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  1. In your settings folder and within your settings.xml (name may vary depending on skin but invariably settings is mentioned somewhere) Look for (or add if not present): <!-- (additional) stats colours. used on scout, confidence bars --> <colour name="low stat" red="180" green="160" blue="255" /> <colour name="medium stat" red="147" green="117" blue="255" /> <colour name="good stat" red="120" green="79" blue="255" /> <colour name="excellent stat" red="120" green="0" blue="255" /> That's mine (it's a purplely blue) change the colour values to your preference. If you aren't familiar with rgb colour values, give it a quick google first so you can see how it works (2 minute job, not complicated). Clear cache, reload skin - some settings changes require a restart too so bear that in mind. P.S. no need to ask twice.
  2. You've asked this FOUR TIMES, seriously?! One is enough.
  3. I'm not the best person to talk because I've spent my time skinning and editing the database predominantly so far. I've also read too many of these kind of threads which has put me off a lot this year so I've delayed playing, more than necessary tbh (still slowly editing currently). I've ran some test saves and I can see for myself the issue with a lack of goals in the beta (post 2 or 3 here). I'm not sure I completely agree with this thread anymore though. Number of goals seems ok, it's just the bigger clubs which aren't scoring enough and arguably the mid-table teams are over-compensating for this. Someone made a good comment about the over-defensive nature of the opposition for bigger clubs - that would be a good explanation. The other nuances I'm not so aware of so I'm not in a great position to talk in detail about the ME this year but that won't stop me I will say just a couple of things your post has encouraged me to say but it's more general than anything else. It may or may not be helpful to anyone. I'm not making excuses or being apologetic for FM in its current state as frankly a lot of people here have more experience than me atm. Your pass wide You describe a very specific poor decision, is this happening frequently? If yes I can understand the frustration and maybe you have a point. Shame you rage quit as the pkm might have been a good one to upload. Is it just once? If it's a certain player repeating this trend, is there anything in his attributes which might explain it? Poor vision (maybe a bad example if the passes are obvious)? Poor decisions? Is it multiple players? What are their attributes like? - Just one simple pass and look at all the questions it raises just in my head on attributes alone. Yet people here criticise countless actions in countless games and I'm expected to believe they understand everything that has gone on in all those instances and furthermore the ME is often always the cause? Maybe some of you do but there's an awful lot of these examples. It's why I struggle with the criticisms to some extent here as people (in general, not you, I'm speaking in very broad terms here throughout) like to whinge and to be perfectly honest I have no idea what's a legitimate issue anymore as there's no evidence they've thought it through half as much as even I have and I've only spent about minute without any analysis tools. Law of averages and the consistency of some of the problems probably suggests a lot of valid points but most of the time so much info. is missing. Maybe they've provided plenty in the past.... Maybe they're just frustrated... Maybe there's been a lack of communication/feedback from SI especially when they've uploaded stuff... I guess I just want people to keep an open mind and the go to response not to be blame everyone else first and look inward - if they do that then I can get on board with their criticisms a lot easier. Tactics Lastly, I also struggle to get my head around these 'narrow ideals' these threads keep getting saturated by. Maybe it's a tactical deficiency of mine and my lack of understanding of tactics. However as I understand the game in a basic sense, it's all about making and taking advantage of space. Take diamond shapes; the space is out wide. These narrow formations are usually (opponent permitting) actually suited to engineering and taking advantage of this space much better than anywhere else on the pitch (IMO that is why they are one-dimensional formations). Not only is the ball a magnet to opposition players so too are your own players. Add FM factors like play-makers exacerbating this and you've got packed central areas. You're going to need good roles and duties to make space centrally but even then I'd still want the ball to be switched to the flanks... regularly personally. Successful teams IRL play with width, stretch the game and use the entirety of the pitch. Yet on here people seem obsessed with playing vertically only. Maybe width is taken for granted and they just don't mention it. Don't get me wrong all these posts about vertical play lead me to believe there must be some issue with the ME in this respect due to the sheer volume of complaints. Specifically the AM involvement if I'm reading between the lines right and over-simplifying it. But I just can't help but question the perceived frequency of the effectiveness of this type of play IRL. Again I'm not sure the expectations are actually right and that's it's as effective as people say. I nearly went through all the Premiership games on Saturday but figured it would bore everybody to death - but in short, not a lot of 'through ball goals'. Quite a lot of set piece goals. On the face of it, it's appears that a lot of people just want to play within in the width of the 18 yard box and I'm glad that the pixels are showing more intelligence by stretching the play as no team is going to be successful playing in such a way. I only really quoted you because I nicked two examples to explain and elaborate on a much wider point that I alluded to before very briefly. This is where I was coming from, actually in response to @Weston although he seemed to appreciate the need for width wasn't 'accidental'. I just really struggle in this area of the forum. Maybe I need to use this ME more but nonetheless I'm amazed by the authority in which people can criticise when I'm not even convinced their starting 'football ideals' are necessary correct.
