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  1. Newcastle United Thread 2008/2009

    Blackburn says hi.
  2. League 2 Thread 2008/2009

    I've always liked Butcher. He was good when he played for us before. Not anymore though, clearly.
  3. League 2 Thread 2008/2009

    Ling would be a great signing for anyone imo. Went stale at Orient really, but otherwise he's good.
  4. League 2 Thread 2008/2009

    Damn, raped by Grimsby in the only table that matters
  5. League 2 Thread 2008/2009

    Haha I noticed that when we played you. How egotistical do you have to be to do something like that? Forgot to mention Notts County fans in the 'best fans' bit. Formerly the ******** home atmosphere in the league (it used to be one guy banging a drum iirc) turned into one of the best after they got the Kop back.
  6. League 2 Thread 2008/2009

    Oh and since it's the last week of the season how about a review type thingy? I'll do a template: Player of the season: Dany N'Guessan, constantly excellent. Pity he's leaving in the summer. Game of the season: Nothing sticks out as that memorable. Disappointment of the season: That we didn't live up to the promise of pre-season. We beat Villa in a friendly. We got excited. Cult hero: Adrian Patulea. Got the attention of the club by carrying his girlfriend on his back while doing laps of the training ground, scores a hattrick in a friendly, is in international clearance limbo for months. Finally plays, scores some goals but tells Radio Lincs in answer to the question 'you're a bit of a hero now aren't you?' 'I am not hero, these goals are for the real heroes, the doctors and nurses who save lives every day. I am just a footballer". Best opposition fans: Exeter Most hated team: Kettering. They didn't make the conference playoffs did they? Ha! They didn't. Have that you classless *****. Reason for optimism next year: The monstrous Swaibu/Kovac central defence partnership will still be in place. Grade: C, average, average, average.
  7. League 2 Thread 2008/2009

    We've been horribly, horribly average. I hope he's building up to something but I dunno. I enjoy his touchline japery though.
  8. League 2 Thread 2008/2009

    We were robbed today. Story of our season really.
  9. League 2 Thread 2008/2009

    Oxford were a MASSIVE club iirc. Hope Luton come back though, would be awful to see a proud football club completely destroyed through the idiocy of past owners (although I'm still unclear on what exactly they did to deserve 30 points off, if anyone could point me to a concise explanation of the whole thing that'd be cool).
  10. League 2 Thread 2008/2009

    Says someone from Luton...
  11. League 2 Thread 2008/2009

    And if he played for us, we'd be top 7. Easy.
  12. League 2 Thread 2008/2009

    Proper game of League 2 football, end to end, could have gone either way etc etc. Without Jack Lester you guys would be ****ed though, he's essentially your only player.
  13. League 2 Thread 2008/2009

    It's more because we've reduced prices as a one off rather than deliberately charging you more. I'm sure you'll fill your end anyway, lots of the Wembley 40,000 will be desperate to come I'm sure.
  14. League 2 Thread 2008/2009

    I may be sauntering down Saltergate way Rob. Could be my last chance to see the worst ground in Britain for myself
  15. League 2 Thread 2008/2009

    Still in with an outside shot at the playoffs :/