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  1. You failed to grasp the joke, mate. They always have a really good set of players but usually fail to qualify for anything.
  2. So basically the only teams not qualifying are gonna be San Marino, Andorra, ... Serbia.
  3. This basically won France the World cup (as a momentum shift). Fouls outside the box (or what you said) are not in VAR territory so discussing that is clutching at straws.
  4. Gotta love the scream Sterling makes before falling. He knew what he was doing
  5. Haha. **** football, man. To call this at this moment at this stage. And VAR confirms it. Makes no sense.
  6. Morata has nothing to do with Inzaghi though except for always being in an offside position. Gavranović is exactly the type. Physically inferior, looks useless but constantly makes it up by his anticipation and off the ball movement, while scoring what others wouldn't.
  7. Two pretty much laughable teams in defense. Spain has basically zero chance of winning something in this tournament. Unless they pull up a miracle.
  8. For start, put an actual solid coach on the bench. Just solid is enough.
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