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  1. Dont worry staff, youve done an amazing job creating this game, its a Beta, its normal that there is gon be issues,glad to know that you gonna work on it
  2. 2 to 3 players injured PER GAME, and not little injuries, like 3 weeks away
  3. I did it doesnt change a thing, i really really dont get it, ive playied since the game was released and all good until now, could it be the version of the game, and upgrade or something? cause its really weird, i got games that are way more graphic charged and it runs ok, and yet fm crashes while processing, not even in a match, while processing, its really really frustating, ive spent 500 hours on FM18 and yeah, i still got to wait 3 more months to 19, and im already paranoid that it will crash, i really dont know what to do, everyday i google solutions for at least 20 mins, everyday i try new ones, and still nothing, meanwhile all my other games works perfectly, i have a very good gaming computer i just dont get it
  4. I did, I tryied to unistall and install it a couple of time, i have the nvidia geforce experience wich updates it. currently have version 398.36 from 06/26/2018
  5. I really dont know what to do, sometimes it works, but than crahs and dumps again, it even crashes my computer, blue screen: VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE , i really really dont get it, i play age of empires, mass effect, LOL, and other games, everything runs smooth, its so frustating because basicly i gotta save everyday because i never know when its gonna crash
  6. This time i dont even have a crash and dumps message, it just closes FM , the program is still running but i have to close it with ctrl+alt+dlt
  7. Tryied it, it worked, until the 4th August 2018 gonna send the save file (named: Arsenal post SLB)
  8. The weirdest thing is that i've been playing this game since it launched and it always ran smooth, i play other games and everything goes fine, i really dont know what to do, im "afraid" because i am going to buy the 2019 and i really dont want this to happen, i put a lot of time and passion on this game, the pleasure tat i have playing this game if far beyond any other game
  9. Just crashing while processing, most of the times its the same date DxDiag.txt
  10. Gonna do it now, thank you so much, i really love this game and spend lots of time every year playing it since mid 2000's
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