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  1. NAh. The game is utter nonsense, You try and encourage and players get overwhelmed You take off most instructions and it makes no difference. Makes no difference what you do with this game Time to uninstall
  2. Thanks for your reply Originally I tried creating my own tactics without success so i plumped for a default tactic. All those that are highlighted are automatically chosen. If they are overkill as you say which I fully understand what you are saying, then why does the game make it default?
  3. I'm playing a very narrow formation and have instructed my players to focus through the middle. Unfortunately no matter what or how I set up my players during the match the focus of attacks are very high in percentage down the wings and hardly anything down the middle. This im sure is the reason I am not doing particularly well Is it some kind of bug?
  4. i thought that but a bit confused as i see people sharing their formation being just the one
  5. Decided to start unemployed and ended up at Non League Wrexham First season I improved them finishing just outside the play offs Second season the board expected a play off finish. With one game to go this wont happen. looks like at best i will finish 9th. My issue is inconsistency. My four main forward are all in double figures plus others have chipped in. But its the defence. Leaking goals badly. Now ive read being a non league side i should keep it simple so ive been playing 4-4-2 and and narrow Trouble is one minute im thumping sides 5-1 then losing 0-1 or 2-1 versus relegation sides. Ive managed to reach the FA Trophy final which im yet to play but the board are right royally miffed and Im facing the sack Can someone please advise ?
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