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  1. That's just how FM21 is, the matchday UI was changed significantly this year. Pretty easy to solve with a custom skin though: Alternatively, you can also install just the Match Screen Mod, if you enjoy the original skin and don't want to change it: That will give you fully customizable in-between highlights panels.
  2. Not all sessions include actual match benefits, if that's what you're referring to. If you're looking for sessions that impact your next match, look for Upcoming Match benefits in their descriptions (Match Preparation, Set Piece and Team Bonding sessions).
  3. No offense, but that's a very poorly designed tactic. With an elite team like United, that will face defensive opposition regularly, you can't afford to play with no width at all: Both wide forwards cutting inside Both full backs staying back and hoofing balls forward Narrow attacking width and Focus Play Through The Middle Your attacking partnerships are another issue and probably a big reason why you're struggling to create space for your striker. Having everyone on Attack duty can be very counter-productive when you're trying to break down stubborn defences.
  4. Not sure whether you're aware, but you can get it for quite a bit cheaper if you don't buy it directly through Steam. 2Game, who are SEGA approved, have it for £33 currently.
  5. If everything else is solid, it's not a complete deal-breaker for me (like inconsistency would be, for example). I do make sure I deal with them very carefully though, that is keep subbing them off after 60/70 minutes, manually resting them after matches and never starting them unless they're at low risk for injury. Nicknaming can also help keeping track of such players.
  6. Familiarity doesn't really hold that much importance, it definitely won't cause your team to implode on its own. If your tactic is well set up and suits your players and expectations, you should generally do well. I'm sure it has some kind of effect, just like many other things in this game, but it shouldn't stop you from tweaking your tactic mid-season if that's something you think needs to be done. You can always schedule an extra Match Preparation session or two and it will shoot right back up in no time. What could cause you serious problems though, is switching your tactical style up
  7. You seem to be scoring quite a few (13 in last 5), but you also concede plenty (only one clean sheet through August and September). I'd consider a few simple tweaks that could potentially improve both, your defensive stability and penetration: AFat IWsu AMat Wsu CMde DLPsu FBat CDde CDde FBsu 4-2-3-1 benefits from a strong double pivot (CMde and DLPsu offering defensive cover/back pass option) Two WBs could be quite risky in top-heavy formations, FBs tend to be more considerate (primarily defensive players that supplement their defensive duties with o
  8. I've also convinced myself that a player missing his previous penalty adds to that pressure significantly. I've got no stats to back that up, but my players tend to either score every penalty they shoot, or miss several of them in a row.
  9. Your tactic looks fairly well balanced, but you could try making two small tweaks: DLPsu -> APsu: HB should already be offering enough cover by himself, which makes another holding role redundant Left WBsu -> CWBsu: offer width a bit more aggressively behind the IFat, who tends to cut inside very early (WBsu only runs wide with the ball, CWB stays wide even without it) Since you mentioned you lack penetration in the final third, you could also try removing Shorter Passing for a few games and see how that goes. With Play Out Of Defence, DLF and AP, your tactic should alrea
  10. Not sure whether scouting knowledge goes beyond just expanding your club's knowledge of players (never heard of it impacting the intake before), but you could try getting the youth recruitment affiliate, which is there for that exact purpose. From my experience, they tend to give you foreign talent fairly regularly: If you already have a few affiliates that don't include youth setup benefits, you can also try renegotiating their terms: Sometimes the board agree, other times they don't.
  11. Mine seem to be doing quite well. Do keep in mind that 6.98 is above average, as explained here by Neil.
  12. An "impressive" tactic can work wonders against one style of play, but fail woefully against another. It's not just about you, but also about who you're facing and their tactic. I'm saying this because you seem to think your tactic should continue working for the rest of the save, just because it happened to work in the first few games. It's entirely possible the AI takes note of your good form and starts lining up more cautiously. That's usually when overly-aggressive tactics, that depend on opposition giving up tons of space, start failing miserably (e.g. loads of low-quality shots, no
  13. How kind of you to make an account just to direct us to someone's YouTube. Pretty sure this thread isn't meant to be about direct replications of Mourinho's tactics, but rather about Crusadertsar's personal approach. No one in here is looking for a "perfect Mourinho tactic".
  14. Yeah, definitely no squad/tactical issues going on here, losing 10+ games on the bounce. Lawd have mercy.
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