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  1. Running into this problem, where my tactics is cut off right next to the right position. anyone knows a fix?
  2. Interesting how you've set them up. Been waiting for this ever since my thread about them. Ended up getting 6th and getting sacked, so didn't bother playing with them anymore. What exactly is the difference between CMa and MEZa? Don't they behave like each other?
  3. Thanks, I'll introduce some of the changes and keep you posted!
  4. After winning the CL with PSG twice and absolutely dominating every competition I've decided to give myself a bit of a challenge. But it's been a little too much challenge to my liking. I've started with Tottenham, but never got my tactic right. I've tried the 4231 and 4141. I've won the CL twice with the 4231 with PSG but I couldn't make the 4141 work. I've watched a bunch of games on extended highlights, and the transition phase seems fine to me. Only a lot of longshots throwing too much attacks away. My attackers always have many options available so I don't understand. My thought process on the roles: SK - Hoping he pushes out of his box to stop some counter attacks over the top CBW's - Pushing forward to give an extra outlet out wide HB - Supporting the CB's AP - playmaker Mez - pushing forward to give an extra option W - keeping the play wide, Son has PPM to cut inside though IF - cutting inside and getting on the end of potential crosses from the left AF - dunno, tried many things but nothing worked TI's: - Shorter passing - keeping possession - work ball into box - counter the longshots - overlap - letting my CWB's overlap - Lower tempo - giving my wingbacks time to get forward - Higher d line - defenders aren't too fast but didn't want to grave myself in, got punished on counters sometimes but not too often
  5. Why not 2 BPD who will look to play longer passes? TM also attracts long balls, so would switch either the SS or DLF to a TM
  6. Just because no team favourites to win the league plays it irl that it can't work in fm in anything other than a counter tactic.
  7. Poacher really does not suggest that. I’ve succesfully used the role at big teams without playing on the counter.
  8. Thanks for the tips. I got an early goal against and probably didn't react well enough
  9. I'll be trying Summat's points next season in changing Kane to support and unticking work ball into box. Also I'm trying to sign Kessié and Kimmich to get more defensive attributes into the squad. I'm simming most of the league games as they're becoming too easy now so we'll see what next season brings.
  10. Year after year I'm failing miserably in the QF of the CL against some powerhouse team of England. I tried everything: change nothing, using a counter tactic etc. This is a tactic inspired by Westy that I've been using since the Schalke game and that has been getting great results. But I just lost 0-3 against City. Anyone who can help?
  11. It's a technique to store all the newgens in there. That's why I have so many
  12. Anyone has any idea how to stop receiving those? I have about 2000 players on my shortlist and as you can imagine it's getting really annoying to receive 20 e-mails a day about that.
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