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  1. Has this tactic stopped working for anyone, after the 16.3 update? After ALL the success i've had, both the saves i'm playing are now hopelessly inconsistent. Home form is awful. I know everyone's saying the match engine hasn't been affected, but something is rotten in Denmark!
  2. Just a quick update on my Hibs save. This tactic has been amazing, it's the most fun I've had on FM for years: 2015-16 Scottish Championship Winners + Scottish FA Cup Winners 2016-17 Scottish Premiership Winners + League Cup Winners Man United job came up & after almost begging the Glaziers, they decided to take a chance on a fiery, young manager who'd achieved wonders, against all odds, North of the boarder. 2017-18 Premier League Winners + League Cup Winners 2018-19 Premier League Winners + League Cup Winners + FA Cup Winners + Champion League Winners (oh & the Community Shield) Having restored my beloved United back to where they belong, I thought I'd do the same at the AC Milan after they sacked their manager. They weren't that impressed with what I'd achieved, prickly towards me actually, were concerned about my lack of speaking Italiano. "Itsa no problemo" I said "Calcio is a universal language". But alas they decided to go with the Italian manager of Sion??? That left me in quite a predicament (in hindsight I probably should've resigned form United first before applying for the Milan job). Eventually I managed to avoid a few months kicking around waiting for the right 'Project' to come along. It took Man Utd all summer to decide on their new manager after I resigned. Pep Guardiola left PSG for the bright lights and perpetual rain of Manchester & with heavy heart I left the biggest footballing city in the World for the prostitution & pollution of Paris. I'd missed all of pre-season, but managed to pick up my first trophy in my first game, the French Champions trophy.This should be easy? Obviously the UCL is the biggest prize and should be the only challenge. I'll do one season then re-assess, see what other challenges are out there (they'll probably be an update soon anyway, that'll ruin the tactic) Qui vivra verra
  3. Hey Hayward, Aberdeen have got some great players for this tactic. I assume your wingbacks are Shinnie & Logan? With McLean, Jack & Flood in the middle? Have you still got Shankland upfront?
  4. Quick update: Third of the way through the Scottish Premiership and my Hibernian side are 2nd behind Inverness CT by 1pt and curiously 6pts ahead of Celtic (Rangers failed to get promoted through the playoff). I must say, that this this season has been more difficult than I thought. Both tactics are 100% fluid but I've drawn a few, or even lost games where I've dominated. I've noticed that the opponents have nearly as many shots on goal as I do, although I nearly always dominate possession. Obviously the opponents are slightly better than the Scottish Championship, but most of these Premiership teams I've thrashed in previous Cup fixtures. I've got a few new, much better players, so maybe it's just a bedding in period. I'm actually going to change to the Attacking tactic and see how that goes until Christmas. Once again I must say the football is great to watch. I usually just have the highlights on the fastest setting & only really take notice of the replays, but in the Celtic game i've just won at Easter Road, I actually slowed the highlights down so I could just watch the football. What a game! We won 3-2 we had 17 shots to Celtics 20, 10 each on target. Our forward play & counter attacking football is just brilliant, The probing passing, sweeping the ball left to right, the little balls in behind the opponents back four and obviously the killer crosses, it's all extremely entertaining. You get the odd game like Man United v Fulham under Moyes – 81 crosses into the box but end up drawing 2-2, but that's football I suppose. Great work Tweebier!
  5. I rarely post but felt compelled after finishing my first season with V2. I'd previously taken Mirandela form the 3rd tear of Portugal to the Primeira League with V1. I got the Inter job in 2017/2018, with them having finished 6th the year before. The squad was quite good, but had only 1 recognised winger, Mohamed Salah + I was given £55M to spend and also recouped over £7M on players sales. I bought Uros Spajic as the defence lacked pace. Pablo Sarabia & Lucas Moura for the wings (who were both on the transfer list and cost less than £10M for both) and Erik Lamela who I splashed the most money on, £27.5M as he could play wide or as the DLP. The season was amazing, I won Serie A by 14 points & didn't lose a league game all season: W31 D7 L0. Leading golascorers Mauro Icardi 36, Erik Lamela 19, Jesé 18, Manolo Gabbiadini 16, Mohamed Salah 14, Nemanja Matic 13 (nearly all from lay offs from corners). Notable mention goes to Lucas Moura's 20 assists from 25 appearances playing right wing. This was achieved simply by playing with V2 at home but going with Counter in difficult away games. The only disappointment was getting knocked out of the EURO Cup by Club Brugge on away goals (I foolishly went too defensive in the away leg) and loosing in extra-time to Juventus in the Copa Italia (I didn't manage to beat Juventus at all that season) AMAZING TACTIC! I'm now going to give it a sterner test! May even go back to Mirandela
  6. Just had a quick look on the forums about defending corners & free kicks... gonna test a few theories. I concede enough from open play without nearly every corner going in as well!
  7. I'm finding this also... pretty much 80% of my goals conceded are from corners or IFKs. Is this an ME issue or defensive set up issue?
  8. To counter this, when I play a team that's lined up 4-4-2 i drop the centre forward into the attacking midfielder role... that seems to help but, I still seem to get beat more often than not. Trying this from the start of my 5th season with Antwerp in the Belgian Pro League and Ghana in the African Cup of Nation Qualifying Group (and hopefully African Cup of Nations). I tried it in the last 12 games of last season with some success... P12 W6 L2 D4, finished 3rd (i'd previously been using Lennon 5-2-3 which was very consistent). I hoping now the tactic has gelled that we can win the league.
  9. "It seems that my only draws and loses were against teams that play 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1 And they were all away games. Anyone else noticed this?" I definitely have! Have you found anyway to combat this... I haven't noticed if we're getting killed down the wings or outnumbered in midfield?
  10. I was having mixed results with Mr Hough's tweaked tactics, but saw this post and with just being beaten for the 4th time in a row, thought I would give it a go. I'm playing Antwerp, and had dropped down to 5th (media prediction 2nd) but after loading this tactic I went on an 11 match unbeaten run to finish the season 2nd, 1 point behind the winners. The best thing about it is the defence. We were the leading goal scorers but had the worst defence in the top half of the table. In the last 11 games of the season we only conceded 4 goals (2 on the last day) won 7 and drew 4. Gonna see how I go in the playoffs, because really I need a tactic that uses wingers, especially seeing how I managed to get Gai Assulin on a free
  11. I would replace the full-backs, the defensive midfielder & the left & right strikers... pay particular attention to the attributes they need. Also, make sure to get cover for the full-backs & def midfielder, as they can tire easily, if playing consecutive games
  12. Has anyone tried and had success with 'swap position' on the left & right strikers
  13. Just started off the 2nd season with an opening day, trouncing of the aforementioned Palace, 6-0 at Boundary Park! Just to note, I hadn't taken much notice of the team-talks that are recommended with this tactic. Last season it was lack of confidence that undid me in the title run in. Now i've implemented the Bubbatuna Team Talks in pre-season, and they really work! C'mon the Latics!!!
  14. I used this tactic with Oldham, who aren't great and who were predicted to finish 13th (i think). I was in the top 2 all season, but faded badly in the end, finally conceding 2nd spot & automatic promotion to Colchester. Was then was soundly beaten by an inform Southampton in the play off semi final Just about to start 2nd season, with a much improved squad. We were also the League's highest scorers with 96 goals to Champions, Leeds 88
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