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  1. why we are almost obligated to sell our good playerz but it is almos impossible to buy others to replace. they never wants to sell their players and asks outlandish prices always? any hint?
  2. the same could I do with " without ball" " when recover the ball"? or it is not good to do?
  3. I play football manager before 2010 and I never used team instructions apart of short pass sometimes. there is a lot of cool stuff that I like in the real football world as ' get stuck in" for example. but always that I mark a lot of team instructions my team plays very bad. my question is, should I try to make a good team with a lot of team instructions learning how to do it correctly or I should be simple in it? is it possible to mark a lot of team instructions and have a good cohesive team?
  4. hi, please. if I ask my team to play with short passes and then ask an individual player to play more direct passes, which instructions will he obey? the one I gave to the general team or the individual instruction that a I gave him?
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