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  1. I used the home tactic for home and control for away games. If im drawing away im normally switch to home to get the winning goal,hasnt let me down so far!
  2. You tactics worked superb for me! Im playing with arsenal and i won the league and im just about play in the fa cup final! For most of the season i had been up and down from 6th to 3rd and managed to get top spot in the last 6 games,i had to play Chelsea and the Man Utd back to back who where top and 2nd,with these 2 tactics(home and control) i beat both teams to win the league!! So nice one,its defo sexy football. Im going to carry on playing as arsenal but im going to be on the look out for managers who have lost there jobs in the lower leagues to give myself a bit of a challenge!
  3. James9,i used baptista as my 1st choice target man.I cant remember what i did (im in my 2nd season and bloody chelsea knicked him off me!!) but im pretty sure it was mixed,he scored plenty of goals,was 34 goals in 38 games!Out did henry by miles.Henry in this game is rubbish!Not as prolific in this game.But if in ur 1st season sign baptista at all cost!(he doing crap at chelsea in my game,hahah good!)I prefer to use Van Persie as a replacement target man whch is just as effective as he is my top scorer,21 goals in 12 games. Sorry that aint much help buddy!!
  4. What a wicked tactic!Won EPL Fa Cup and Champs League with Arsenal.I tweaked it very slightly by gettin the wingers to shoot from long range more often and the results was amazing! Helb by far the best player on the wing and rosicky scored many great goals when he is asked to shoot from long range. One thing that really annoyed me baptista,scored just under 40 goals,my top scorer but he signed for chelsea,so anoying,him and henry was dineamite! So nice one!
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