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  1. Welcome Bob. On a side note, why is everyone still backing Liverpool on the Predictions Thread? Anyone realised Liverpool are a mid-table side at best currently and only 6 points away from West Ham? Or does everyone here support giant-killing
  2. FMS Predictions League 2010-11

    Looks like my predos are going well! GameWeek 21 Saturday, 22 January 2011 Wolverhampton 0-1 Liverpool, 12:45 Arsenal 3-0 Wigan, 15:00 Blackpool 2-2 Sunderland, 15:00 Everton 1-0 West Ham, 15:00 Fulham 0-0 Stoke, 15:00 Man Utd 3-0 Birmingham, 15:00 Newcastle 1-2Tottenham, 15:00 Aston Villa 0-2 Man City, 17:30 Sunday, 23 January 2011 Blackburn 1-2 West Brom, 16:00 Monday, 24 January 2011 Bolton 1-1 Chelsea, 20:00 Tuesday, 25 January 2011 Blackpool 1-2 Man Utd, 19:30 Wigan 1-2 Aston Villa, 19:45 Wednesday, 26 January 2011 Liverpool 0-0 Fulham, 20:00
  3. FMS Predictions League 2010-11

    Slowly creeping up the table lads Wednesday, 12 January 2011 Blackpool 1-0 Liverpool, 20:00 Saturday, 15 January 2011 Chelsea 2-1 Blackburn, 15:00 Man City 2-0 Wolverhampton, 15:00 Stoke 1-2 Bolton, 15:00 West Brom 1-1 Blackpool, 15:00 Wigan 0-1 Fulham, 15:00 West Ham 0-3 Arsenal, 17:30 Sunday, 16 January 2011 Birmingham 1-1 Aston Villa, 12:00 Sunderland 1-2 Newcastle, 12:00 Liverpool 0-2 Everton, 14:05 Tottenham 1-1 Man Utd, 16:10
  4. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

    Chapter 3: Power I think Sir Alex put it succintly in 2010, when he managed to convince Wayne Rooney not to leave United. “The minute a player becomes more powerful than the manager of Manchester United, our club is finished. It will never be the same." These words would prove to be the mantra i would adopt in my time at United. Never give in to player power, as he is most likely to be manipulated by his agent. Agents are a finicky lot, some want the best deal for their player, some only want the best deal for themselves. I remember the time I had a strop with the agent of a 16-year-old from St.Etienne. I offered him the chance to train in one of the best academies in the world, but his agent wanted benefits more befitting of a senior player. We haggled back and forth, but the agent just would not give in. Still, I stuck to my principles and cancelled the deal. I've since heard he's sitting on the bench at a Ligue 2 team. Managerial power can sometimes be scary, as it's a different monster altogether. To know that you alone decide the fate of each player-it can be rather disorienting at times. Whether he's in the first team, sits on the bench or is left to rot in the Reserves-that's on your head. Transfer-listing a player can sometimes be the most heart-wrenching thing to do. When I had to transfer-list Wes Brown due to his age, even though he had been a devoted servant to United, I saw a look of resignation on his face, knowing that his time was up. He was 34, not good enough for the first team, and in the Reserves. With the failing economy and convoluted transfer system, it was unlikely he would find a club. I sympathized with him, but stuck to my principles again. There was only once when I had a major strop with a player. After a particularly shocking first-team appearance by Macheda, the next day, I asked him to train with the Reserves, to get his touch back. However, he turned on me instead, saying that he considered himself too good for the Reserves. I was furious to say the least, and reminded him who was the manager. He decided to throw a strop, and decided to sit out the training session. Needless to say, I was not on good terms with him for a while. Eventually, we had an even worse falling-out over another bad performance, and he left the team soon after in the 14/15 season. People have often asked me what I would do if a director of Football was installed in Manchester United. My first instinct would be to reply 'Get the hell outta there', but after a few seasons, it is tiring. How Sir Alex managed to last 26 years in management is beyond me. You have the reins of a football club, but there is so much to do, so many things to decide, interaction with the media and whatnots, that it commands an amount of stamina needed not to get burned out. If anyone asked me today if I wanted a director of football, I would take longer to reject. No one man should have all that Power.
  5. My condolences to you Xen-My dog just passed away last June, a sparky little Australian Silky Terrier. It broke my heart to see such a sprightly little animal, reduced to skin and bones and unable to walk. We finally agreed to put it down, but while my mom was giving her a last bath, she passed away(probably due to shock, or the heart just gave way). We've now learnt that putting the dog down earlier is the best thing to do, as she was obviously in pain in the days leading to her death. But you'll find that you can get over it easier if you've witnessed the dog's decline, and accept that it's eventually going to pass away. We've now got a new dog, a really active Jack Russell!
  6. I think 10-3's spot-on with the warning, nip this problem in the bud, before we start calling each other tw*ts and whatnots. anyway, back to Liverpool?
  7. This is actually statistically accurate to what happened at West Brom vs Man Utd...
  8. Holland-Totally mad. Drunken revelry everywhere. Yeah that post was when I was drunk
  9. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

