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  1. Double citizen players are still cannot be called to teams, they can be added to national pool but they cannot be called. I already reported that in bugs forum and it is under review but it is not fixed.
  2. I did all the steps and again I got another crash dump. If you want, I can upload the latest crash dump too.
  3. It does not happen all the time. It happens when I alt tabbed to windows mostly. Here is my dxdiag and thank you for your answer. DxDiag.txt
  4. I have crash dumps almost every day and also sometimes it crashes without giving a crash dump error. Seriously I cannot play the game without saving every time. I checked every steps that explains what to do if I experience crash dumps, but issue still exists. Also, calender and save bar problem still exists. I uploaded my save games and crash dumps errors. You can check it. My save game names are Solid Snake.fm and Dante.fm Crash dumps error's name is Solid Snake_crash dumps.7z Please resolve those issues, I am bored from the game because of those errors.
  5. Hello, I am playing Football Manager since CM 01-02 and FM 2016 is the most buggy game of all. My game crashes 4-5 times pwe day. I had so many crash dumps and cannot play without saving before every game. So, please could you tell us the new update date, because I am sick of that crashes. I am bored of the game, because of those problems. I hope that those problems will be solved with 16.2 update.
  6. Thanks for update pr0. I am writing the missing transfers in Turkish League here when I find. Turkish league in your update is better than the update that is done in my country. Samuel Holmén loaned to Konyaspor from Fenerbahçe for 1 Year Also, Emmanuel Eboué is released from Galatasaray and now he has no club
  7. I checked fenerbahçe and this is what I found in beta release. Milos Krasic moved Lechia Gdansk for free Miroslav Stoch loaned to Bursaspor for 1 year Moussa Sow joined Al-Ahli(UAE) for 17 million €
  8. You see how much they care about their bad work. I did everything right but still have no answer from them. They just ignore other leagues' problem, they only care about English League. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/423243-Turkish-Super-League-Squad-Number-Bug-Stuck-at-Squad-Number-Screen
  9. Hello, after the new foreign rule applied to Turkish Super League with 15.3 patch, I can only use 28 squad number and that's why I am not able to go to match and stuck at squad number screen. Also, new foreign rule should be applied to Turkish Super Cup and Turkish Cup. I hope you will care this issue now. To see the bug: Just try to go to match with the team I've chosen. This is the save game. ftp://ftp-public@ftp.sigames.com/fm/game-save/FB-Oguz.fm
  10. Okey, I will upload my save game next morning but it is not a fake issue. It really is a major bug. I am not able to use my U21 players even in Turkish Cup games because I cannot give them squad numbers. I cannot go to match screen since game waits for me to give squad numbers, but there are no available number.
  11. Hello, as I already told in bugs report forum, in Turkish League there are big problems like you can only choose numbers from 1 to 28 for players and that's why game stucks when you choose players without numbers and you cannot enter the game. Also, new foreign rule for Turkey also must be applied for Turkish cup and Turkish Super Cup. Since you do not care about the bug in the bug forum, I thought it is better to explain myself there. You did a hotfix just to change color problem of Cardiff City and you did not care about this big issue that prevents player from playing in Turkish league. I am playing FM since it was CM 4. But your indifferent attitude to our problem made me very frustrated and I will not buy FM from now on. Hope you will care this time, regards.
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