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  1. And as a favorite, which one of 424 or 451 would you use? How do they compare?
  2. hey @knap which one of your tactics would be better for an underdog/subtop, 424 IF or the 451?
  3. How big is de difference between the unplugged tactic and the original?
  4. Hey @knap How do you set up the individual trainings for your 442 and 4132?
  5. wich one of your 3 at the back tactics would be better for an underdog and wich one for a top team?
  6. Thanks! will do some trial and error waiting for you to test your 3 CBs tactics
  7. so it should be better to stick to one and see how it goes, making tweaks if doesnt work or changing to a SUS to secure wins?
  8. Could both tactics be used together, one for away and the other as home?
  9. @knap do you consider west ham a subtop or underdog?
  10. @knap which one would you recommend for an underdog or subtop, goodbye or argus?
  11. Im ussing pillgrimage home and is working very well, but im losing to top teams and droppin too many away games
  12. Hey @knap, which tactic would you recommend for away games, FM18.2.2KnapARGUS343P102 or FM18.3.3KnapWOF343P101? Also what SUS tactic do you recommend?
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