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  1. Hi all, It's been a while but I picked up FM19 once more. This time around I want to base my team around a Trequartista, since I never really did that to success before. As per tradition I'll be playing AC Milan, and I understand that I might need to reshape part of the team to be able to support attacks through a Treq. I tried doing this in the past, but failed miserably and abandonned the mission. At this point I'm still debating using him in the ST or AM position - and still not decided on tactic. What I do know is that I don't want to use a 4231 Wide. Anyone tried something similar to great success, which I can creatively steal some idea's from!?
  2. Short update (AC '19): I lost in the 2nd knock out round to Arsenal being the lesser team, so mostly acceptable. I won the Serie A and the supercoppa Italia. I sold Silva (4.5star CA) for a 50 + 20 + 40% of future transfer fee to ManU, this one felt too got to let slip. Apparently Belotti refused the juventus offer so I signed him with 1.1mil wage xD. Cutrone is becomming the next best thing, Ibracadabra was able to change Cutrone's character to perfectionist prior to retiring! On my way to have an Italian only club! Cheers
  3. I'm currently in the second position for wages. Bonnuci is over 1.1mil, Kalinic, Biglia, Donnarumma, Silva, Bonnaventura, ... they're all over 500k/month. I'm fairly sure most of them are still on their "base" contracts :P.
  4. I didn't do that big on new contracts. I'm at 10.7mil wages now, no clue if that's a lot or ok-ish. I've passed the CL group stages by winning home to Chelsea and PSG so I won the group. I hope this will give me some extra funds, but I'm not lying when I say I don't really understand the financial side :P. Right now Silva is injured for 6 weeks, Kalinic for 5 weeks and Locatelli for about 3 months. EDIT: Just added a 5month injury for Bonaventura :wacko:
  5. Biggest problem I am currently having is finances. Fees I can use for transfers has been reduced to 35% again. I'm losing about 4-6mil each month. I'd really love to get Pelligri, but I'd have to sell over 250mil worth of players to get the transfer funds :P.
  6. That's quiet impressive. Are you still using the 4-4-2? I'm currently using 4-2-2-2 with Regista, DM and 2 wingers, 4-1-2-3 with Regista and 3-5-2 with Regista (see the common position :roll:). As with the 4-4-2 you posted earlier there's games I shouldn't win that I win easely (1-6 Napoli) and games I lose that I shouldn't lose (1-3 to a promovendus). In 2019 atm, didn't buy nor sell anyone worth mentioning this season other than Ibracadabra to tutor Cutrone (obviously, I can't select him in the list). CL group phase is being a thriller, it's currently PSG on 12 points, AC. Milan on 7 points, Chelsea on 7 points and Sparta Prague on 0 points. Both me and Chelsea still have to play PSG and Prague.
  7. If Belotti is out of form, Torino is rather easy. If he's playing well though... :s Anyway my game vs Napoli... 3 goals for Cutrone, 1 goal and 3 assists for Silva!
  8. I finished my first season of AC Milan with good results! I won the Copa Italia and the Uefa League came in second in the Serie A behind Juventus, who really overclassed the competition this season. Best player this season in term of results was Andre Silva, with an impressive 23 goals in 13(2) matches in the EL. His value increase to a crazy 73mil. I fear Locatelli won't be in the squad for a long time, as youth academy sent me following gem. The only bad thing are finances. Champions League next year will be a good source of income, but I'm not really sure how to improve my finances as I don't think I'm overpaying my players... For next season and future plan I would like to move to an all Italian team and have as many of home grown players as possible. Torino relegated to Serie B and I have my eye on Barreca and Belotti. I plan on getting rid of Suso if a good bid comes by, he doesn't fit in my 3-5-2 sadly. Not sure if I should "exchange" Silva for Belotti. We shall see!
  9. Silva is gold you say? By the way, what a crazy game!
  10. I always wanted to get Pellegri, I think he's one of the best future Italian players. Monaco doesn't sell though :P.
  11. Are you still playing the 442 fluid? Mind sharing who plays where? I'm not doing bad myself in my first season on a second place after Juventus, but that's a lot of goals for 2 strikers!
  12. My safe got corrupt, had to restart and couldn't get Dolberg :/.
  13. That's a lot of people going out :O I'm not doing that well in the league, 5th place at the moment and it doesn't look like I'll catch Sassuolo anymore. I'm still in the league for Uefa League and I'm playing the Cup Final, but I do hope I'll be playing CL next season! At my save, Cutrone is a beast by the way... I've got some good youth intake this year, so I'm looking forward to the next seasons!
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