    Chapter 2: Gorgeous Old Trafford. The Theatre of Dreams. Seriously, who would not want to be here? I remember the moment I walked onto the pitch for the first time as United manager. It was only a First Team vs. Reserves match, to get acquainted with my players, and the stadium was empty, but it was extremely surreal. Smelling the fresh, crisp pitch, the sight of the Stretford End, imagining ghostly images of supporters rising in a cacophony of cheers after Cantona has just scored his wonder goal against Wimbledon... The feeling is just indescribable. The moment I first sat down in my seat, I just thought of the many legends before me. Sir Alex, and before him, Sir Matt Busby. The many legends who had graced the dugout, Sir Bobby Charlton, George Best, Eric Cantona, and other such dignitaries. To be in the very same dugout which they had once graced...I felt not worthy. The match was played in a surprisingly humble fashion. The first-team won 2-0 courtesy of two goals from Giuseppe Rossi, who had returned from Villarreal for a second spell at Old Trafford. As i walked down the tunnel, I envisaged fans giving us a standing ovation as we left the pitch. I was mad with glory, and perhaps a bit delusional. But cut me some slack, it's an experience all United fans would die for. My First Team I inherited the team after Sir Alex had left, and many veterans had retired. The long-serving trio of Neville, Giggs and Scholes was gone. Van der Sar left to become a goalkeeping coach elsewhere. Ferdinand retired when i inherited the club, and he wished me the best of luck. Through Twitter, no less. I was both happy and sad to see them leave. I did not like old squads, but they were the backbone of United, providing valuable experience to the youngsters of the team. Especially with Ferdinand gone, the defence was a bit suspect. I decided to take a detailed look into the squad, flush out any deadwood, and bring in valuable replacements. Firstly, I noticed the team had four keepers. Kuszczak was still around, but there was Andriy Pyatov from Ukraine, Rais M Bolhi from Algeria and Sam Johnstone from the academy. All were good, but unfortunately not good enough. I browsed through the increasingly generous free market, and brought in Hugo Lloris, who had a great future ahead as France goalkeeper. I transfer-listed Bolhi and Kuszczak, which of course they were not happy about. Still, I was the gaffer. The defence was weakened with the departure of Ferdinand, but I was content enough with the centre-back pairing of Evans and Vidic. Evra was still my first-choice left back, although getting on with age at 32. At right-back, I had a prospect with the dodgy name of Cesar Aspillicueta. Even with such a name, he clearly was one for the future. With the ever-dependable John O'Shea and the enthusiastic Rafael, I was satisfied with the defence. Still, to bolster my ranks, I added Marouane Fellaini, to provide some height in the midfield, together with Fletcher and Milan Badelj. Those three were enough to control the midfield, as I saw during the match against the Reserves. Fletcher was proving to be one of United's most influential players, and I made him vice-captain. I saw a shadow of Keane in him. With Anderson as a capable backup, despite his profigliacy in front of goal, and Jack Rodwell as another burgeoning talent, I was happy with my midfield. In the attack, I opted for Nani and Rooney was wingers, with Nani on the right, and Rooney on the left, with Hernandez as a solo striker, although he was to be rotated with Rossi. A young Italian talent called Matias Ezequiel Schletto was Nani's backup, and another Italian winger Simone Padoin was Rooney's. With such a hotchpotch of talents in the dressing room, how could I fail?
  10. Challenge failed there unfortunately
  11. Yeah happy new year from singapore men hammered plastered and shot
  12. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

