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  1. Perišić is literally the most two-footed player I've ever seen. A guy who takes set pieces and plays with both feet equally good is definition of that. He basically doesn't even have a preffered foot.
  2. I can’t really know for sure, it’s not up to me. But I really doubt any major changes will happen before official DB update. We researchers always play catch up with these things. But everything you mentioned will be in for consideration for the update for sure.
  3. I agree but that's not a research issue unfortunately. That's not something we set as far as I know. I recieved Kadzior this summer. Quite obvious I was in no position to change his already inserted attributes before I saw him play. That's how it goes. But yeah, his crossing is superb, that's obvious.
  4. I did not set his date of return as it was completely unknown when I was editing his profile. It is decided by the game. Majer wasn't known to be seriously injured back then as well.
  5. He's rated very highly by anyone that's actually seen him play, especially on game to game basis. You would struggle to find fans from Dinamo rivals that would question his ability. His CA/PA are: I didn't have a chance to watch Drozdjek much honestly. He wasn't at Lokomotiva up until 31.8. I'll evaluate him when I do watch him, so not until the first data update at least.
  6. Works exactly the same as for other attributes. Not all attributes are weighted the same and that’s what nicely limits you to take a pick to say it like that. I am perfectly comfortable with every attribute I’ve assigned to Ademi. I could argue a point or two for some but in general he looks right to me. To compare in real life, as a player ability wise, he is marginally worse or equal to any Croatian midfielder bar Modric, Rakitic and Kovacic.
  7. Btw thanks Bozo for your valuable feedback. I’m sure it will find it’s way to the DB.
  8. Not sure if I understand what you’re asking but if a player has CA 130 and work rate, determination, bravery, influence and aggression 17+, he still can’t play at Real Madrid. It just means he’s a really hard working and mentaly strong player with somewhat limited ability. Players like that one exist even in lesser leagues and thus they don’t need to have 12 for everything. You get a CA which basically tells how good a player is and then you maneuver in it’s limits to portray a player. That’s the biggest part of good research. Setting Ademi to a proper CA and then lowering his real strenghts completely nerfs his CA to unrealistic levels. That would mean I have to raise areas where he is faulty. That’s called bad research and that gets you generic utility players, something he’s not.
  9. You can post comments, but it’s only my good will to answer. I have no obligations what so ever. Neither do I have to accept your opinion. Which I won’t since they clearly make no sense. If you want me to explain how player ratings work I can. But I won’t here. I can also explain you what lazy research means and how players with all 12s and no flaws or good sides look like in game engine. In Croatian league research we actually look to balance player profiles to make the appear as they are in real life. I can’t remember if I’ve ever received a player from Bosnian league that looked remotely close to player in real life. Even physical attributes that are easy to research. He can’t play in top clubs because he doesn’t have the current ability to do so, which basically tells how good a player is. Which is something you should know if you’ve ever done any research.
  10. Then comment on players from Bosnia. You clearly know little to nothing about Croatian league players. Just like your joined forces buddies above. I’ve been Dinamo researcher for 10 years and I can only comment on Dinamo or Lokomotiva players. How you go about and comment on players you haven’t seen like twice in your life is beyond my reasoning. And no. Your comments clearly show you don’t know how this game or the research works. Players I rate on yearly basis end up at top European clubs and I’ve never seen drastic changes in their profiles. In fact if anything I’m usually conservative about player ratings. But if someone deserves certain attributes, I have no problems giving it to them. Ademi is a great player that would easily feature in Croatian NT if he didn’t switch nationality a few years back.
  11. While in real life Dinamo rejected 3 offers from Lille this summer. His best attributes in game are not even weighted that much. Work rate, bravery, aggression, team work, influence... Something a League One player can have in high values. But why am I even explaining this when it's quite clear that people know little to nothing about Ademi and how he plays. Cherry picking attributes and comparing them to Kante and the likes. Are you even serious? Why do you comment on players without knowing how this game even works? In game Kante is incomparably better with incomparably higher ability. For a reason.
  12. Thank you for your immense feedback. I will downgrade league's best player right away. As well as other players that unfortunately fall into the right CA bracket.
  13. Even worse then. Best we leave it at that.
  14. Another one that missed the point. I'll give you a Croatian team example. Croatian team on the stage celebrating and being spontaneous. Everyone says a word or two. Brozović gets the mic, says something and asks other players in front of 110k people to take "epic brozo" photo, his ridiculous signature pose. In that moment just waiting for an Instagram photo. Same as Pogba. Attention whore. As Westy said, maybe I'm too old for that crap.
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