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  1. Is there a way to increase the wage budget for staff? I'm playing as woking in the conf south and the max wage I can offer for an asst manager is £1100p/m, and a scout is £775p/m. I can't seemto find anyone (decent) for those wages. I've asked the board to increase the wage budget, which they did (surprisingly!) - but it only increased it for players, not for staff, and even then not the wage limit that i can offer, just the amount on wages that I can spend.
  2. Haha! Just got a news message - The Fulham job's on offer and I'm a likely candidate, however... "Presumably once the Fulham board have got rid of the usual 'Football Manager' applications, they can proceed with the view to appointing someine with real-life experience" Nice!!
  3. I have this problem too - no matter how many times i delete the duplicate, it always comes back!
  4. you should call it the 'reverse name button' or something like that. That would clear up the confusion!
  5. Woking FC will be playing 2 friendlies on the same day - http://www.wokingfc.co.uk/news/detail/additional-friendly/1490/ - don't know why they'd want to do that but it has raised a question... do any other clubs do this?!
  6. Fps

    I'm guesing it's going to mean 'frames per second' relating to your graphics card but why its appeared i couldn't say.
  7. the scouting aspect of the new cm sounds interesting...
  8. Where's Keano gone?

    Not really - He's Irish, not English, so he will be in the irish db not the english one.
  9. no, maybe that's it - i'll make a couple of fixtures and see if that does it, although i'm sure i could make them available before when i didn't play in a reserve league...
  10. Just started a new game with 9.3 and have noticed that while i can change the squad status to senior, reserve or U18's there's no more 'available for reserves' option anymore. I used to select the u18's with potential to also be eligible for reserve team matches, but can't seem to do this anymore
  11. how can you make something better by stopping it?!!
  12. Squad Numbers

    GK - 1, 12 DR - 2, 13 DL - 3, 14 DC - 4, 5, 15, 16 DMC - 6, 17 MR - 7, 18 ML - 8, 19 MC - 9, 20 ST - 10, 11, 21, 22 My reserve and U18 squad works on the same principle, but I only give numbers to the up and comers.
  13. a week is a long time in football, 7days odd, and am in 2011
  14. Default Shortlist

    re-save the shortlist under a new name, and then delete the players from the one saved as default - should probably work...
  15. started with Woking, my seasons have gone... BSP playoff (lost), BSP Champions, L2 (11th). Just started season 4 and am 6th after 4 games.