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  1. Afternoon, I'm managing Deportivo in La Liga and have some promising young talent coming through the youth ranks yet they don't seem to be playing for my under 19 side. I tend not to sign too many useless young trialists in an attempt to maintain an economical wage structure so the majority of my U19 squad is made up of players listed in light grey who aren't signed to the club. The problem I'm having is that whoever I put in charge of the U19 side only selects from these light grey players and not my own products who would benefit from playing regular football. Without having to manually manage the U19 team, which I really cannot be arsed to do, how can I ensure my 'real' U19 players play games? Here is a screenshot of the squad I'm referring to (the apps for my 'real' players are from first-team action): http://www.filedump.net/dumped/depu191354977021.jpg
  2. Hello all, Does anyone know where I can find manually-altered patches for transfers so far this summer that I can download? Any help would be great. Thanks
  3. Manager application form improvements. In my game, I just applied for the job of a large club and realised that there is no way the board could differentiate my application from other applying managers. Perhaps a club's board could have particular wishes they would like to see in their new manager such as their playing style, the fact that they'd want to reduce the wage bill upon appointment etc. For example, perhaps even an interview with the board of the club you apply for: Board: Our current annual expenditure is of concern to the board. How would you address such a problem should you be given the job? You: [] Reduce the wage bill immediately by terminating staff/player contracts. [] Look to sell a big name or two in the next available transfer window. [] Seek to turn results around with immediate effect and increase income through ticket sales and prize money. etc. Or: Board: Here at 'X FC', we look to play a certain style of football. If you were given the job, which mentality of football would you be looking to implement? You: [] Attack-minded football to please the fans. [] Defensive, counter-attacking football which places more emphasis on victory rather than style. etc. Just an idea.
  4. One problem is team talks when playing the second leg of a game in the uefa cup/champions league. The only realistic options are 'wish luck' and 'I expect a win'. Even the assistant manager chooses 'none' when asked for his opinion. I believe that an option for service to strikers also needs to be added for both forwards instead of just a target man or the team as a whole. E.g Balls in to feet- particularly a problem when using small strikers who are constantly supplied with hopeful lofted high punts which they fail miserably to win. Lastly, praise for a great season I think needs to be included. I know that confidence from the board has been mentioned but on top of this the only kind of praise you receive is larger prize money and a better media prediction for the following season. Something like praise from a football legend or special thanks from players could be added just to increase that good feeling instead of having to create it for yourself.
  5. There should be an option under 'Team Instructions' for Service to strikers. Similar to that of target men but instead for both forwards. So many times have I played two quick/ small strikers with a 'short' passing style yet I see over and over again long balls and service which they cannot do anything with. I see this as a pretty obvious and basic team instruction which needs to be added.
  6. Improved International Management Every single year people cry out for this, but I think SIGames are struggling to see how they can improve this feature. To a degree I can see why, but there are areas that can be improved. Take a look at this article to see some suggestions, including a few of my own. In game team talks We’ve had pre, half time and post match team talks: so what about in-game team talks? We’ve all seen managers shouting orders from the touchline, but we are ristricted to altering the style and formation of the team. How about a few more personal comments during the match? A quick press of the tactics button, and you could choose to give Lampard praise for his goal, or warn Traore to get more focussed after a bad tackle. Player instructions could also be combined with these, so rather than selecting a player’s mentality, you could tell him what to do. Perhaps the following options could be made available:- Instruction for Steven Gerrard:- - Keep it up! - Push forward! - Pull back - Show your displeasure in his performance - Tell him he needs to improve - Warn him to cool down - Etc etc Two leg competition problem fixed You might not have noticed it, or, like me, you scream whenever this happens. After winning the first leg of that all important game, you go into the second leg on a high. Yet by half time, you are losing, and find yourself just one goal ahead on aggregate when you really should be way out in the lead. So what can you say to the players at half time? Get your arse in gear, lads? Nope - you can say something along the lines of ‘Great performance!’. You see, the game thinks that you are winning 2-1, which you are on aggregate, but on the day you are behind. I like to win every game - who doesn’t - yet I’m giving the impression that a 1-0 deficit is great! Fantasy Mode Most of the big improvements have been made now, let’s be honest. We have match team talks, 2d engines, scouting systems, affliations and more. So how about a few fun improvements? Perhaps when loading a new game you can select from a choice of missions or fantasy leagues, pre-made by SIGames and already available to play from launch? Imagine a 1989 league, with the correct teams and players? Perhaps the choice to create your own dream leagues from the game itself, without having to mess about moving teams in the editor? Simply choosing twenty teams, and playing the league. Something similar to this has been included on the XBox 360 version’s multiplayer mode, and this would be a great addition too for multiplaying and single games on the PC too. Improved Media Interaction Every year this aspect of the game improves and expands, but many feel that the current system of interaction just isn’t enough. I played a game with a Championship side, and before every single match I was asked by the media for my thought before kick off. Every single time I was limited to the same five comments, and nearly always gave the same response (something along the lines of, ‘Team X are good, but if we play well we can beat them.’. How about much more choices of quotes? Big game build up? I’ve had times when I’ve been a big Premiership side taking on a non-league club in the F.A Cup, yet while the game would have been covered to death in real life, again only one question is asked of me before kick off. Improved Transfer Window This could be part of the above suggestion, but I do feel it warrants a paragraph of its own. We are now into the late end of January and every few days we have seen some quite large transfers, many rumours, and nervous biting of fingers from those clubs desperate to hang on to their talent. Yet come January in Football Manager world, all we tend to receive are the run of the mill transfer rumours, and a cursory round up (i.e two clubs mentioned) at the end of the month. Hows about developing this further? Imagine it’s December 31st, you’ve just lost your tenth game in a row, and this message appears:- With the January transfer window about to open, you have been asked by a newspaper to comment on whether the club will be signing anyone. Response: - We have a few deals already lined up - I’m looking into signing some new players - We could do with some new players, but we have no-one in particular - We don’t need to strengthen - We have no money to sign players Each response could generate different effects: telling people you have some deals lined up yet not signing anyone could lead to the fans feeling angry and no longer trusting you; saying you don’t need to strengthen could make your current players happier but if you’re struggling, the fans may expect some fresh faces; saying you’ve no money could be an alternative way of asking the board to release some January funds. More general rumour reports from the press would also be welcomed. Something along the lines of: January 3rd: Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho is believed to be interested in signing Manchester United’s Wes Brown. Chelsea’s defence has been poor this season, conceding 31 goals in 15 games, and it is believed that Mourinho sees Brown as the ideal signing. January 4th: Manchester United’s Wes Brown has urged Chelsea to make a bid for him after he turned down a new contract offered by United. January 5th: Liverpool have entered the race to sign Manchester United’s Wes Brown, etc, etc January 30th: Chelsea’s attempts to sign Wes Brown could fail, according to sources at the club. With only two days until the transfer window closes, Chelsea are believed to be frustrated with the way talks between the club and Brown’s agent are going. Such an inclusion would certainly add more spice to the game and a little more interest in the big signings too, in my opinion. Although i didn't write this, I strongly agree with everything it says.
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