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  1. Agree with JamboJen. Even if you can't publish this story, you should go into writing a story during your spare time. Who knows? You may even get it published. You do have the potential 10-3.
  2. Not the baby! How many tragedies must befall Rob?
  3. This story just keeps getting better and better.
  4. Hey, I planned that character to die eventually! However, If anyone wants, I could message you the gist about the story, and you can give it a shot. I didn't write it properly, so it went in the entirely wrong direction. A shame. It was going to be a psychological story too
  5. That storyline's brill! Good if anyone could write it...
  6. That would certainly put a damper on things.
  7. Ah, that Joorabchian's crooked. And Rob really is cracking down hard.
  8. Yeah, these sport agents can be real bastards at times. By the way what did Kia Joorabchian do? I'm aware of the Tevez saga but a bit fuzzy on the details.
  9. Well, all agents are like that, whether be it in sports or even stardom. Those lying cheating w*******
  10. Get ready for a real hairdryer lads. Or does Ridgway give hairdryer treatments?
  11. Ridgway's earning a touch of steel eh? Wonder if this is what comes with parenting...
  12. Sidney's a c***! Please don't end up being the Geordies of the Stories Forum...
  13. He's Israeli. Last i heard, Israel was in Europe!
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