaving space for my cm-a and bbm to attack from deep. The AMC didnt get too many touches but he was crucial in creating space for the marauding central midfielders.
  7. You can change game language from "parametres" (I believe it would be that in French). Then "imprimer ecran" to post here. Then you can change back language to French
  8. From my experience I would disagree with this in general. I´m sure other factors come into play but I have seen many players with poor decision making, vision and composure wasting possession when it´s a very high tempo (ex. high tempo in an attacking mentality). Also, I would refer you to @Jack Joyce above who seems to say something similar ie poor decision making and high tempo can lead to more poor decisions (If I understand correctly)
  9. I would say that strong mentals such as decisions, vision, etc are even more important. If decision time is rushed because of the high tempo, you want people with good decision-making and vision (but also others like teamwork, anticipation, etc) because otherwise you could see a good number of bad decisions.
  10. Thank you! That´s some really good info to think about
  11. You need much more info than that to replicate a tactic. How does the team defend? How does the team attack? What happens in transitions? How do players combine? What tempo? What style of passes, pressing, etc...
  12. So does this mean that players will generally try to dribble less if tempo is increased as this would affect "how many touches a player will take/how long a player will hold the ball before attempting to release it"? Or are you specifically talking about decision time here? This is interesting for me cos I never thought tempo would affect dribbling. Thank you
  13. I don´t do this in tactics screen. I do it in the screen where you are asked if you want to make any first teamers available for the upcoming u19 match. There is a formation screen there, you can change players around
  14. Sounds like something I´m going to try as well. That and playing around with the schedules.
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