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  1. How do I read your first table? Very interesting answers your'e giving us, thanks!
  2. I play with Anderlecht and Belgium. Both teams have great wingers and advanced playmakers. That's why I wanted to create a tactic which uses those. Now I'm trying to tweak your above screenshot into a working tactic.
  3. Thanks man, I will give it a go! Is it real not possible having inside forwards in this version?
  4. I found this one you made: !FM18.3.4DARKSIDEKOFMOON343volnapMUP103.fmf It's about how I intend to play, I would only use an advanced forward because it's the best role for most of my players. Needs a bit of finetuning for my players, I will get it fixed.
  5. Looks like you make a lot of tactics, I need your help with something if you please. In FM15, I made a great 4-2-3-1 tactic. Advanced forward (attack) Inside forward (attack) - Attacking Playmaker (support) - Winger (support) Complete wingback (attack) - Defensive Playmaker (defend) - Roaming Playmaker (support) - Complete wingback (attack) Ballplaying defender (stopper) Central Defender (cover) Sweeper Keeper (support) In this version I can't get it working at all... My vision Higher defensive line, closing down much more, short passing, high tempo, retain possession, less dribbling, a lot of movement without the ball... Could you please help getting my tactic to work again?
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