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  1. It's an old news. Not sure that's an issue anymore. At least no one talks about it in our press anymore, and they would be all over it. But there seems to be an issue with Kramarić. He isn't happy when not playing, and when playing he's used as a lone striker that he said the other day he can't play and how he's an attacking mid. He also said we should accept that we're not that good anymore. Strange timing about that one. We didn't have a stellar squad before the WC either. It doesn't work that way with the national teams.
  2. I'm very pessimistic about our chances. The squad is still at least in the upper third of the competition and really not that much worse than on the WC (some positions are), but I can see us not getting out of that group. We've been awful ever since the WC ended and Dalić doesn't appear to know what he's doing. Constantly shuffling the formation, players, game plans and nothing seems to be working. So there is absolutely no reason to be optimistic, but blind faith. And I never had that. I'd rather see us get out early if that is to help with Dalić being sacked and rebuilding the te
  3. I checked it in Comet and Tonon is at Dinamo for sure. Has a pro contract until 15.06.2023 The spelling probably confused you
  4. Thank's for spotting the Tonon issue. He was indeed placed at Dinamo by the Italian research team, only at the wrong NK Dinamo Zagreb that doesn't exist anymore so he ends up being free. I raised the issue. Kolundzic was missing in the DB and Vukotic was not transfered. Both are now fixed, thanks.
  5. Well yeah, but it's something out of researcher's control. This thread is about Data issues and that is not one of them.
  6. Yeah. Mind you, it's important to note that we cannot make changes for things that are not official. We've all seen things that are "done" fall through and that would be worse than not having it in the game at all. Also, we'll always be behind the real life changes. I took a look in the DB and he is definitely set as Head of Youth Development first, Manager second. So, why he gets sacked is not really a database issue.
  7. I can confirm, after checking in Comet, that Roca's registration ended at 06.10.2020. Krasnodar Rora indeed passed away and should be removed.
  8. Even worse then. Best we leave it at that.
  9. Another one that missed the point. I'll give you a Croatian team example. Croatian team on the stage celebrating and being spontaneous. Everyone says a word or two. Brozović gets the mic, says something and asks other players in front of 110k people to take "epic brozo" photo, his ridiculous signature pose. In that moment just waiting for an Instagram photo. Same as Pogba. Attention whore. As Westy said, maybe I'm too old for that crap.
  10. Looks like a poor man's bus parade in Zagreb today. https://mobile.twitter.com/SBNation/status/1018935053898977281
  11. @GunmaN1905 You know very well that the attendance will be nothing like it was before this for some time. Although I'm a cautious type, I am almost positive this will be a wake up call of some sort
  12. Not sure about that. People will ride on this success for quite some time.
  13. Amazing. That's more than 10% of the population on the streets of Zagreb.
  14. Whoever thought he's been criticized because of his celebration after they won, missed a few posts in the thread. I hate his persona, bragging dabbing self. As I said, like a cartoon character. Nothing to do with what he did after the game. Even this shaking of Dalić's hand is cringe worthy for me personally. Christ....
  15. 110k people on the main square. Can't fit more. More than 300k on the streets.
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