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  1. Hi Ben, Thanks for your swift feedback. Is this unique to FM21? I’ve never noticed this in previous games. If I change a league from view only to playable, will the manager vacancies in these leagues be filled? Cheers.
  2. On my game in 'view only' leagues the managers are not replaced when sacked? Managers are replaced as normal in 'playable' leagues. Is this an FM bug or is it specific to my save? Please see attached screenshot of Serie A which is view only.
  3. Hi all Any thoughts on this? Best laptop for high spec processor? Not bothered about good graphics. Hoping to spend about £800 but could push to £1000. Cheers
  4. Hi Smurf, Looking for a new laptop for FM. I watch in 2D so not fussed on graphics, but I am looking for a good processor for multiple countries (minimum 5 leagues and 12 divisions) and large database to get through many seasons on one save at a fast pace. Within my budget (Max £1000) I seem to have narrowed the processors down to i7-8550U & i7-7700HQ. I understand the HQ will be better but how much of a difference will it make for the game settings I use? I'm tempted for the U processor as they tend to be in smaller, lighter laptops (as I play quite a bit when travelling). I ha
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