    Chapter 1: Dark Fantasy Hello there. It's me again. Neh, i'm the real Isaac James. Not some character from a rehashed story about a tragedy at Shenley or crap like that. Sounds like complete bollocks to me. A brief on me, I manage only the greatest club in the world. Manchester United Football Club. I'm only their biggest fan, which makes this my dream job, which the press gladly lapped up during my press conference. It also endeared me to the fans, which Roy Hodgson should have done. A pity about his sacking however. Manchester United isn't my first club though. What, you think I suddenly managed to jump into the most coveted managerial position in the world? This ain't Football Manager son. I started at Middlesbrough! To cut a long story short, I failed to lead them to promotion during the first season, as I lost 1-0 to the Scunnies in the Play-off final. Gutted as i was, I strengthened my squad, and won the league in the second season. In my first year in the Premier League, I made use of the extremely generous free transfer market to sign certain freebies such as David Bentley, Owen Hargreaves, Salomon Kalou and Marius Niculae. The Boro was extremely happy. Against all odds, I led them to 5th place in the league. To this date, it remains my proudest achievement, even more so than the birth of my son Augustine Samuel James, two years ago. Just don't tell the wife. Sir Alex retired at the end of the season, God bless him. I sent in my CV, and apparently they liked it, because a few days later I was hired. To manage at this club is a dream for me. Get it wrong, however, and it'll be my Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Let's get it on, shall we?
  13. You might think you've peeped the scene You haven't The real ones far too mean The watered down one The one you know Was made up centuries ago It made it sound all wack and corny Yes, it's awful, blasted boring Twisted fiction Sick addiction Well gather round children Zip it listen! Dark Fantasy, from the album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West. Welcome to Old Trafford, the Theatre of Dreams. Author's Note: Well, it's me again! I said I wouldn't write much anymore, but i decided to uphold the challenge of writing a story while drunk during Christmas . Expect slow developments in this, as to be honest i've grown bored with FM11. Story takes place during FM11, Patch 11.2.0. I hope you will not mind the many Kanye West references. Like his album, i hope this is, too, universally acclaimed .
  14. FMS Predictions League 2010-11

    Not a great week, but not too bad either ^^ Gameweek 19 Saturday, 1 January 2011 West Brom 0 Man Utd 2 Liverpool 0 Bolton 0 Man City 2 Blackpool 0 Stoke 2 Everton 1 Sunderland 1 Blackburn 1 Tottenham 3 Fulham 1 West Ham 1 Wolverhampton 2 Birmingham 0 Arsenal 2 Sunday, 2 January 2011 Chelsea 2 Aston Villa 0 Wigan 2 Newcastle 1 Tuesday, 4 January 2011 Blackpool 1 Birmingham 2 Fulham 1 West Brom 0 Man Utd 2 Stoke 0 Wednesday, 5 January 2011 Arsenal 2 Man City 1 Aston Villa 3 Sunderland 2 Newcastle 2 West Ham 1 Wolverhampton 1 Chelsea 2 Blackburn 0 Liverpool 1 Bolton 2 Wigan 0 Everton 1 Tottenham 2
  15. Hodgson for the sack then lads? As a Man Utd fan, knew Arsenal were going to draw