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  1. re starting this on my new and faster pc decided to go with Club information Current First Team Day ONE Inbox Current Facilities MY profile My History overview
  2. Anji Makhachkala- 2022-2023 David Clark- Anji Makhachkala- Russia- Season Preview- Season Review- Season Awards we did well to get promotion last season so i was just looking to pick up few wins and see where it took us, League Table Past Positions- As you can see we did pick up some wins we went on a six game lose streak at the start of the season and i honestly thought we would be relegated, but come back from the winter brake we went on a ten game unbeaten run witch helped us avoid relegation and had a strong tenth place finish. OLIMP.BET Kubok Rossii- We Played Spartak Moscow in the only game of this years competition we got beat 2-0. Squad- I bought some of the younger players up this season to see how they did most were more impact subs. i also added bit more depth to give more competition for places. Transfer History 1 Transfer History 2 - As you can see i've had to take two screen shots as i was busy in the January transfer market to try and stay in the division i panic bought. Finances- Our tenth place finish has sort of balanced our finances out but we have been hit with a tax bill so it would probably go back into the red again. KEY PLAYER PROFILES: TOP Scorer- Daniil Makeev Most Assist- Daur Kvekveskiri highest Average Rating- Vasily Aleinikov Young Player Of the Season -Daniil Makeev Career Overview: Season League Position Achievements 2020-2021 OLIMP.BET Football National League 15th None 2021-2022 OLIMP.BET Football National League 3RD Promotion 2022-2023 Tinkoff Russian Premier Liga 10TH None NEXT Season: Hopefully avoid relegation again and go on longer cup run also hopefully with the tax bill that were getting i hope will not damage our finances.
  3. just got much faster pc and installed football manager thought i give this start and went for Merthyr Town. Manager Profile Current Team Club Information Facilities Club Vision
  4. no problem are you doing save this year
  5. Could i ask could i see the save file if that is OK
  6. Anji Makhachkala- 2021-2022 David Clark-Anji Makhachkala- Russia-Season Preview- Season Review- Season Awards My second season with Anji and we were expected to be in another relegation battle by the media they expected us to finish 15th place and 30-1 to win the division. League Table Past Positions Graph- - Our form at the start of the season was shocking wee never really hit our best form until after January February and we some how managed to get into a play off spot. Relegation Playoff - Going into the playoff games i was confidant but tricky away game at torpedo Moscow was 3-3 in the first leg first round then when we came back to anj arena we beat them 4 2 . OLIMP.BET Kubok Rossii-- After last season cup run i was looking forward to another cup run but Baltika Kaliningrad knocked us out in the forth round, they were dominate in this game beating us 4-2 Squad- Still not quite there but i added a few more experienced players to try and help the younger players i had still room for improvement. Transfer History-- Trying to find the right balance of players here as i still trying to understand the league rules. Finances - Were still in trouble here i do not know were the board a wasting the cash like so will have to try and look into it on pre season. KEY PLAYER PROFILES: Top Scorer- Vasily Aleinikov Most Assist- Vitaly Denisov Young Player Of The Season- Daniil Makeev Highest Average Rating- Rashid Chichba Career Overview: Season League Position Achievements 2020-2021 OLIMP.BET Football National League 15th NONE 2021-2022 OLIMP.BET Football National League 3RD Promotion NEXT SEASON: Hopefully not to be bought into a relegation battle and hopefully try and sort the mess the board are doing with the finances.
  7. David Clark-Anji Makhachkala-Russia- Season 2020-2021 Season preview- Season Review - Season Awards Our first season in the OLIMP.BET Football National League did not go to as how i thought it would of went, We started well with a 1-1 draw vs Baltika then we had a nice 3 2 win Vs Saturn, then we lost vs Neftekhimik Sochi Chita and then i knew this season was going to be struggle but was looking to pick up some good results on the way to keep us in the division. League Table - We Managed to avoid relegation only buy the skin of our teeth though as you can see. OLIMP.BET Kubok Rossii-This was the highlight of our season we got to the qutar finals were we played a much stronger CSKA team who should beat us more BUT 5-1 was fair result. Squad-full of players who simply are not good nuff to stay on with me apart from few. some of the older players will be move on next season. Transfer One Transfers Two- Went to the loan market to try and add more depth but they were shocking some of the players i bought in. Finance Summary -Some how were massively in the red when we had a good balance to start off with i think may of been me bringing the loan players in so will have to try and stop that this season. KEY PLAYER PROFILES : Top Scorer- Gocha Gogrichiani Most Assist- Nikita Glushkov Young Player Of The Season- Khetag Khosonov buy of the Season- Rashid Chichba Career Overview: Season League Position Achievements 2020-2021 OLIMP.BET Football National League 15th NONE NEXT SEASON: Hopeful of staying on next year if i do not get sacked after the poor season we had i will be looking to rebuild the team and hopefully avoid another relegation battle.
