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  1. Well spotted. Thank you. It will be corrected.
  2. Thanks. Would be nice to have these shown in more detail than in the picture. Reading the disclaimer, not everything is counted in those stats. Ladić has 468 overall apps listed in game, but 350 are "league apps". Wölfl scored overall 260 goals in 261 apps and that is listed in the game.
  3. Hello. Welcome So we start with the money that is from the official financial report, this time for 2022. Money recieved from transfers was largly added to their cash reserves so you could ask the board to give you more money for transfers. Transfer budget pre window is set to €1.5m and afterwards it's 800k because Osijek spent literally €0 on transfers this summer and doesn't even look like wanting to spend more. It would be irrational to put the user in a position of spending €4m on transfers since that's never what Osijek does. During Bjelica's reign that backfired badly. Transfer budget is different thing than the money that the club has overall. Since they're not that skint but very very tight and because the money from transfers was added to their reserves, you could ask the board in game to give you more, which to me seems close to reality. Unfortunately we're always kinda late with finances so you should see the money from the stadium next season in game. Have in mind that you start in summer 2023 and we aim for that to be a fair representation before the first transfer period ends. Osijek has huge costs and don't earn nowhere near Dinamo and Hajduk, so they cover that with private money masked into sponsorship deals. It makes things really hard on us to evaluate hehe. We'll see the financial situation next season in real life now with the new stadium and more healthy money. Hopefully that gives us a clearer picture for the future.
  4. Wow. That seems incredibly specific. Why would it create so many of them. Couldn't really classify it as a Croatian DB issue but I'll raise the issue internally nevertheless. Thanks!
  5. Hi, If you check the editor, the difference is nowhere near that great, as those stars suggest. So I have no idea why it is shown as such but in the game, you shouldn't have issues in player production. We might bump their youth recruitment a bit though. Hajduk has a dedicated researcher who is knowledgeable about FM and Hajduk players and is also a supporter. So I trust his judgment. Maybe someone could have been rated differently, but I don't think it's a systematic problem.
  6. Hi. Thanks. I'll consider some of these changes for the next update, especially those regarding the attributes. Some of the wages you mention are correct but some are not and those in the DB are (100% certain). For the release fees, I've used those mentioned in the papers but obviously can't know. I'll consider removing them. Pavlović is still under contract with Rijeka and who knows what might happen. I won't speculate about what will happen as that's pure guessing here. They might get a new manager that will want him. Highly unlikely, but might happen. I'll reduce his reputation and squad status though so that should make it more realistic. Some of the players that arrived this summer have been tweaked, but for obvious reasons and them being partially rated by the previous researchers, they'll be tweaked more when we see them play more. Especially those that have been playing abroad. Labrović's reputation is very high and completely within our guidelines. Basically among the best-rated Croatian GKs and in the top 5 players in the league. Veiga is a second choice for Sopić. He's a very very good RB but obviously fallen out with him. He was rated by the Portuguese researchers who have seen him a lot and I don't see much wrong with him in the game. Maybe he didn't adapt properly. Radomir Đalović has a continental A license, as it says so in Comet. Mind, he also already has Rijeka as his favorite club in the DB. If not visible, should be in the full release. Btw if you want to be a researcher for Rijeka again, just let me know EDIT: Pjaca definitely (100% certainty) has a €1.5m release fee.
  7. Thanks. Will be added but unlikely before the official winter update.
  8. EPL starts much later than HNL so they won't be on holiday at the same time. But what I wanted to say is that maybe Baturina wasn't properly match fit or whatever the reason. It's certainly not a data issue that he wasn't playing as the data is fine since his ability and reputation should warrant him starting.
  9. Was he playing at the U21 Euros and thus not playing for Dinamo? The Euros and the players that were playing there were hardcoded in the game exactly because they joined their club preparations at a later time than the rest of the squad. Anyway, it's really not a data issue. His CA/PA and reputation are perfectly fine.
  10. Indeed. It will be corrected in the future data update. Thanks.
  11. His ability and reputation are among the 3 best at Dinamo, so no idea what this is about.
  12. Oh, I see. Well, it's not up to me to say, sorry. Maybe someone from SI will.
  13. Hello. There are indeed no errors with Fran Topić's loan. He's at Rudeš on loan since 29.08.2023 until 18.01.2024 after which he returns to Dinamo. You might want to take a look at the changes made and transfer options for FM24.
  14. This question pops up every year, and every year we have to explain again that the actual minimum age is 17! Says so in HNS rules, article 50 (pravilnik o nogometnim natjecanjima 2023). BUT, in real life, you can ask for a special permit from the doctors that a kid who is 16 is physically and mentally prepared to play. Also mentioned in article 50. And the players you mention got it. Still, there are not many players that played at 16, we can all recall most of them. So it has to be implemented as a feature in the game by SI team, and not be avoided by putting a wrong minimum age.
  15. Only players born in earlier 2006 could have been added. Legal reasons. So these two youngsters will have to wait for the next FM. Other missing players could have been in, but I can assure you they wouldn't have been very good as they seem very unimportant even for Osijek. New coaching staff and manager will not be in the game unfortunately. These deals happened way after the data lock.
  16. And this wasn't even on the list. Ridiculous https://twitter.com/FaktaSepakbola/status/1604173530119434241
  17. Modrić was indeed worse than Kovačić. Modrić was pretty bland, though being a genius footballer he still did things right most of the time. Kovačić had a few blinders that were a real difference.
  18. You don't give a **** about soccer and didn't watch a single of your games, but you know that "USA are a striker away from being capable of contending against anybody". How does that work?
  19. Have you seen Martinez' stats? The difference between him and Livaković was huge. HUGE. If you take out penalty saves and that one incredible save, he was absolutely nothing special on the entire tournament. He won it because of this final. They for sure would not have given it to him. Livaković kept Croatia in the game in basically every game. He alone won it against Brazil. Had 11 saves, no one had that since 2014 WC.
  20. Penalties are definitely not a lottery. Not even close. There is a pretty big element of luck there, but for me it's not decisive.
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