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  1. Hey thank you for your reply. Here is the file I am working on. ohrim merge try 2.fmf
  2. Hey all, Please help. Can someone please explain what does this entail? What does it mean? What rules is it on about? Been stuck with it for a while now, set up rules for the division. Thank you so much.
  3. Hey everyone, How to add 'of the round awards' as the interval award period only allows 'of the week' awards. So maybe there is a work-around that? Thanks in advance
  4. Hey all, I have a question about how to create league structure. Ukrainian league structure increases by 2 teams every year until it gets to 16. (12, 14, 16) In FM manages to do that by creating 3 leagues variants (using different start and end dates) for the top league and three league variants for the second one. My question is that if I add new leagues below do I also need to make 3 versions of every league? Thank you so much for any answers
  5. Ah that's so cool! Does he upload it anywhere? Like on here or on steam? Yeah, league extension structure is annoying to do. You basically need to figure out how to fit 3 different structures over 3 seasons.
  6. I can help, I made a Ukrainian update for fm19 on top of Claassen's, added teams, kits, done the fans, stadiums, players, researched a lot of the infrastructure, club finance, changed financial rewards, added a youth league. I want to do the same for FM20 but struggle to set up the league structure + cups, if someone can do that, I can smash everything else
  7. Yes! Thank you for mentioning it. Also what about Ukrainian Reserve League for tier 2?
  8. Hey, anyone making Ukrainian Second league and Amateur league? I am making one too so it would be great to find someone to work together with.
  9. Have the same issue. Tried adding extra league games, nothing helped. What can cause this?
  10. Sure, I can try. You probably have to set it up as an international competition and take it from there. PM me if you get stuck with anything.
  11. Hey, Sorry for posting again so soon, but I have another issue, and couldn't find anyone talk about it on the forum. Created a new league with teams 16 and round robin of 2 rounds. Hence, set the number of dates to 30. But the verification keeps telling me that team 'X' played more then the max number of games in stage 0. What causes this to happen and is it possible to somehow to avoid it? Thank you so much in advance Trying to set up youth league.fmf
  12. Hey, I made a wee mod, to active Ukrainian lower leagues, I also edited a bunch of stuff, like budgets, kits, attendance, history etc as I done plenty of research into the topic and got some insides. Altogether, around 1600 changes. Let me know what you think about it Also, lately I have been struggling to add a reserve division to the mod, for second tier + teams. In real life the Ukrainian First League Reserve division is way disorganised, so I thought of simplifying it down and giving it more even sustainable structure. But for some reason I bumped into endless errors, about fixt
  13. Hey thank you for your time, I already figured out a way to solve the issue. Now onto the next issue haha!
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