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  1. Thanks mate, I can see that certain players have the red/amber for not fitting in that position well, but I assume with how succesful the tactic is it doesn't really matter?
  2. Hi What would be the ideal tactic to use for Spurs from these tactics? I previously used Beowulf4321 for 19.2 but haven't played on the new patch and want to start a new save, but they don't look that great for what Spurs have. Any suggestions would be very helpful.
  3. Hi Knap, thanks for these tactics. I've been using beowulf and it's amazing. Played 2 years as Spurs, won PL, FA Cup and Champions league twice in a row, only lost a few matches and very few draws. Keep going several matches without conceding as well even though I've sold some key players.
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