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  1. https://theresonlyoneball.com/2018/11/04/fm19-how-to-play-without-attributes/
  2. What's "more specific targeting" on that screenshot, I don't see any new options? We can already specify the type of transfer, position and the role.
  3. Worsening your relationships with other managers will lower your chances of them willing to sell you players. That includes not sticking to your loan agreements, they could straight up refuse to loan you their players ever again.
  4. Please, for the love of God, get rid of this skewed positions screen.
  5. Sounds very much like a complacency issue to me. When you're 3-0 up and the morale is high, it's important to shout at your players and make sure they keep their focus. You don't want them extremely delighted, you want them fired up or motivated, even if one or two get nervous (get rid of such weak personalities at first opportunity). You might find this useful: https://strikerless.com/2016/02/19/the-hartman-doctrine-why-the-hairdryer-treatment-works-surprisingly-well/ Alternatively, it could be that you simply don't adapt your tactic well or soon enough. Especially if the AI is expected to win, it will respond very aggressively to going down and if you keep throwing the kitchen sink at it even when you're 3-0 up, you're giving it the perfect platform for a come back. You can try using one tactic slot for a "shut up shop" tactic and see if that helps.
  6. Watching this, I'm thankful I'm not addicted to FIFA instead of FM.
  7. This is the RMD setup I'm using currently. Basically, the idea is to overload left side of the pitch in order to create space for RMD on the right. IWB can be huge for that, as he forces the opposition to shift to his side and leave the RMD alone with his FB. The RMD being good aerially also helps immensely, since it gives him a huge advantage when competing for back-post crosses against FBs, who often lack aerial presence. He is my top scorer so far.
  8. Agreed, set pieces are incredibly tedious. Especially free kicks, where you have to set every routine up from scratch. If at least I could create one preset, load it up for all scenarios and then make minor changes depending on their location, but for some reason that's impossible. There really should be an easier way. Some sort of a list with all the players and their roles during all set pieces, so you can have a good overview and drag things around quickly, without needing to go into multiple different subsections. This is one of the areas where such complexity really isn't needed. Not only is it incredibly tedious, but it also opens the door for all sorts of exploits.
  9. A screenshot of your tactic would be helpful. Generally, exploiting flanks would be a better idea in your scenario. It increases individual mentalities of your WBs, which means they'll take more risks. Usually, when the opposition packs the midfield, your best bet is pulling them apart with wide play. Work Ball Into Box on the other hand, does the opposite. It asks your players to be more patient and take less risks around the box, which could restrict your chances even further—even when there will be an opening (and there won't be many of them, if the opposition are defending for their lives), your players won't be encouraged to exploit it.
  10. What I find immensely helpful when thinking about space, is drawing. Open up Paint, draw your formation against the formation you're going to face and then draw some arrows showing your players' basic movement during your attacking transitions. Now do the same for the opposition's players and see how their players are going to track yours. For example, opposition's left WB will most likely be forced to track your right IF inside, which is going to create space for you to exploit out wide (usually with your right WB). Or another example, if you were to instead use a Winger on that side, opposition's WB would have to stay wide, which could then create space in central areas. Now think about which one of your players is taking advantage of that space and again, which one of the opposition's defenders is going to be forced to deal with him (because at some point someone is going to have to step out and close him down, which is going to create a new pocket of space somewhere on the pitch). There's usually less need for all that when you're an underdog and the AI is leaving tons of space for you to exploit naturally, while it's attacking you like a wild dog, but once your media prediction and form improve, you need to start being a little bit more methodical.
  11. Sounds like you want a CM(a)/BBM, rather than a CM(s). They will both be encouraged to make forward runs more frequently and get on the end of pullbacks or crosses. However, be vary of your flanks during defensive transitions, since a CM(a)+WB combination could leave you exposed quite easily—perhaps use a FB(s) on that side instead, if it becomes a problem.
  12. In one of his recent Youtube videos, @Rashidi ticked the Shoot On Sight TI after he noticed rainy weather. Weirdly enough, his team scored a long shot, which could be seen as something that a goalkeeper would save in normal conditions. Maybe a coincidence, maybe not.
  13. Well, there's quite a difference whether your scout sends you a fully completed Scout Report or a 30-40% revealed one. You can still get the feel for player's ability/potential (although there will be more black stars) and some hidden attributes and then it comes down to making a decision on whether to sign a player immediately, even though you don't know every little detail about him, or scouting him further/offering him a trial and risking potential bids from other clubs. I'm sure that clubs find themselves in that kind of situations all the time in real life.
  14. Currently, after right-clicking on a player you wish to scout, these are the options: In order to scout someone as a priority, you have to firstly assign a scout and then go under Assignments -> Priorities, where you have to manually drag the player to top of the list. Not a big deal, but can be quite tedious at times, especially when you're requesting multiple Scout Reports and want them to be done first. My suggestion is to add a Scout as Priority option somewhere in there, which would automatically add players to top of the list.
  15. Dictates Tempo - Player will use his decision-making to speed up or slow down the play when he sees fit Stops Play - Player will occasionally stop the play to allow his teammates to move into better positions Dwells On Ball - Player tends to spend a long time on the ball, often without real reason or purpose (a negative trait)
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