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  1. hi i would like to get this picture into the game unfortunately so far I can't do it very well if someone knew I would be very happy and send my titlebar titlebar.xml
  2. hello how to align this so that it doesn't overlap?
  3. když koukám na nový update tak se mi zdá že málo hráčů dostalo lepší hodnocení třeba Conde ze Zlína podle skutečnosti je jeden z nejdražších hráčů ze Zlína a ve hře je jeden z nejslabších
  4. and could this TV logo be made? Please
  5. I already have it, I just removed the back left and the back right everywhere and it works, so thank you for the help and I have one more question how do I do to show me only one?
  6. how do I adjust the match time so I don't have the dots there?
  7. if you let me know how it turned out I would be very happy for that
  8. it doesn't work it works for me if I only have confederate logos so it works but as I add others it doesn't work anymore
  9. even according to these instructions it does not work
  10. Hi I took this background from FLUT skin and I need to change the font color
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