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  1. Staff Rating stars are already a thing, although you have to create a custom view to see them:
  2. Some are really good at the game, some are genuinely entertaining and some just provide good background noise. There's a reason top streamers are millionaires, they're good at what they do. That said, FM can indeed be quite dull to watch, which is why it probably isn't very popular on Twitch.
  3. Let's be honest, we're all still going to be here counting down the seconds. Onward!
  4. Jack's was my favourite one. Simple and straight to the point, he outlines all of the new features pretty well.
  5. So, another batch of alpha videos tomorrow. Do we dare hope for Wednesday then?
  6. Another week of checking this thread every 10 minutes, knowing damn well I'm checking it for nothing...
  7. It's not just him, several content creators were given early access so they can record footage and further promote the game. Benjy said that's their "first batch" of videos, so I assume there's more to come before public beta.
  8. Some FM content creators were given early access and here's their videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5LfvKAGBLu6GVruLcaFLgpY7F_ltS1qv DoctorBenjy tweeted that's their "first batch", so I assume more is coming before public beta.
  9. Yes, I was under the impression MAX AP would just show the maximum ESTIMATED COST, but that's clearly not the case.
  10. It's gonna be a long week guys, don't get your hopes up.
  11. You're conceding a lot of goals, I'd try toning things down a notch. Sassuolo may not have the quality required for such an aggressive system, you're likely making things easy for opposition with allowing them to play right through your press. Your current Mentality structure is quite aggressive as well. IFs on Positive Mentality are unlikely to do much defending at all, making your wings quite vulnerable: Balanced V. Attacking V. Attacking Positive V. Attacking Cautious Attacking Cautious Cautious Positive In my opinion, 4-3-3 is better suited for teams capable of dominating possession. Wide forwards also require capable wing backs providing regular overlaps, as they end up cutting inside quite early and could potentially leave you with no attacking width. Instructions such as Higher Tempo and Hit Early Crosses could also be counterproductive to this and are instead better suited for counter-attacking tactics. If you want a full on gung ho system, 4-2-3-1 would probably be a better choice. It has more players positioned in the final third and allows for quick transitions without necessarily isolating your forwards. It will also allow you to press high more effectively, if that's your main goal.
  12. Question about the new Transfer Value thing, I'm not sure if it was mentioned during the stream. Is this something that's displayed for all players in Player Search, like Value was previously, or only the ones you have recent Scout Reports on? Can you still sort by most valuable players, for example?
  13. Noticed a worrying number of corners myself, one game had like 22 or 23 of them, if I recall correctly? Looks very set-piece heavy so far. Other than that, the game does look quite easy as well, just like last year's beta. They're coasting despite switching through different tactical presets and having low Tacitcal Familiarity.
  14. Youth Rating is a numerical value that is one of the main factors determining the quality of newgens coming through in a nation. Until now, this value was static, meaning no matter how good you did with a nation, quality of newgens would always stay similar. Dynamic Youth Rating, however, changes this completely. We don't know exactly to what degree you can improve or worsen it yet and how long changes would actually take to notice, but it's amazing news for people doing long-term saves in lesser nations. Should make the whole in-game world more unpredictable and interesting.
  15. For me, this is the biggest feature of them all so far. Should make long-term saves so much more interesting!
  16. That's fair, but I think this thread is more about the meteoric rise of youngsters and the development slowing down quite significantly after the age of 23-24. To me, it just makes little sense to have majority of players peak in their early twenties. There's virtually no surprise element to development in FM, late bloomers are incredibly rare and experience isn't really a thing. This player from my save is 23 y/o and after 4 seasons at my club I can pretty much say with confidence he won't develop much further despite State of the art facilities and 4*+ coaches. This is another 23 y/o, who's close to being maxed out as well. I guess I could just keep playing them both for another few years and perhaps they would improve a tiny bit more, but why would I, when I can just go out there and snatch another youngster with bags of potential and have him develop instead. There's no downside to playing 18-19 y/o's over experienced 27 y/o's who have been through it all, as long as they're close in ability. You can't really justify an oldie eating up wages of 2-3 youngsters, unless it's quite literally Ronaldo we're talking about.
  17. Does anyone know why my Scouting Centre isn't showing asking price when sorted by List rather than Cards? For example, this player is available for €575K. However, if you switch to List view, there's no MAX AP shown, as if the club was unwilling to sell. Is this a bug or am I missing something? Seems quite inconvenient for people that prefer List view.
  18. That's interesting, I remember reading thread below and someone said scouts can't really scout unloaded leagues, because after the revamp a few years ago they need to attend actual matches in order to generate reports. Would you say there's no difference between unloaded and view-only/playable leagues when it comes to scouting then? Apart from the fact there will be less players in obscure nations, if they're unloaded.
  19. Last year's thread reached a whooping 170 pages. We better get to work, single digits ain't good enough.
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