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  1. Check it out! I got a decent offer for one of the top US talents! But holy cow the MLS should be happy as well!
  2. Haha so true! The MLS is a joke in terms of competition. I'm playing FM16 and I can't control my "Academies" so most regen intakes are a total crap shoot. I've enjoyed the past few seasons since I've been able to give the top US prospects serious minutes and many of them are now starters in the National Team. Even with a few foreign players in my squad from South America and Africa also in their respective International Squads I hardly sell any kits internationally. It will be interesting to see how poor Orlando City fairs once I leave in a few seasons!!
  3. Got it thanks! Hopefully I'll be able to build a larger stadium next season! Do you think if I played higher ranked teams during the pre-season that would help increase club reputation?
  4. I agree with that 5 seasons is a short period of time but you can see from the screenshots we've been winning just about everything possible for a MLS side and the national team has been doing quite well internationally.
  5. Just the offers. I typically never sell my star players so this is somewhat new territory for me, but due to the salary cap in MLS I'm going to have to get something for them before they're release due to contact demands.
  6. I've been managing Orlando City starting in 2036 and it's now 2041! It's a headache from time to time, but definitely challenge yourself to win the NACL! The MLS becomes a breeze the other head coaches seem to have a very low IQ lol! You won't win much money winning everything, but save up your allocation money and don't use it! Once you build up a solid squad and your youth players start getting into their prime you'll need that allocation money to increase your wage budget so you can go over the salary cap. There is definitely something hard coded preventing the MLS from becoming a huge league (I'm on FM16) due to stagnating profits. Despite winning just about everything the sponsorships, merchandise, and gate receipts have only seen a slight increase. I would have thought winning the NACL 3 years in a row and defeating the CL winners Arsenal in the Club World Championship would have sent the US Soccer community wild with major sponsors wanting to jump on board the "soccer" bandwagon. I'm hoping that next season I'll FINALLY be able to build a new stadium! We're selling out the 25,000 seater just about every match, but the board is still giving me the bs excuse "no increase in our fan base" not to mention the cost of tickets is among the lowest in the league. I'm curious if FM18 has allowed for more control of the academy system.
  7. Same here! I've taken over Orlando City in 2036! I've won 5 titles in a row, but I'm frustrated with the schedule as I also manage the national team and many of my players feature in the USA squad, so it's frustrating when the US matches overlap with MLS games. I've finally managed to win the Club World Championship, which got the MLS to overtake the Mexican First Division as the top league in North America! However, I'm struggling to sell my top players to European Clubs even if they're valued in the millions I only get offers in the $200ks. I'm playing on FM16 and the US is hardcoded to never advance as a "soccer" nation despite the fact that I've won multiple world cups. Also the superdraft is a pain since the top us talents are untouchable until they're at least 21 for MLS sides. Wish we could do more to improve the MLS academies as well. I think we're close to building a new stadium and after that I don't think I can stomach another 5 seasons of MLS torture as the wage budget is going to implode and the season schedule is crazy with the NACL and Club World Championship carrying over to the next season!
  8. Hey I've been building up the USA National squad over a 20+ year save. While managing in England I brought through a lot of top US talent that won the PL for consecutive years and managed the national team to World Cup victories. I started to get burned out on my EPL save after 20 years and being stuck in a 26,000 capacity stadium for the foreseeable future despite multiple CL trophies. I decided to hop the pond and manager Orlando City in the MLS to grow their academy and manage the top US prospects in their domestic league while bringing a North American Champions League title to the US! It's now been 5 seasons in the MLS winning just about everything despite a ridiculous schedule that overlaps domestic and international games! I'm at the point where the top US international players are in their prime and I have some great prospects on the wings ready to come through. I would love to see these players make a move overseas to some mid to top tier clubs. Their values are between $5-7.5 million, however the only offers I get are around $200k-1.5 million!! What's the big deal!?! When I managed in England I would have to pay up to $14 million for the top US prospects in the MLS. My squad should have a much higher valuation since they are in World Cup sides, we've won every Domestic cup and the World Club Championship for the last 2 years, upsetting Arsenal last year! Besides potentially getting a new stadium built in 2042(named after me hopefully) I don't see any fun in prolonging this MLS career. My last attempt that I'm going to try is getting a European Affiliate that competes at least in the Europa League consistently, so maybe they'll buy my players! Has anyone else tortured themselves through MLS saves or have been forced to pay decent sums for MLS players when managing outside of North America?
  9. This is GREAT! I also had a great 20+ year run with City which saw them become the top club in the world! The biggest bummer was the board building a new stadium John Woodley Arena the first year in the PL with an expansion capacity of 26,922 so they'll be stuck with it until at least 2042 despite winning multiple CL and consistently selling it out.
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