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  1. Evening, having been left frustrated time and time again with the aston villa board not building me a new stadium I've decided to go about trying to 'create' on myself on FMRTE. I was wondering if anyone could give the various costs, and deals associated with the stadiums that you guys had built, i'm looking for one around 70,000 so if you had one built that size that'd be doubly helpful!! Many thanks!
  2. Has anyone ever had a shirt or other sponsor, that wasn't renewed, ever come back? I lost an additional shirt sponsor and I was just wondering if it's ever going to return?? £1.5mil a year is quite handy up in Scotland! Cheers
  3. I told myself my Rangers team couldn't afford to sign anybody new as I was putting it all on 48 month deals and it was slowly bankrupting us. I then found a world beater who my scouts said would be interested and promptly spent £12mil on him. The KEY game that I had in mind when I brought him, the yearly first knock-out round/quarter final against barcelona/real madrid () he was banned for! The bastard!
  4. Attracting Sponsorship?

    I'm not sure. I would be interested to know though whether the figures remained the same when renewed? Or if they fell back down to the previous level. In my current game Rangers haven't even renewed one of the sponsorship deals :/
  5. The Sympathy Signing

    On the old games I would always make Dion Dublin my highest paid player in the squad. He deserved it!
  6. Attracting Sponsorship?

    In fm10 I took Betis to the top of the spanish game. Won la liga 7-8 times in a row, champions league etc. I got a max. of about 2 million a year in sponsorship and still didn't even get the TV deals that barcelona and real madrid get, even though real stopped qualifying for the champions league!
  7. Argh, sorry guys, I meant the clubs! Bad wording on my part!
  8. Has anyone gained continental rep. playing in the SPL? I am now the 15th ranked team in Europe but I'm still on national reputation :/ If anyones managed it how long did it take/what did you achieve?? Many thanks! Matt
  9. Rangers Vs Celtic Finances

    My non-football costs are only 20% of my wages! My other biggest expenditures are match day expenses, tax and other coming in at 10.3mil, 7.2mi, and 8.3mil
  10. Rangers Vs Celtic Finances

    Having just finished my 4th season, a lot like the others, though this season I didn't make it to the quarter finals and didnt win the scottish cup resulting in £6million less in revenue. My back balance is essentially zero after everythings gone in and out. My wage budget is currently 34.2% of revenue which I think is an OK percentage in todays world, isn't it? Loan repayments are just £2.5mil so they're not really putting me out. I almost exclusively use free transfers to build my squad. Which is hard as rangers still have a national reputation I am the 19th best team in europe, moving up to the top 10ish next season if I continue as I have done, surely that warrants a continental rep? My wage budget has doubled since I arrived but in total we have an income from transfer activity so that is where that money has come from. What is the best way to get a commercial feeder to work? We have one but the rise has been very modest in income ( Again, any advice on any of these is much appreciated!!
  11. Firstly, I was wondering if anyone has managed Rangers and had them been financially successful, i.e. making a substantial profit before transfer fees. I am into my third season and we aren't making any money even though I haven't once spent my transfer budget and have only signed one expensive player (4million on a 17 year old wonder-kid) all the rest have been free bees or non-significant. We have made it to the quarter final of the champions league the last two seasons (on a side-note how is tv revenue dealt out in the champ. league? I get the same amount from when I got to the first knockout round to when I get to the quarter final, i know it's only one more round but I should get more, surely?) The main thing that annoys me though is the fact that Celtic are spending around £10million a season :/ even though they've never made it past the group stages!! Any help would be most appreciated! Also, I have a commercial feeder for the past season which has had no effect on my merchandising income at all :/
  12. You've sold half the advertising space to dominos sad times!
  13. size of the screen

    I am also on a mac and I don't have this problem at all. Do you play in a different resolution to your desktop?
  14. Does anyone have an example of the fans opinion actually effecting their job? i.e. getting fired with the board happy but the fans not? To add my almost identical story, in my last game I was 1-0 down against league leaders Wigan (championship), my Orient team are predicted 14th and sitting in 12th, I score an 85th minute equaliser and the fans areeeeeeeee 'slightly disappointed', no reason given, they're just not happy!
  15. Defending/Marking

    Haha, the defenders in the game are ridiculously bad, I love when they run away from the ball/player, though my personal favourite is when they're stood on the post and just watch the ball go in right next to them (and some times off them) and then they just walk off depressed!