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    Role Ratings

    Michael you are a f****king legend!!!!!!!!!! ive beeen looking for this for ages. you saved me man
  2. siam786

    Role Ratings

    Do you know where?
  3. siam786

    Role Ratings

    Found both those, theyre not it. Im pretty sure it was in game when i found it. thanks for trying.
  4. Hi all,I was just exploring around the Analysis section when i was in a game. I came across something which allowed me to see a players rating for each role for the season. it was really helpful, it showed me which roles they had played, their average rating in that role. So it would compare the times youd played a player as an advance playmaker against when youd played him as a central midfielder. I now cannot find it ANYWHERE. Like i said, it was in game but i could be wrong. Ive been searching for hours and the more i tried to remember how i get there, the less i remember. But im sure it was in the anaylsys bar next to pitch and tactics. please help me locate this piece of info