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  1. Sure, I understand. Yup, never knew that an HOF even existed in that time, I thought that copying my save file would be enough.
  2. Well, I've played this save in 3 different computers, and I didn't copy my HOF. I still managed to get one from one of the computers but didn't had all the clubs I managed. As you can see there I've managed Uruguay, Chelsea, Palermo and Benfica, but also Manchester United, West Ham, Barcelona and Inter. I would like to add the rest of them with the titles I've won.
  3. Ok guys, this is a bit of a complicated task. I'm trying to edit my hall of fame dat file. I'm following this instructions here: https://www.reddit.com/r/footballmanagergames/comments/31vzjo/guide_on_how_to_edit_your_hall_of_fame_data/ But although I already changed the titles of the clubs that are already in the file to the correct ones, I'm not being able to add new clubs to it. Any of you could perhaps give me some help with adding more clubs in my hall of fame? Here is a screenshot of my current one. I have the questions in the screenshot. As you can see, It's really different from the version that I'm following, and I'm really going bananas on how to add a new club in there. I've searched everywhere and even found a guy in here who could add a random club, but had no explanation on how. Please help me. xD
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