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  1. I would like to see a 424 IF (not VOL) updated, as well as the Warpigs 4-3-1-2
  2. Knap...any way of you tweaking this or making a 4-5-1 (diamond, 2 CAMs) or a 4-3-2-1??
  3. Hey Knap, any way you can post a 3421 of this? Or offer some advice on the two AMC’s roles if I do set up 3421
  4. This is the only 4231 I've seen up so far, been tinkering with mine myself. Is it better to play a 4231 with instructions to play wider? I ask my team to play narrow to keep possession and we've won most of our games but sometimes my offense is toothless and we win by a set piece goal or a hash up.
  5. That's the main weakness of playing high line offside trap, especially with CD's on Stopper duty. Get pacier center backs.
  6. I used Knap's 4-5-1 Argus away. Though I've thought about just switching this from control to either attacking or counter when going away and seeing how that goes.
  7. So changing the left W to an IF and left F9 into an AF isn’t a good idea then?
  8. Would making the left W into an IF and the left F9 into an AF be any good? Feel like the VOL would like the space both would create
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