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  1. I wouldn't pay too much attention to his moaning, as long as he has the attributes for the position you're training him for. If so, him throwing a fit indicates low professionalism, meaning you should look towards improving his personality if he's still young enough.
  2. Or, if you want to stick with 4-1-4-1, I'd try something like this: Mentality: Positive Instructions: Play Out Of Defence, Lower Tempo, Higher Defensive Line
  3. No, it isn't. AI can't "figure tactics out", if it could, 50% of the player base would never win another match. What happens, is that after a few seasons of success, your reputation improves to the point where you will face nothing but parked buses match in and match out, meaning tactics that worked against more attacking teams no longer work. The space for your players to expose is no longer there naturally, meaning you need to think about pulling opposition out of positions more methodically. This thread should be moved to Tactics Discussion if you want more concrete advice, but excluding a plethora of instructions, roles and duties look well balanced. Only issue I can see you having as Milan using a 4-1-4-1, is simply not being able to put enough pressure on opposition defences that will be perfectly happy to sit back and pass the ball around, wasting time. Given you probably have a dominant team at this point, I'd opt for a more top-heavy formation, which should make your Counter-Press more effective. I'd also advise against having both wide forwards cutting inside, congesting the central area against already narrow defences even more; have at least one Winger stretching the play.
  4. Thread was deleted from this forum, but it's still available elsewhere. Google RDF Development Guide & Training Schedules.
  5. His 20 Motivation might ensure he gets reaction out of players, but it doesn't mean he will always choose the correct option. If you pay attention to team talk suggestions your assistant gives you, you'll notice that he doesn't always pay attention to context. AI seems to take reputation of teams into account too much, you will get suggestions like "encourage the team" or "remind them there's no pressure" when you're doing well and are clearly a better side. In that case, I usually use the aggressive "I expect performance", which tends to get Fired Up/Motivated responses across the board; I'd imagine that's much better than Extremely Delighted/Happy reactions, when you're trying to prevent complacency. https://strikerless.com/2016/02/19/the-hartman-doctrine-why-the-hairdryer-treatment-works-surprisingly-well/
  6. Very nice, love that Clean Sheets stat. Personally, I always found 4-1-2-3 quite tricky to set up for counter-attacking, either it was my lone striker that kept getting isolated, or the wide forward on Attack duty wasn't tracking back enough, but you clearly made it work very well. Looking forward to how you continue!
  7. That's what Scouting Packages are for. If you can afford the good ones, hiring scouts with good knowledge becomes less important, although they will still find more players and complete their assignments faster in countries they have good knowledge of.
  8. Select Typically or Now in General Focus, that will make their suggestions more suited to your club than if you leave it on All. Or, if you want more control over what kind of suggestions you get, create assignments yourself. That way you can specify transfer fees/values.
  9. On your Tactics screen, click on Analysis on the top right, then Goals. From there, you can select all kinds of things, including Goal Assists and their locations. As for statistics, your league's stats are usually a good start, you can go through a whole bunch of different ones. Click on your league, then Stats and Team Detailed. @Rashidi just answered this one recently in his video and the way he puts it, Be More Expressive is an instruction you might want to use to mitigate your team's weakness when it comes to being creative (Flair, Vision?), rather than use it with teams that already excel in those areas. If I remember correctly, he specifically said that using it with players that can already find good options by themselves might make them overcomplicate things, whereas it can help poor players see options they otherwise wouldn't. By the sounds of it, Be More Expressive is some sort of a Flair/Vision multiplier, rather than a "use your Flair more often" instruction. That said, there's not a lot of clarity regarding creative freedom, especially now that Team Fluidity was removed. I mean, just look at this Manual description: Outdated much?
  10. I don't think using multiple playmakers is inherently wrong, if your aim is to keep a lot of possession. While I would definitely not use more than one in fast, counter-attacking systems, in which case you don't want multiple ball-magnets slowing the play down, I can see DLP and AP working together just fine in Tiki-taka tactics. They'll both make themselves available for the ball in different areas, one looking to bring balls out of defence and other looking to play between opposition midfield and defence. That said, I wouldn't use more than two though. Using three or more, you might have to start asking yourself who are they actually creating for. If everyone's a playmaker, no one's a playmaker.
  11. Thought I'd share this counter-attack against Southampton. Not sure which I like more, the interception or that peach of a finish.
  12. SI are hardly going to tell us actual math behind the game. But I'd assume it has an impact on player's attributes, yes. For example, the way Consistency works is the more consistent the player, the more often he will perform at his attribute values. Or another example, if you play a player in a position he's not familiar with, his Decisions (and possibly some other attributes) are decreased. I'd assume things like morale and fitness work in the similar way.
  13. There may be principles that work better than others (e.g. high-press), but there's no inherently broken exploits like there used to be. They were called "super-systems", tactics like Diablo and Scramjet won you trophies while holidaying with pretty much any squad, with win rates exceeding 80%. I'd assume that's why nowadays we're locked down to a bunch of pre-made roles with hard-coded behaviors and why wide strikers are no longer a thing. That said, some tactics clearly still work better than others, as tactic testing communities can prove with actual numbers. Those are usually super aggressive systems that throw everyone forward and generate 30+ shots per game in hope of overwhelming the AI. They may work most of the time, but they still won't overachieve out of all proportions without having enough squad quality. This thread was made just recently, of a guy using one of Knap's downloaded tactics as a newly promoted team in the Premier League and of course an Attacking 4-2-3-1 with 6 Attack duties got taken apart as you'd expect.
