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  1. Hello, I've created a new club mode in FM2016 Touch. Although the logo is ok, but i never was able to make the club kits avaiable (even with the clear cache, etc, etc....) Is there any possibilty to change the current logo to a another one if i choose to modify? Thanks to all
  2. Hello!! Super news regarding the Touch Edition !!!! How will it work the Touch?? So, if have a save game on PC, can i continue to play it on a MAC or Android tablet device or only work with the same OS?? Btw, when it be release? Thanks
  3. Hi!! If i choose new carrer game with TBL's database or even 1974's db, all the logos show up, if i choose the default database (2014 updated with new leagues) the logos are not there! What i have to do to solve this issue?? Thanks
  4. Hi Michael !! Great job !! I'm using "your" Classic Basic skin v 1.1.3 and i usually watch 3d match (image above: FMC version scoreboard). Now, i would like to add a logo (like sky sport/bt sports, etc) in the top right corner, but honestly, i dont know how to make it. I've tried so many things.... Can you help me, please?? What i have to to?? thanks
  5. Match Scoreboard, Short Team Names

    Hi!! I hope that you could make that scoreboard!! count me in to download!!
  6. FM15 Scoreboad By DazS8

    Hi !! There's any way that you could tell me or do a version of this scoreboard like they use in Sky Sport or BT Sports or Futbol para todos (Argentina)?? They usually use the abreviations of the teams and colors......i suppose is somewhat easy to make. Sad is that i dont know how to add a image in here, just to help you!! Keep u the great work !!
  7. An tremendous job in hands. Hope that that FM fans can go forward to your idea. I really hope so. Making your favorite team the domination of football in the 70's. Two thumbs up!
  8. i like this Updated database's....like in real life and not when you start a game. Have you done some testing about this future transfer? there's no way of some of this transfer's will collapsed due to issue's like the club don't have enough funds to pay it? or the club saying that's to much money for the player and so the transfer is off?? By the way is Portugal also updated?? Never the less....Great job and Well done scotty!!
  9. I'm on editor with dustShadow's North file, and all youth teams still have 1000 reps and 10000 attends as well in the Puma's, Premier's Youth Leagues, althout he removed several youth competitions. I thought that this was modified... lolol
  10. dustShadowX, your file appears error on manchester premier cup : total teams entered on this competition (16) is diffferent to number of teams set (24) issue
  11. ideologies, File to download unavailable.
  12. First of all, Thank you GE!! Massive work and incredible achievement!! So, as far i could understand is that the youth reps and attendance are wrong and the senior teams rep's and attend's are ok? ? 3,331 u18 is huge, but GE made 95% of the work!!
  13. who gonna work tomorrow? a quick word for GE's FM save: keep doing well!! DO NOT ruin, ok?? LOLOL
  14. GE a legend !! Thank you very much !!