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  1. Honestly, problem with this isn't the OP's tactic, it's the way AI approaches games as an underdog. OP is playing as Man United, so naturally Fulham are going to opt for a Cautious/Defensive Mentality and basically never have a go (just pay attention to what kind of ridiculous tactical changes your assistant recommends in such cases). The above formation would be very easy to exploit with the opposite, Positive/Attacking Mentality and more risk-taking, which would probably expose the lone CB with ease. That's exactly how users usually approach games against stronger opposition and often with great success, which is why playing as an underdog can often be quite easy (AI throws everyone forward and leaves itself exposed against more aggressive tactics). In such cases, AI should simply be smart enough to recognize that user is playing with a single central defender and try countering that. Something like this would be easy to spot in real life and any manager could then instruct their team to play long balls forward and try bypassing the press and playing on the break. That's what high-risk Mentalities do naturally, whereas low-risk ones will prefer playing it safe and keeping the ball, so overly aggressive tactics like the one above are never really punished (if your reputation is high enough).
  2. Likely just an UI bug, as mentioned here by Rashidi. Also reported here and here, perhaps it's worth adding your examples as well.
  3. Tick the Disable Attribute Masking option on Game Setup screen (where you load up leagues).
  4. So, because people aren't playing the game exactly how you want them to, you're going to force them with these bizarre UI decisions? I mean, I get it, attributes are unrealistic in their current state, but then you should revamp them completely and perhaps make them more vague and described by words rather than exact values, so you can include them in Scout Reports and they can actually become informative enough for users to mainly rely on them. But as it stands currently, attributes are still way too important to ignore them and only focus on a few (often irrelevant) things included in Scout Reports. People won't stop looking at attributes, you just made the whole process more irritating. I mean, the "i" icon is right there, so what's even the point...
  5. There's usually at least one beta patch that fixes minor stuff and improves performance. At last there was last year.
  6. I'd log that as a bug, if you're seeing clubs ask for more than max. Transfer Value. Surely the whole point of it is to give you a somewhat realistic price range right off the bat.
  7. This fantastic post from @Jack Joyce also clears things up a bit:
  8. But isn't the point that previously you could have a player's Value be 100k and team asked for 30m, whereas Transfer Value should now give you more accurate numbers?
  9. Quick question regarding new Transfer Value thingy. How exactly does it work? Are these always accurate, even if players are unscouted? Is it just ranges that would be wider in this case, or could Transfer Value be for e.g. 1M - 20M and club still ends up asking for much more when offer is made?
  10. Is this a bug? Where are the Ability/Potential stars? Surely that should be visible without having to visit Coach Report?
  11. Well fellas, it's been a pleasure. See you all in the beta feedback thread later on!
  12. You'll get beta if you get it from ShopTo. Verified SEGA retailer.
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