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  1. It seems to mostly occur when my corner takers are, say, Left Winger 1 (on the pitch) and Left Winger 2 (who is on the bench) and I sub on LW2 for LW1. In this situation rather than LW2 becoming the corner taker the striker takes them.
  2. I want to play four at the back with wing backs and a DM who drops into defence while the wingbacks push up. Is this possible on this version?
  3. I presume it affects home form, but does anyone know anything concrete about it?
  4. Yes I have done that before and it still happens every now and then, it seems like sometimes the closest player to the corner/free kick spot will take it, so for example if my striker goes wide to collect the ball and gets tackled he will go and take the corner as well even if he is not on the list of takers
  5. Frustratingly my strikers or even centre backs are obsessed with taking corners even though my corner takers are set to be wingers and full backs. At least 2 of my preferred takers have been on the pitch when this has happened. A similar problem is that if I have a full back who is good at free kicks they often won't go up to take it leaving it for a random midfielder to take.
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