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  1. FM11: Andy Carroll

    Implying Drogba doesn't have some serious personality issues
  2. Are SI going to get headers right?

    Headers were only really messed up on the 10.3 patch. All the others were fine, so it clearly is possible to have good headers without obscene scores.
  3. All of these are wrong. It correlates to the amount of time you want them to learn from them. Learn from is the least amount of time and ideal is the best. For example, if you think someone you will be a great tutor, you choose ideal to give them the maximum amount of time. Tutoring increases some mental stats and transfers PPM's. For the record both of this can be achieved using any of the 3, just the longer ones mean they have a longer time to pick them up.
  4. So, I would just like to take this oppotunity to confront all those who laughed at me when I dared suggest Zamora should be ahead of Heskey a while back.
  5. Actually hes trying to emulate Joe Cole, judging by his recent comments.
  6. FM 10.3: Sergio Canales

    Need a little advice regarding him. Bought him off Madrid for £30 million with Fiorentina, and hes been with me nearly a season. I play him as an advanced playmaker in attack mid. So far he has been absolutely atrocious, generally averaging about a 6.10 rating. Hes obviously a great player and I'm hardly bad at FM, so i'm a little lost on what I should be doing, hence why I'm seeking some advice. Hes surrounded by a treble winning team as well.
  7. South American Football > European Football

    The fact it, whether anybody likes it or not, for the second time running now the big European teams have battered the big South American teams.
  8. World Cup player look-a-likes

    Hahahaha And I too picked up on Cinnabon's arseblog reference
  9. Who ****ed in Mark Lawewnson's coffee?

    Considering MOTD is populated seemingly entirely by Scottish people....
  10. Who ****ed in Mark Lawewnson's coffee?

    You hang out on a football forum but don't watch motd and have never heard Mark Lawrenson before?
  11. Good luck guys, RVP to score a hat trick
  12. AHAHA Clive thinks Boularouz should be motm. As I remember correctly he almost cost Holland a goal.
  13. I will be amused if Suarez replies to Stekelenburg's text about him being goalie of the year with his own nomination