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  1. I genuinely thought I had learnt something, particularly my defensive skills. It seemed (wrongly) to me, at least I knew how to decently defend, hold a lead, hit on the break, etc.. I even thought I had identified my biggest problem and was on route to fix it. I thought I had solid basis to build from it. I believed there were concepts i finally understood and I just needed a couple of details to feel comfortable with the game. What a pity, I was wrong, I genuinely thought this time would be different. I don't want to annoy anybody. I've behaved idiotically enough in the past. I don't want to start the same history again. Whatever you do Will be fine for me. Thanks to everyone honestly including @Svenc and sorry if I wasted your time.
  2. I don't know if arcade or simulator but I'd like the game to be more accesible to people like me who are not talented for videogaming. I find the game very very hard, i can't play if I don't cheat (replaying games, using downloaded tactics, etc...). I understand people like challenges but the ones who are no talented like me are set apart from the game and, after all, this is game and all I want is to have fun. Being frustrated with the game is the norm for me and that's a bid sad.
  3. Please, I implore you. Look at this, it's not normal. I have no words to describe it. There must be something very very wrong, can't be details, it's something fundamentally wrong. What can I do? Please, don't say again the game is easy and covering the basics is enough. I beg you, this is not how this game Works, at least for me. Portimonense - Gil Vicente.pkm Estoril - Portimonense.pkm Portimonense - Vit. Setúbal.pkm
  4. In my humble opinion, winger means pace, dribble and cross. I dont have a left footed player with good pace, dribble adn crossing. When I built my squad it's not that I started signing players because they had 4 stars or I liked their name. I had an idea in my mind and looked for the right players in the right positions according to my level. My right winger is amaral,a pure winger and while he is not perfect, is a top player in his position in portugal. Only Gelson martins adn perhaps a couple of players are better. I signed him because I wanted a winger on the right and I specifically didnt want a left footed amaral,because I wanted as my.left midfielder a more creative outlet with a ramping fullback behind overlapping. My left midfielder is xadas, a nice player who is consistently playing quite well. He is more about passing and creating while on the other side amaral is about running and crossing. That was my initial idea and why I signed them. I have an idea of what I want and how. I'm beyond the stage about green circles... actually I dont even pay attention to them.
  5. I'd like to keep faux 442, unless it's impossible... If I moved ss to the right side, wouldn't he be in the same place than my supportive midfielder? Should I swap midfielders too? In that case, I have an attacking fb on the left side, covered by a cm on defend. Swapping midfielders nobody would cover that forward runs. Should I swap fullback s too? And what about roles? Amaral is a pure winger, I dont'see him as a supportive player. And I dont have a left winger...' Nothing would suit my players...i'm very confused on what to do... Dont say the game is easy, please, it is not for me, it makes me feel very very stupid...
  6. According to my current results, there is something fudamentally wrong in my tactic beyond the details we are discussing. I think it's time to start from scratch, I won't be able to turn things around and, after all, we are no further than post 1. This is the typical match: I créate nothing, everything is wrong and nobody acts with a mínimum of intelligence, all decisions are wrong. Something must be very very wrong here, this is not normal. These are matches that I shoud comfortably win, those teams are terrible and they completely outplay me. All I have are long shots and set pieces. I even struggle to beat non profesional teams. Just to prove how wrong was @Svenc: I lost against a non profesional team and basics are obviously covered. Simply, what he said is false. Covering the basics doesn't provide any results, you have to be very very Smart to have decent results. The sabe is already lost so it's going a good test stand but before that I'll have to think about how I wanto to play, because I feel completely lost and discouraged now.
  7. I'm not. I'm moaning about him drifting wide to the left
  8. Ok... English is not my native language so I its not easy for me to communicate. What does ''drop deep'' mean? If it means hold position and not attack space behind opposition defensive line, then, yes, he drops deep. That's what I actually meant in the first quote. But, and that is what I miss, ''drop deep'' means coming deep to get the ball to drag the cd out of position, then, no, nobody never drops deep. I think the screenshot is quite descriptive. I dont expect him to come to midfield, I know its not easy to do it cause strikers dont drop that much in fm but I think there is something I could do better. Hope its now easier to understand what I mean.
