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  1. Is it just me or does this happen far too often? When a cross comes in, the centre back tries to control it for some reason with an attacker breathing down his neck, gets tackled and the attacker blasts it into the net. It happens all the time - both ways - and I never see this happen in real life. When a cross comes in at pace, you get a foot or whatever you can to it to clear. I don't understand how you can be tackled just outside yor six yard box from a cross. Also, when a striker and a defender are chasing down a ball, and they are somewhat close together, the striker quite often tackles the defender as soon as he touches the ball even in the most dangerous situations with the most no-nonsense defender, These things have to stop - it's in my favour because I have fast strikers but things like this take you out of the match experience.
  2. the first season was hard to get through but very enjoyable. I only wanted champions league qualification and finished second - 4 points behind United. I only realised at the end that they wrre 'disappointed i didn't challenge!' and they were considering sacking me before they gave me a new contract. that would have been ridiculous
  3. to be fair it was the most enjoyable season I had with FM. Every match was tough and I put loads of thought into every game because I could get sacked for finishing 3rd!
  4. definitely the 14th minute - very long time to play against Barcelona. things like this should be considered. Just had Hamsik sent off in the 1st minute and i still won against Tottenham away. You should really be praised for things like that..
  5. Beat United awat from home on the last game of the season to steal the title by two points. They should have won that game as well! Only time I've jumped in the air to a goal
  6. I find it hard to believe that Liverpool would dominate a game against united to that extend and the manager WOULDN'T say they were unlucky. I'm very surprised here.
  7. I lost 2-0 against Barcelona - was killing them with 3 clear cut chances in the first 10 minutes (thanks to my incredible tactical mind) which I missed (thanks to Suarez). Then Coates gets a red card in the 14th minute and I end up conceding goals from corners where Bojan is inexplicably unmarked. That's all good but the fans are disappointed in the performance even though I was down to 10 men from the 84th minute against BARCELONA! And it was a close game. Could fan's opinion take into consideration events in the game a bit more?
  8. United against my Liverpool - ended a lucky 1-0 to United. Stop me if at anytime I'm being deluded. They have one clear cut chance, which they score (good finish from Hernandez) and 4 blocked shots from long range. That is all. I had 22 shots - 2 clear cut chances and 13 half chances and 8 long shots (I know it doesn't add up - that's what it says, smart-ass) Their keeper was man of the match obviously. That's all well and good but in the press conference, I said we can hold our head up high after that performance (which we definitely can!) - I was labelled deluded by the press and 3 of my players are 'worried' by my post-match comments! What do you think?
  9. I start a game as Liverpool (thinking all I need is some Champions League footy and the board/fans will love me - the board want a title challenge (!) and give me 300K to mount it. After finishing second, 5 points adrift of Utd, the board aren't happy because apparently, I didn't challenge(!) Now, they offer me a new contract anyway and give me £40 mill to spend. They've forgotten about the title now, they just want Champions League football. Doesn't really add up for me. Even better though, both myself and Tottenham went in for Tevez. After getting him to sack his agent, I thought that it was a no brainer. Tottenham was in the Europa League, I'm in the champions league after finishing second. Only if Tottenham have the wages over me, there could get him. In the end, he chose them. The same squad status (Key Player) and half the wages! I couldn't even get him to sit down for the wages they offered! Does this happen a lot or does he just hate Liverpool?
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