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  1. kpain16

    2018 World Cup squads

    Croatia coach narrowed it down to these 24
  2. kpain16

    2018 World Cup squads

    Of course they won't
  3. kpain16

    [Croatia] (Official) Data Issues

    First of all, you have a right for your opinion but I don't have to agree with it. Deal with it. They might be improved, or not. I'm doing this job for almost 10 years and the amount of hype coming from Mamić's hype factory will not affect my opinion. I've seen talents and "talents" and I've seen both being touted as the next world beaters. Years back I've been more naive and optimistic about young player's potential and ability but with experience you learn. And ignore the press. I watch every Dinamo game and yes, Olmo is getting better and better. His stats in FM were more than fair when database was released. We make gradual changes based on player performances, that's how it was and that's how it will be. If someone improves, he will be upgraded. Lastly, mistakes happen and will happen in the future as well. There will be players with wrong positions, DOBs or they will not be in the game. When you have to deal with a few hundred players etc you are bound to have errors. That's what this thread is primarily about. For everything else, you have the editor so edit the players however you like for yourself.
  4. kpain16

    [Croatia] (Official) Data Issues

    Thanks for your input btw. It's always appreciated You can always send me a PM here gor anything regarding clubs I research. Or contact the head researcher for anything else. As for the players...I wouldn't call them wonderkids at all. They might end up being solid players and their potential in the game allows them to. They don't have the required skills to be called that. Them playing in the first team, even playing good does not say they're wonderkids. They peaked early to a required HNL level but I would never call them wonderkids. We had a number of such players. Moro is pretty well rounded player but he's physically pretty limited. Sosa has a good potential but he's a left back. A Croatian left back. At this moment in time I can't tell at all he'll be anything more than a bit better than Strinic. Dani Olmo is very capable but again, his game on the pitch doesn't give me confidence he'll be anything spectacular. He has a very good potential in game. Not a wonderkid level but still good enough to feature in 5 best leagues. Again, Benković looks as the best of them. Physically and technically very good but mentally prone to making mistakes. He's still very young but Croatian track record of producing good centre backs is not that good. I have no reason to think he'll be anything more than a very good player. His growth rate is quite good but nothing spectacular. And he has again very good potential in game. I'm not prepared to give him more yet. As for the young players, they'll be added. Being better than Marin, I don't agree.
  5. kpain16

    [Croatia] (Official) Data Issues

    I don't feel Benković needs a boost. He's already a pretty good player/talent in the game. A lot of these claims about transfers fees are fabricated and in case of Dinamo transfers almost always wrong. But he does seem like the best talent of the players you mentioned. I don't feel that Moro, Dani Olmo and Sosa need much of an upgrade. Possibly some but that will be evaluated as well. Neither seems like a top talent but they are all quite decent and will feature in the NT at some point. As for Dinamo dominating, that's more to others having their problems. They do have the best squad, always did. Even last year. But Dinamo gameplay is pretty poor at the moment due to a number of factors. One of them is lacking actual player quality. Other clubs lose points needlessly and thus such a big difference on the table.
  6. kpain16

    Your country's team for 2018

    You never know. He might slip out of the squad though.
  7. kpain16

    Your country's team for 2018

    GK: Zdravko Mamić's player DL: Petar Mamić DC: Mamić's player DC: Lovren (Mamić's player) DR: Mamić's player MC: Kovačić MC: Modrić; MC: Rakitić AML: Mamić's player AMR: Mamić's player ST: Mamić's player Coach: Zoran Mamić
  8. kpain16

    Hrvatska ▄▀▄▀▄ WC Thread

    Eduardo retired from the Croatian NT today. He played 64 times and scored 29 goals making him 2nd best scorer in Croatian history (behind Šuker). Legend
  9. No Taliana Vargas = no vote.
  10. kpain16

    Girls of the World Cup!

    Shows only left side of her face on every single picture. Even when it looks awkward
  11. Offside trap seems to be the most important part of Costa Rican football.
  12. kpain16

    Girls of the World Cup!

    Franka Batelić, Croatian singer and Ćorluka's girlfriend.
  13. Henrique to play and score a winning goal. I can feel it
  14. Felipao doesn't need strikers. Fred was there to fill the number