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  1. Is it just me or does this happen far too often? When a cross comes in, the centre back tries to control it for some reason with an attacker breathing down his neck, gets tackled and the attacker blasts it into the net. It happens all the time - both ways - and I never see this happen in real life. When a cross comes in at pace, you get a foot or whatever you can to it to clear. I don't understand how you can be tackled just outside yor six yard box from a cross. Also, when a striker and a defender are chasing down a ball, and they are somewhat close together, the striker quite often tackles the defender as soon as he touches the ball even in the most dangerous situations with the most no-nonsense defender, These things have to stop - it's in my favour because I have fast strikers but things like this take you out of the match experience.
  2. Beat United awat from home on the last game of the season to steal the title by two points. They should have won that game as well! Only time I've jumped in the air to a goal
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