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  1. After every game I have a day when the only session is Recovery. I have no other rest days. What are your thoughts on that? Condition is very good but match fatigue is being reported in the medical centre. Also, what are your thoughts about training intensity please?
  2. so you saved an average of once every 10 hours? a part of me is jealous of someone who can play for 10 hours at a stretch!
  3. If I get a new assistant manager who is good at judging player ability, should his reports be immediately reliable? or will he need to improve his knowledge of the team´s players first?
  4. Is it possible to create a player in the editor to then be created as a newgen in a particular season in-game?
  5. At the moment when you play in a continental competition against a team from a league which is not loaded the players´physical condition would be 100% or thereabouts for practically everyone despite it being a continental mid-week game. This is neither realistic nor fair as it would be impossible for your players (or those from loaded leagues) to have the same physical condition before such games. I think this should be "calculated" in the same way that these players would show the number of games played and goals scored even though these games were "played" in a league which is not loaded in the save.
  6. What do you do to have other competitions stop during world cup please?
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