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  1. Please add GNK Dinamo as a favourite club to Marin Pongračić. Says he's a huge supporter.
  2. Even worse then. Best we leave it at that.
  3. Another one that missed the point. I'll give you a Croatian team example. Croatian team on the stage celebrating and being spontaneous. Everyone says a word or two. Brozović gets the mic, says something and asks other players in front of 110k people to take "epic brozo" photo, his ridiculous signature pose. In that moment just waiting for an Instagram photo. Same as Pogba. Attention whore. As Westy said, maybe I'm too old for that crap.
  4. Looks like a poor man's bus parade in Zagreb today. https://mobile.twitter.com/SBNation/status/1018935053898977281
  5. @GunmaN1905 You know very well that the attendance will be nothing like it was before this for some time. Although I'm a cautious type, I am almost positive this will be a wake up call of some sort
  6. Not sure about that. People will ride on this success for quite some time.
  7. Amazing. That's more than 10% of the population on the streets of Zagreb.
  8. Whoever thought he's been criticized because of his celebration after they won, missed a few posts in the thread. I hate his persona, bragging dabbing self. As I said, like a cartoon character. Nothing to do with what he did after the game. Even this shaking of Dalić's hand is cringe worthy for me personally. Christ....
  9. 110k people on the main square. Can't fit more. More than 300k on the streets.
  10. It was a handball and was a pen. But I'm not sure Perišić could have done much about it as the French player in front of him was obviously the key for the reaction. Rules say a pen, common sense says players should play with their hands tied behind their back then as stuff like this happens unintentionally and can leave a bad mark on, for example, WC final. There is a clear difference between Perišić's handball and someone deliberately punching the ball or such.
  11. What tears? Still mad about the group stages? You thought your rugby team had a chance of progressing? I still like Iceland. Amazing what you can do with so little footballing talent
  12. Croatia 1998 - 3rd 2018 - 2nd 2038 - 1st?
  13. That's a meme in the making. Ridiculous.
  14. For the biggest moron in football? I would think so I think he does, was said here the other day
  15. Pogba is everything I hate about people with his attitude. The celebrations, dabbing, mimicking, sending kisses, thinking too much of himself, whatever. Like a cartoon character.
  16. France deservedly. Still a pretty disgusting team, having easily the best team and still lacking ambition to actually play throughout the tournament. But that obviously works.
  17. Just as I predicted the other day, we'd fall apart
  18. First goal our defense is too deep and we concede an own goal. Second a dubious hand ball. Really smart French play...
  19. Pretty much my thoughts. At times, football can really be a disgusting game.
  20. Not exactly a world cup thing but here it is. The year is 1990. One guy is filming a documentary about wolves in Croatian mountains. He records a kid shepherd with his father. That kid, it is now known, was Luka Modrić Video (on 2:30)
  21. Croatian coach and players were indeed very impressed with the way England players and especially Southgate conducted themselves. It's the press they were criticizing.
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