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  1. Now that's the animation I'd love to see. Best I've seen so far was an elbow to the face:
  2. Sounds like you fancy players with high Aggression. Not sure how well "dark arts" are represented in the graphical engine, but as per description from the Manual, apparently they're part of the game: Keep an eye on high Dirtiness though, as it tends to mix very poorly with high Aggression.
  3. I use them when I get the Inbox item about players developing well/poorly and it always works well. The one above ("you've trained well"), I use for players with good Training Rating on bi-weekly basis (they can get pissy if you do it every week). You can praise conduct at any time and as long as you don't do it too often, it doesn't seem to have any negatives. I use it to lift player's morale a notch.
  4. Staff doesn't affect your wage budget, they're paid by the board. They might affect your finances long-term, but then again, board always finds a way to keep you afloat (administration isn't a thing in FM), so finances aren't something you should be too worried about (there's only so much you can do, if you're not overspending/overstaffing). I wouldn't go completely crazy with filling out all the slots, but I'd definitely fill the senior ones (youth staff at lower levels isn't worth it, since your facilities probably aren't up to par anyway). As for the rest, trials and loans are generall
  5. Not all players come with locked-in demands, so it's hard to say, but so far I've been able to remove them every time (2 or 3 players). It was the same "will find loan" clause every time, so not sure whether others are affected as well.
  6. If you click on the lock symbol next to previously locked-in contract demand, you can unlock it and remove it completely: Not sure whether that's a bug or not, but seems kinda off. Thanks!
  7. Playing Position = Focus on all attributes required for position (e.g. DM) Specified Role = Focus on all attributes required for Role (e.g. Anchor Man) Additional Focus = Extracurricular focus (i.e. work on certain attributes after training) Playing Position/Specified Roles are only worked on when specified (Individual Roles). Additional Focus is worked on all the time. Example:
  8. This is a fantastic write-up, you've done a great job detailing differences between playing styles. Definitely covers most of the problems people tend to experience when creating counter-attacking systems. I'd say the "direct attacking deep block" is what most probably want, but end up getting dragged into low-risk Mentalities thinking it's the only way to be defensively solid.
  9. Split press = Default team pressing intensity (yours is currently More Urgent) + Close Down More on the front 3/4 players If you're using increased pressing intensity for the whole team, you may not be able to instruct certain players to Close Down More, because the intensity may already be maxed out. Don't think that default presets are in any shape or form optimal. In my opinion, they shouldn't be looked at as universal tactics, more as rough guidelines for what kind of Roles/Instructions could be useful for certain tactical styles. At least I hope they were meant in that way, b
  10. Some quick thoughts: No holding midfielder (all three central midfield Roles roaming/can be caught high up the pitch) No cover for offensive-minded WB-At Aggressive manner of defending (relatively high block combined with Counter-Press and More Urgent pressing) Possible solutions: BBM -> CM/BWM-De (with REG given the freedom to roam and WB-At on his side bombing forward early, I'd deploy a proper destroyer) Replace Counter-Press and More Urgent pressing with a split-press (only instruct the front three to Close Down More via Player Instructions) 4-1-2-3
  11. I also recommend adding Fatigue and Playing Time Happiness columns, massively helpful.
  12. Instead of clicking Keep Scouting, right-click the player, assign the Scout manually and then Acknowledge the Scouting Centre card to get rid of it. I don't think your network would get "ruined", Scouts remain on their Assignments regardless. The only time I assign players to a very specific Scout (usually the one with best JPA/JPP) is when I need one final Scout Report before confirming a transfer, but I don't think that interferes with the areas they're scouting in any way. Perhaps there's some extra cost in terms of traveling, but I can't say I've ever noticed a difference.
  13. As far as I'm aware, that's still very much the case. Defenders on higher Mentalities will be more willing to pass the ball out from the back, because getting caught in possession close to own goal is the risk they're willing to take. With the higher risk-taking threshold, they will be more willing to make adventurous passes, which may sometimes also be direct (difference between clearing the ball long to get rid of it or attempting a pass). Attackers on higher Mentalities, on the other hand, will be more willing to go direct. While on lower Mentalities they might prioritize keeping
  14. He wasn't doing "nothing". Every Role has some kind of instructions or hard-coded behaviors tied to it and even just thinking those out carefully is doing a lot. To paraphrase, it's not like he came into the dressing room and said "alright lads, you're free to do whatever you want!", instead he already instructed every single player on what to do with selecting their Roles and Duties/selecting players with certain Player Traits. That's the basis of every coherent tactic. Whether you decide to add any Instructions on top of that, to either achieve a certain playing style, mitigate your wea
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