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  1. In real life, a manager doesn't have a spreadsheet with 30+ attributes of each and every player though. In FM terms, Training Rating equals happiness + development. You could sort of judge player's Ambition and Professionalism on it, but it probably has a minuscule effect on performance, if any at all.
  2. If you suddenly have everyone asking for higher wages, you likely broke your wage structure. At that point you either don't give in (telling them they have long left on their contracts usually works, although those pesky little buggers can be quite persistent at times) or you pay everyone what they think they deserve. Comment from Neil here.
  3. General guides: Adapting on game-by-game basis: These can point you in the right direction in terms of thought process, but they're not "if they do this, you do that" type of guides.
  4. I suggest you compare your times with the benchmarks below, to see if there's an issue there. With only 4 leagues loaded (especially if not on Full Detail), I feel you should be able to blitz through seasons.
  5. I'd say your defensive block is primarily dictated by your formation, rather than Mentality. With the LOE, you're not controlling actual distance from goal (e.g. "start pressing 60m from goal"), but rather how close/far from their starting positions should players initiate the press. Much Lower LOE = Wait until opposition comes much closer Lower LOE = Wait until opposition comes closer Higher LOE = Start pressing higher Much Higher LOE = Start pressing much higher Lower LOE in-game description: Since players' starting positions are determined by their
  6. What you fail to understand, is that Mentality does not define your playing style. One can create a perfectly sound defensive tactic on Standard, Positive or even Attacking Mentality, but by your definition, that wouldn't be a "proper defensive tactic", because you seem to only care about Mentality. Mentality is a risk modifier. Nothing less, nothing more. Imagine they were named differently: Very Defensive = Extremely low-risk Defensive = Very low-risk Cautious = Low-risk Balanced = Balanced Positive = High-risk Attacking = Very high-risk Ve
  7. Your tactic can't really get "countered". AI can only adapt its approach based on manager preferences and pre-match expectations (and possibly some other factors), but it certainly can't read or adapt to your tactic. If you need advice, it's best if you post a screenshot of your current tactic, so people can tell you where things are possibly going wrong.
  8. I agree, but one can still learn a lot from his principles. He was the one that opened my eyes on Mentality and how different Duties combined with different Mentalities actually impact player behavior, understanding which I think is crucial when it comes to such delicate playing styles. The above preset looks much more passive than what Ö-zil used in his game against Man City, for example. Low Mentality, combined with multiple Defend Duties just lowers the risk-taking to such degree it's impossible to keep any of the ball, which means you're constantly under the cosh. Some of the Instruct
  9. Presets are not to be used as finished recipes, sadly. There's Gegenpress and Vertical Tiki-Taka that can be half decent, but the rest are full of tactical overkills that simply don't translate very well into the game. Catenaccio or Park the Bus especially, my guess is they were put together on paper and never tested properly. Don't get discouraged thinking you can't play defensive football in FM though. It's very possible to put together a tactic that aims to grind out clean sheets, but again, defending close to your own goal comes with its own risks and there's never any guarantees, so
  10. Home advantage phenomenon is real and also simulated in FM (which is why tournaments like FM Streamer Showdown use Neutral venues to get rid of it). Not saying away games are scripted, but I'm sure things like travel fatigue, away fans, referee home bias, or other factors can come into play. If you think your issues go deeper than that, it's best if you make a new thread and post your tactic.
  11. Depends on what your goal is against those teams. Is your focus solely on not conceding and maybe snatching one from a set piece? Park the bus and pray. Do you want to be more proactive and play on the counter? Maybe go for cautious or aggressive counter-attacking, depending on how brave you are. Are you confident in your own game plan? Stick with the tactic your team is used to, no need to change things just for the sake of playing away. Often best plan, especially if the quality difference between the two teams isn't extremely big. Your question is very broad, it all de
  12. You're using a plug & play downloaded tactic and those are usually designed to get best results possible overall, without focusing on one single player particularly. If you want to customize this specific tactic, your best bet is contacting the creator, otherwise you could try creating your own. If you wanted your striker to be at the forefront, a role such as AF with Support rather than Attack Duties behind would make more sense.
  13. If you want your positional OIs to be applied, you will have to switch them from individual to positional before every game. You can do that by selecting all players and then switching the little notch next to their name.
  14. Since FM21, Focus Play no longer impacts Mentality. It's now only a passing/movement bias.
  15. That's the most I saw it increase in my personal saves. When at the top level, I always pay a lot of attention to Personalities and since they can rub off on players naturally, Determination can sometimes increase even without Mentoring. Disciplining players with fines can also help.
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