  14. Note: This is Part B of Fastest Counter in England. Part A can be found here: Link End of Season Despite some shaky form in the first two months of the new year, we finished the season strongly and secured promotion against Charlton Athletic with two games to spare. Not without some slight tactical tweaks, however. After the 3-2 win against Millwall, which was the fifth out of six games in which we conceded two goals or more, I decided to sure things up just a little. Wide areas being our biggest weakness defensively, I changed both WBs to FBs with Dribble Less PIs, making them less aggressive going forward. I also set up Opposition Instructions, asking for wide players to be closed down at all times—should a Winger get beat, I want whoever is the closest to press that player immediately, hopefully forcing the play back into central areas. While Close Down Always on multiple opposition players has the potential of breaking our defensive shape and leaving us exposed, our wingers are simply too weak defensively and need all the help they can get. Another, perhaps more sensible way of solving this problem would be to lower some players' individual mentalities with either changing the Mentality or their duties, but given how successful we are going forward, I wanted to keep the system as intact as possible. Sitting top of the league in winter, I wanted us to at the very least secure play-offs, which requires a sufficient attacking threat. Those changes seemed to reduce the amount of goals conceded from wide areas, without impacting our goal scoring ability. With the exception of the horrid 6-3 loss against Birmingham City, which was a tale of both defences having the worst day of their lives and attackers scoring with every touch they got, we kept a fair few clean sheets; would we not concede six in that game, we could finish the season with 2nd fewest goals conceded and by far the most chances created. Note to self, don't play attacking football against the team sitting on top of the Goals Scored table. As for the AI adapting to our good performances in the first part of the season, thankfully there wasn't too much of a change. While I did notice teams using Cautious mentality more often, which you can keep track of if you use the opposition formation widget, we were still facing mostly 4-2-3-1s, a formation we tend to create by far the most chances against. I imagine that's the case of the AI taking enough note to change its Mentality, but due to our reputation and media prediction still being low as they were, teams weren't quite ready to straight up park the bus against us yet. When managing one of the giants you can quite frequently come up against Defensive two-DM formations, which we did not face once despite our good form. Protecting the Lead I thought I'd also share my thought process behind the changes I make when trying to protect the result. Doing so without altering your system too drastically and potentially breaking something that works can be quite tricky, but there's no denying that it makes no sense to continue taking a lot of risks despite being two or three goals up. If anything, that's a sure-fire way to throw the lead away, should the AI make aggressive changes. If you're winning the match against all odds, the AI switching to a Very Attacking 3-4-3 should not surprise you. Depending on how the match is going, I will make those changes either immediately after taking the lead, at half-time, or in the final minutes of the game. For example, if we're dominating the opposition who is yet to have a single shot, I might continue without making any changes. On the other hand, should we find ourselves in the lead against the run of play, or the AI switches to a more attacking formation immediately after conceding, I will make the following changes: Lower Mentality; making players more risk-averse Change risk-taking roles to more conservative ones; no need for players with Dribble More or Take More Risks instructions if your only goal is to not concede Remove risky instructions in favour of safer ones; being hell-bent on Playing Out Of Defence when the opposition is pressing you high is a mistake waiting to happen In a shut-up-shop tactic, I want my players to have a Cautious outlook on the game. I no longer want both Wingers dribbling and staying wide, instead I want them to attack in a more responsible and team-oriented way, as Wide Midfielders do. I no longer want my playmaker to continue looking for risky passes, which is why he's switched to a Defend duty. Box to Box midfielder should help us defend in our box when needed and Pressing Forwards on Support duty will drop deep and make themselves available for easy passes, as well as harry opposition defenders and midfielders during build-up. Instructions such as Distribute To Centre-Backs and Slightly Shorter Passing are removed in favour of More Direct Passing and Play For Set Pieces, aiming to avoid getting caught in possession. What's important, is that you don't create a tactical overkill. Understanding the impact a change of Mentality has on players' individual mentalities is crucial, as using a low-risk one in combination with too many Defend duties could make you risk-averse to the point where every single ball is cleared long or out of play, resulting in no possession and relentless pressure on your defence. If you're looking for more on the topic of Mentalities, I've explained my understanding of it in part one, under section Understanding Mentality. Wrap Up While we might have been able to steal a surprise promotion from the Championship with gung-ho football, Premier League should prove to be a whole another ball game. Still having reputation lower than most Championship teams, recruiting players required for the level we're about to face will be difficult and as a result of promotion, our Everton senior affiliate has been terminated, meaning we can kiss free squad-depth loans goodbye. Time for some serious planning ahead of what will undoubtedly be our toughest challenge yet!
  15. Appreciate the comment, big fan of your Gegenpressing stuff! Anyway, finishing the season soon. But in the meantime, enjoy this wonderful sight of both left wingers out for the rest of the season. Thankfully, not too many games to go.
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