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  1. Another database error with Vålerenga: Oskar Opsahl is not on loan at Skeid, he returned to Vålerenga because of an injury. http://www.vif-fotball.no/nyheter/oskar-opsahl-tilbake-fra-lan
  2. Another issue with Vålerenga: In my ave, Tollås Nation is unavailable until 13/12/2019 with an unidentified injury, but he can still play friendlies and cup games. I'm not able to select him in the league
  3. In my Vålerenga save both Ivan Näsberg and Markus Nakkims contracts expires after the 2019 season. IRL their contracts expires in 2022. Proof: http://www.vif-fotball.no/nyheter/nakkim-2022 http://www.vif-fotball.no/nyheter/ivan2022 Mohammed Fellah is not injured, he has been on the pitch three times this autumn. Also Felipe Carvalho acceleration is set way too low. In my save his acceleration is 10, but IRL he is probably one of the fastest defenders in the Eliteserien. Both pace and acceleration should be 13+ imo. Hope this is the right forum for issues with player stats.
  4. Has anyone found a way to get this to work on Mac? Tried with the newest update, but still not working
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