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  1. Hi Neil, Thanks for your reply, although it is disappointing news. I shall have to investigate save-backup options so this doesn't kill another playthrough. I do not use any antivirus software beyond the standard Windows Defender. I do have Malwarebytes for the occasional active scan, but have not done that at all recently so it can't be the source of the issue. Happy to provide system specs and/or any further information if you think it might help find what causes the problem. If you like I could try digging into the Event Viewer at the time that save was made?
  2. As in the headline - I loaded my savegame last week to find that almost all players and personnel have changed their surname (but kept the same first name, appearance etc.). e.g. Rushian Hepburn-Murphy is now "Rushian Bankole," Sam Dalby is now "Sam Defty" and Lionel Messi is now "Lionel Acosta Luna." Curiously a handful of top players seem not to be affected (Gerard Pique, Sergio Busquets, Marc Andre ter Stegen, Kevin de Bruyne, Renato Sanches, Gabriel Jesus and more) but at a guess at least 95% of players have changed their name, including every member of my team. Both database players and regens are affected. I am playing as manager of Leyton Orient in the Championship, and the date is 4th November 2020. As per the FAQ I have deleted the cache and preferences, and verified all Steam files. Yet the issue remains. I have uploaded a savegame to the FTP server, named "imperium_3_player_surname_change.fm". Unfortunately I do not have any "before" save (I had assumed the autosave system did that, but it seems it does not!). Any help would be much appreciated.
  3. Hi, I'd just like to flag up a possible issue with the forum's email system. It took me a week's worth of failed attempts to create this account because the validation email was never sent out (despite multiple resends, checking junk folders, using different email addresses etc.). This one has finally succeeded, and the one thing that I did differently was to select the "receive news and updates from SI and Sega" checkbox during registration. I'm not sure if the cause was a different bug which you have fixed over the weekend, but it seems to me that maybe some GDPR-inspired change has gone a bit far and now users can't receive any emails at all unless they've opted in for marketing updates? It's something the admins may wish to look at.