  9. Meh… Streaks of wins streaks of defeats, lots of narrow results, huge problems to beat worse teams… I'm not happy at all despite final results are aceptable (not good). I reach board expectations just because I set them low. If I matched them with the actual quality of my players I would be sacked. So, I'm cheating I know. My team has enough quality to be a title contender and we narrowly get european qualifycation, just to make a fool of ourselves in Europe, losing against terrible teams, not reaching even groups stage, etc.. Some may say results are ok for Portimonense but they are not. My team is much better tan this and I have the feeling my players win despite me. That's another issue and probably the most important one, strongly connected with my previous post. Nobody, never, playing as a DF even on defend duty and using comes Deep to get the ball PPM, NEVER, drops. There is always a big space between my winger (right side) central midfielder (right side) df (right side). My tactic fails there, it's quite obvious. I've tried any posible combination of roles and duties there (I'm trying now a mezzala and a false 9, but same **** different name) and I've never reached a point where that HUGE space is properly used. My winger stays wide which is fine because stretches the opposition and actually creates that space. But then, cm (any role) drifts wide to the left and df (any role) stays high. I've assumed that is simply imposible for some reason, it's just part of the game for me, there is nothing I can do. If you have a better idea, tell me please. If my striker dropped he would be another passing option there and could easily connect with the winger. If my cm stayed where he is supposed to be, would make things easier. But no, they act like absolute idiots moving against any rational decisión making. Edit: The mezzala there is the worst posible option. He gets forward as high as my striker.
  10. How can I post highlights? I took some screenshots but we are not going to see anything there due to lack of movement. This is my tactic: Change the AP for any other role, I'm always changing it because I never find anything that Works. I can't understand where the f... is my number 6 going. Look that f space, what is he doing? Is he a complete idiot? Even if Josue is marked by 3 players, that's fine. If ****ing idiot number 6 was decently positioned he would be in acres of space. How can I make my player act with a mínimum of intelligence? You don't need to be Einstein to realize. How can I instruct my player to stay on the right zone of the center of the pitch? where is he going and why? Is he doing it on purpose? No, honestly, I have no other explanation for something THAT obvious. I repeat it again: I've tried all roles available and he never acts with a mínimum of logic. This is the player, probably the best in my team:
  11. Cohesion has nothing to do. It happens more often as higher is the cohesion (regularly, the higher the cohesion, the worse plays my team) Anyone in any of my teams does this, even top teams with top players do it. A pass. Obviously not. Yes, pass short to the DF and that's precisely what I want him to do. A lot of space and I wouldn't care if he tried to dribble and failed. That's a winger. Again, DF to hold up the ball. Or back to the fb. I don't understand this question. No. As soon as he gets the ball he is IMMEDIATELY dispossessed. He doesn't even move. This also happens to DF sometimes. Like and advanced forward but coming from a deeper position. And a bit more creative (risky passes).
  12. So, for instance: I'm playing 442 with a winger right side and a df(su) striker center right. Typical play against high pressing teams is: gk to right fb, right fb to winger, winger passes into space to df, who dropped deep instead of attacking space, so ball is lost. I dont want passes into space for my df (he is a tm player, strong and slow). Possible solutions: A) swap positions with the other striker (af) who will attack space B) kill risky and direct passes for my winger, so he passes short to df I've tried both and the same keeps happening. Another issue: I play 4411 with a ss-df combination upfront. Ss receives the ball, someone presses him and easily and immediately dispossesed. They are not playing with dm. Possible solutions A) change ss to a support role/duty and df to attack role/duty so we create more space between defense and midfield B) change formation, dropping ss to midfield or moving him to striker. Option a) my striker is isolated. Option b) might be ok, but it's completely missing the point because i'd like to keep my formation unless it has a very obvious weakness,which is not the case (only rare formations may force me). I'm open to change it but not just when the first problem arises.
  13. I find myself unable to separate what is tactical and what is player attributes. Is there any technique to do it?
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