  8. Decided to give this a crack to play along side my other save,
  9. had to re fresh pc and for got to save the game but i re installed fm and decided to stay in Russia but got a new team, Anj Hire David Clark Anji Makhachkala_ Senior Squad Club Profile Domestic History
  10. Spartak Nalchik finally getting around to this challenge, went to Russia and took over Spartak Nalchik,, this is there current team and there competition history, and club info.
  11. South Shields-Season 2020-2021-Vanarama National League North The media prediction for my first season was to finish in the bottom half of the table in 13th place so i was expecting it to be a hard season for us. League Table - Wining the League my first time of asking was a joy even with the 110 points total i was shocked at how well we did in my first season. FA CUP- - We did well in this we managed to get to the first round but a strong Carlisle United beat us 2-1. FA Trophy-- Again we went all the way to the semi finals only to get beat by Maidstone United but the scoreline dose not reflect on how well i thought we played. Squad-- I got rid of most of the older players and focused on youth but kept one or two older placers keep the balance of the team. Transfer History-- All free transfers so did not spend much of our budget on buying players. Finance Summary-- I over spent on the better players to try and get them on long turn deals and they signed. KEY PLAYER PROFILES : Top Scorer- Jason Gilchrist Most Assist- Luke Daly Highest Average Rating- D'Mani Mellor Most Valuable Player- Ethan Galbraith Top Youth Prospect- Kieran Charlton Career Overview: Season League Position Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020/21 National League North 1St Champions NEXT SEASON: I'm Feeling quit optimistic about our chances of avoiding relegation if we get the right signings.
  12. David Clark decided to try this again with my home town team south shields current squad-
  13. here my first ever crack at this My Profile Shanghai Shenxin Shanghai Shenxin Current Players Chinese Jia League Current Table
  14. Decided have one more crack at this after several fail attempts got my home town team South Shields Squad
  15. Enfield Town-Vanarama National League South 2020-2021 The club were predicted to struggle, League Table Past Positions Graph - we had a terrible Season we only managed to avoid relegation only by few points. FA Cup We were knocked out in the qualifying rounds by Maidenhead United. FA Trophy - -Maidenhead United knocked us out in this too. Squad - We have big team on small budget I need to rebuild for next season. Transfer History- it was all about the free transfers and they are not join up till new season, also was nice to get some of the other players off the wage bill. Finances - Nice heavy pre season helped our season and helped our wage budget too. KEY PLAYER PROFILES: Billy Bricknell-our top scorer will be looking to try keep a hold of him for one more season at least. Ken Charles- played out of position most of the season but was solid came in with some fantastic performances too. Ryan Blackman- Club Captain and the best player at the club. Kalvin Hewitt- Swedish youth player only played four games but looked decent. Career Overview: Season Team League Position Achievements 2020-21 Enfield Town Vanarama National League South 19TH NEXT SEASON: I'm not sure we even need to strengthen the squad, hopefully with the right additions we can avoid relegation.
  16. started this challenge again with Enfield Town F.C. Club info Facilities General info Squad
  17. starting this challenge again with Enfield Town Season Preview General info Club info Current team, Club Vision facilities Club History Manager Profile Manager History
  18. got sacked on my save in Bulgaria so decided to try again in wales will post later today one who i got
  19. Decided to try this with my home town team, as i live ten fifteen away from the club and go to few games when i can get time off work, Manager Style Personal Data General Information First inbox Current first Team Club Vision
  20. FC Sozopol - Втора profesionalna futbolna liga 2020-21 So my first ever save in Bulgaria and have to say i am enjoying this challenge. we were expected to fight bravely with relegation, League Table - we managed to avoid relegation after winning our last four games and drawing one them. Results One Results Two - As you can see by our results we had decent spell in march too winning all our games witch help us too. Squad - Fairly decent squad for this level but still room for improvement. Transfer History - Bought four payers in to add bit more squad depth but had to let one go because he was unhappy. Finances Summary - I try to stay wit inn our budget and still never managed to do it but hopefully i can next season. Club Vision - They seam to be pleased with me i had got a B from them. KEY PLAYER PROFILES: Top Scorer- Radoslav Baychev Most Assist- Filip Kolev Signing of Season- Tsvetan Chahov Young Player Of the Season- Petar Aleksandrov Career Overview: Season Team League Position Achievements 2020-2021 FK Sozopol Втора profesionalna futbolna liga 7TH NONE Next Season: I hope to avoid relegation again and try and build from out 7 place finish.
  21. off to Bulgaria for this years try with FK Sozopol Current team General information Facilities Club Vision
  22. Not the best of starts to this challenge start of season squad
  23. i decided to try this challenge with Sozopol from Bulgaria first time managed there Manager Profile Club info Starting squad Club Vision facilities
  24. decided to give this years challenge a go with David Clark Manager Style Ashton United Ashton United current squad
  25. Decided after my failed try in Wales i wanted to try Scotland and got East Kilbride. General Profile Club information Current Squad Club History
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