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  1. When it comes to defending, it's important there's someone marking the far post. Default routines have no one defending it, but they do have someone attacking it, so it's otherwise very easy to concede that way. @keysi has a good article on it, if you're interested. As for attacking corners/free-kicks, I like leaving three fastest players on Stay Back, plus at least two lurking outside the box to prevent counter-attacks. Then I ask CDs to Attack Front/Far Post (usually best jumpers) and leave the rest on Go Forward. I leave throw-ins on default, because I find them quite cheesy.
  2. I experimented with Positive/Attacking, but although they can produce some great gung-ho football, the problem then becomes having four players on Very Attacking Mentalities, which means we were losing the ball a lot. To counter that, I could turn WMs from Attack to Support, but I really want them making early forward runs often, so that wasn't an option. I've also tried using them as Wingers, but I've got an issue with Stay Wider instruction being hard-coded; CMs were often lacking close support when the counter wasn't on. Besides that, we very rarely actually lack width and if so, WBs will R
  3. They're there, but they're broken. Assists scored/conceded graphic is always empty (currently mid-season): Reported the issue during beta, but got no response. You can access those screens in Team Report -> Analyst Report.
  4. Not sure whether it has already been mentioned, but there's now an xG column that can be added to custom views (plus a pre-made xG Squad view). A minor, but welcome addition for all the stat junkies.
  5. With the full release now being out, I fired up a quick West Brom save to give the 4-4-2 a whirl and boy am I having fun! Despite a sub-par squad (first transfer window disabled, predicted to finish dead last), I'm seeing some beautiful counter-attacking football. So far, the match engine feels very responsive, so perhaps this is the year where Sean Dyche replications can finally shine in all their glory. Some highlights: We're currently sitting eighth in the league with least possession and third most goals scored. Took me a bit
  6. Not sure whether that's a bug or not, but if you comment on all your players in pre-match team-talks (general team talk + defenders + midfielders + strikers), it seems like it gets nullified completely. Previously "Motivated/Fired Up" reactions turn to "Composed" across the board and the pre-match Team Talk Feedback screen gets wiped out: Could this be by design, to prevent users abusing morale too much? Seems fine if you only comment on defenders and midfielders, for example, but the moment you do it on the whole team, the above happens. @Neil Brock
  7. A quick update, before my Stuttgart save comes to an end: As expected, Bayern ran away with the title, but we managed to finish third and secure Champions League football. In terms of our tactic, the only change I made was drop the Line Of Engagement back to default (Higher D-Line + Standard LoE + split-press). I found that our midfield was getting pulled out of positions too easily, as they were stepping up to press opposition who could then play right through us. I made the change early in the first half against Bayern and since it made us look more d
  8. Well, yes. If you're a manager standing in the middle of the dressing room, you don't see all players right in front of you. At least I think that's what they are going for. I understand those kind of immersion elements aren't for everyone, especially when it comes to older players used to less fluff or min-maxers that disregard anything that doesn't have practical use immediately, but you can hardly say there's no logic behind it. It's not like they chopped up the previous list and scattered it around randomly, players are clearly positioned around you as a manager.
  9. I've to say, the match day UI is slowly growing on me. Initially, I thought it was the worst thing under the sun, since it was obviously quite different from what I was used to, but after just under 100 hours played I'm slowly getting used to it. The only thing still bothering me, is the in-between highlights screen. It really is way too cluttered, I feel like I've to constantly battle my eyes trying to look all over the screen, with all the various bits of rather useless information popping up everywhere; basic stats, opposition formation and Action Zones are all I need, I don't want to be di
  10. If you click on any Role in your tactic, you can modify its Player Instructions: Also, keep in mind those work in conjunction with your Team Instructions; if your Closing Down is already maxed out, you will not be able to increase it any further.
  11. Looks like a problem with the site images are hosted on. If you host them on Imgur, for example, SI forum embeds them just fine.
  12. Some images seem to work if you click on them (from your website), but looks like hosts don't allow hotlinking. Personally, I find Imgur fantastic for uploading images.
  13. 13. Theory in Practice Assessing the squad and creating a tactic In this part, I'll assess my squad, figure out a fitting tactic and try detailing my thought process in as much detail as possible. Please feel free to comment, should something about my approach not be clear or you have a better way of doing things! VfB Stuttgart It's currently February, but for the sake of this thread let's imagine I just walked through the door; I'm not yet familiar with the squad and I don't have any ideas about what tactical system I'm going to use. Firstly, I'll identi
  14. Personally, I find staff's OI recommendations very hard to make sense of. For example, for my next game, my Assistant Manager (14 Tactical Knowledge, 18 JPA) is recommending me to shove Piatek onto his weaker foot, despite his weaker foot still being Reasonable. If shoving onto foot works like it does in real life (close down strong foot completely, which in turn allows space on the weaker one), allowing Piatek time on his Reasonable foot could be quite disastrous. He's also recommending me to hard tackle both, him and Guendouzi, despite their Bravery being 14 and 16. More
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