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  1. Yes, I was playing for 85 hours with no pb at all
  2. I've deleted the cache on steam. I don't know how and where to find the game's preferences on steam and there's no SI folder in the application support folder.
  3. Each time I uninstall - reinstall the game on steam, it doesn't work, even when I delete the SI folder on documents before reinstalling.
  4. I've uninstalled the game on steam and deleted the SI folder on documents. Is there something else to do ?
  5. I've cleared the cache, delete the SI folder on documents and uninstall then reinstall the game. Several Times. It doesn't work. I feel desperate.
  6. Now the game is launching but then I've an empty screen as other users... I can't play for more than 10 days...
  7. I feel a bit alone... Any help SI team ? :)
  8. Hello, I'm playing on mac through steam. The game doesn't launch anymore. it crashes just after 1 second, on the logo screen. Could you help, please :)