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    [Australia] (Official) League Specific Issues

    I've got an annoying quirk with the salary cap in the A-League. My team is in the knockout round of the Asian Champions League, so our season isn't over even though the A-League season is over. My issue is that some of my players came asking for contract extensions, and with the nature of the salary cap I couldn't offer an extension then, so I asked to put it off to the end of the season which was accepted. My problem is now though, with the A-League being over, these three players want a contract extension, but I can't offer two of them because it'll take me over the cap. The message from the board when I attempt to renew the contract says this: "Offering Jenkins a contract renewal to come into effect in the future could solve the problem as the squad selection rules are inactive during the off-season." This is a problem I've had in the A-League in several different FM games in the past, would it be possible for the 'season end' date for those promises to be extended to the actual end of the season, well beyond the end of the first knockout round of the ACL.
  2. I'm managing Brisbane Roar in the A-League and I wanted to take over the national team after the Asian cup in 2023, but I found out afterwards that Australia didn't even take part? Australia hosted the WC in 2022, and I think what's happened is that because Asian Cup Qualification is tied in with WC Qualification, so Australia didn't even take part in the qualification. Hopefully this is just a weird one off bug, but if not, what can I do to fix this? Australia already has barely any international fixtures, to lose the Asian Cup is a pretty big blow for them, lots of valuable playing time lost there.