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  1. another one who cares about possession when maestro can create goals from own half?
  2. Using this system right now and its works wonderful. Both flanks on very attacking duty cuz Regista need Structured team shape. vs lyon verratti creates magic
  3. S3 lost to man city (5-6) in first knockout round S4 lost to psg (1-4) in first knockout round S5 lost to inter (5-2) in quarter final S6 finally break the curse The Invincibles (Portuguese edition) LW RW CB
  4. just started my portuguese way... IN out Dutchman Bend it like Beckham Acuna eu league Argentina supersubs
  5. youre right about that, top5 in monthly installments even ai not goona straight pay
  6. superb form + high rep (trophies) = overpay eng isnt my native language then i cant defend myself well ))
  7. asnl perfomance in europe league final really pissed me off. (irl) thats amazing for a backup player
  8. tw after losing dybala on free i decide to promote my little el nino record breaker
  9. yep,he is still the same beast.
  10. <3 made some tweaks: move dlp from dmc spot to mc lower tempo > medium medium passing > short but still weak against ai crosses.
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