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  1. So during my morecambe save I’ve been struggling to grow the club so I can attract better players and get more fans. I’ve tried a lot of stuff and even got promoted to football league 1 and won the checkarade trophy but still very low on the average attendance. Also trying to loan players from bigger clubs get told a lot they want their player to play with better talent even tho I had them on loan just the past year why is that?
  2. Ok thank you I still trying to figure out the affiliates stuff completely. But are there like certain lower league teams I should try to make affiliates with? That produce best youngsters?
  3. I’m in my 5th season with morecambe and I made it to the championship. I have Man City as a senior affiliate and AFC Fylde and Ebbsfleet as Affiliates too. I was wondering if there is any good lower clubs to try and make an affiliate with and how to get out of country affiliates as well.
  4. I hope soon I can get that last promotion I need to get to the epl but in the mean time I’m going to fight hard to stay in the championship and grow my youth. I got a handful of very promising youth players this last youth intake so I’m going to help them grow so they can come into the first team soon.
  5. Ok thank you I just curious if there was anything I wasn’t trying to do that will help grow the club. Would getting a couple affiliates in lower leagues help out?
  6. Ok so I’m going into my forth year with morecambe FC I’m in the championship for the second year now but my rep is barely is growing even tho I make it to the 6th round of the fa cup and do ok in the other cups. I had a takeover in my first season which the new owner erased all my debt and has upgraded my youth facilities to adequate, well established youth recruitment, upgraded to adequate junior coaches and I now have basic data analysis facilities. Compared to the league I have the smallest stadium and smallest fan base and my rep hasn’t really grown. I’m just asking for tips on how to grow my rep and fan base so I can actually survive and get better players because a stadium of just under 6,500 won’t make me enough money to grow as a team.
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