  4. I've had debates about Shaw before. IMO he's done ok. I personally think there's plenty of room for improvement but I get the support. He's a young Englishman, had problems with injury and managers, everyone is rooting for him. Does that mean sometimes people go over the top? For me yes but that also works for the negative feedback too. But I agree, I actually amended his PA on my personal db.
  5. I'd have to cross reference Sanchez before and after to see exactly what the CA drop has effected. I'm pretty sure quickness has been though, as it should, whilst some other physicals taking a hit wouldn't surprise me either. He deserves it tbh. This may or may not be news to you or anyone but a little info I learnt re. CA, that might be useful to someone... I might as well mention the scale of Sanchez's CA drop... Bailly's was inevitable with his form, he's been over-rated for a while IMO. His rating is much closer to Jones' though so it's actually more in line with your comparison now.
  6. I've not gone through each player attribute-wise nor am I sure any of this is significant enough to warrant a mention on your OP but.. Bailly & Lindelof's CAs have gone in different directions at exactly the same rate. Arguably Bailly is still over-rated though. Lindelof has a little breathing space now as the justified #1 CB. It's still very tight though amongst the rest. Rashford & Dalot got a decent rise. Valencia, Fosu-Mensah & McTominay a decent drop. Biggest mover in terms of CA is Sanchez getting a significant drop - I went even further on my personal db tbh. That's about it. Mata is still probably too highly rated IMO whilst I'm glad the majority of the Utd fanbase aren't in control of Lukaku's rating just a small drop there, same with Fred. Not bad tbf.
  7. Tbh it makes perfect sense to me. Overloading the middle - the space is going to be out wide. Your players are being wise utilising it.
  8. No, you guess right & No (I believe). You can't mix and match playable and view only within a country I don't think - you can easily check that though when selecting leagues prior to loading a game up. You won't receive any guidance as concrete as that. Everything works quite efficiently for me but that doesn't mean it will for someone else - a lot of parts in my laptop are brand new (after a HD & motherboard crash). I can imagine older systems will experience a notable difference. So I'd advise only selecting any league regardless of playable or view only necessary to your game-play. I'd also advise you to test it first regardless, i.e. run whatever configuration you're contemplating. See how a normal game week goes and also maybe holiday it for a month to get a general feel for the processing.
  9. So you just want to see the 'past winners page'? I really don't know if such a file will have an impact on populating that page or not. Possibly I guess, you might be hard pushed to find anyone applying such a file only not to use it to get a definitive answer on that one though. There's specific and then there's that... It's a weird question tbh but yeah no processing occurs for unselected leagues. To be clear only selected leagues are processed, whether they are playable or view only. Not selected, not processed - applies to relevant questions relating to your first and second paragraphs. If there's no benefit then true there's no negative either I guess
  10. If you didn't select England surely that would be pointless as no leagues would be processed so a file all about making leagues 'processable' would be void. If you mean view only, that's what I described. There will still be processing of results so it would effect speed to some extent - system dependent.
  11. I'd personally say it's pointless and will slow your game (depending on your system's capabilities). Just seems a possibly notable down-turn just to see promotions/relegations. The db mods here for example 'only' focus on league structure and team allocation, i.e. North, South, etc. so it's not even as if the team squad lists are filled out and tbh beyond the Conference, let alone Conf. N/S there's a real problem with the squad accuracy (some of it is understandable given the fluid nature of squads at non-league/non-contract levels). None of this is going to be relevant to/effect a Premiership club. That said I almost exclusively use such db mods as LLM for me is where the challenge is.
  12. There's no need to keep asking the same question more than once. Yes there's a problem with it (but I'm not going to bother testing it more myself as I have all the files I need/finished skinning mostly). Try deleting it and reinstalling. If the problem persists, go to the bugs forum and create a thread so the developers are aware. That's the best place. I doubt they even look in this forum.
  13. This is disappointing because I reported a lack of goals in the beta (as did others). I really hoped this was going to be sorted more (although it does seem slightly improved and the problem seems to be more to do with the top teams and too much of a 'spread'. The mid-table clubs seem to be scoring too many on the face of it tbh.) My test FYI:
  14. You're making a big assumption about me and how readily I brandish such claims about. The last player (in England) I rated this highly is actually Rooney. Not CHO, not even Sancho (although you've down-played him more than necessary too tbh, he's always been highly regarded and is a better comparison to Foden than the Chelsea kids). Foden has showed a lot more than CHO in terms of breath of ability and natural talent and definitely more than Mount. Although I don't view PA, regardless of the value, as a 'guarantee' of anything. Any number of things can prevent a player fulfilling their PA on FM. The P stands for potential - and yes he has world class potential. The jury's still out on whether Mount does. Agree to disagree (for a couple of years ).
  15. The quality of some of the goals in the lower leagues, especially English is insane. There's plenty of goals that belong in far higher reaches of the game. I think it'd take a lot of people by surprise, maybe understandably. The big difference is the consistency and ability to repeat said goals at the same rate as professionals or elite stars. If it's the same players, repeating these heroics then I'd say maybe your criticisms are fair... If it's one off wonder strikes, that's not beyond the realms of reality at all.
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