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  1. Looking for a way to backup my Head Coach characters. They are not in the main folder.
  2. There's currently a bug in the game where whenever the game saves something, it doesn't show up. Rest assured that it IS saving the game, it just isn't adding the ".fm" extension. If you go to your "Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\games" folder, add .fm to the end of all the files. Then the games will show up.
  3. The game seems to indicate that having a larger database with more players is what slows down the game, but I wanted to ask to see if that's correct. You'd think that having more leagues (even if they are view-only) would slow down the game because there are more games to simulate.
  4. Noticed a bug with NCAA. Selected UMBC as my team. Game crashes whenever I click on the "Competitions" menu. I think it may be a division mismatch. When I select a team it shows divisions in 20 groups named groups 1 - 20 but once you actually start it has the right names for conferences (American East in this case). Edit: Wait why does it say there are -50 NCAA teams under the structure?
  5. My play style is sim heavy, I like to create a team, then go on vacation for several years to see how it turns out. It's very annoying, but the computer keeps transferring unhappy players when I go on vacation. I want to make it so NO PLAYERS are ever transferred out ever unless I actually do it. Because what ends up happening is that when I check back 5 years later, I only have 1-2 players left from the original squad and my team sucks. All the other players have been transferred out.
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