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  1. I've had complaints before the season evens starts from players complaining about lack of playing time. Of course you haven't played you idiot, the season hasn't started yet.
  2. Fullbacks seem to be getting very favorable ratings for some obscure reason. Attached is a screen taken 28th feb from my EPL game. 9 of the top 10 are defenders, and mostly fullbacks.
  3. [video=youtube;mktUJ2uaMMI] I'll just leave this here 2017. Rooney's still a beast. Henriquez is finally coming good. Team is made up of mostly regens now.
  4. Dunno how and why Sega & SI expect me to pay $80USD for this game in New Zealand via Steam :/ Its not happening. Guess im skipping this year.
  5. ugh i do enough of this crap in real life. I don't want it extended to my virtual life as well. NO THANKS.
  6. Stole this guy from borough. Currently is Natural AM C, should i retrain him for the wing or MC ?
  7. Clean sweep of titles in second season. Beat Real 5-1. Hazard and Hernandez have been incredible. And my team at the end of the season At the end of the season Raul, Giggs and Ferdinand retired. Raul + Giggs signed on as coaches ^_^
  8. hows this for a League Cup final win Game before this was also vs Villa, and ended 2-2
  9. Buying on steam so I'll be playing on both PC & Mac. PC i7 / 8GB Ram / Nvidia 560ti X2 / 120GB SSD Laptop Macbook Air 13 / i5 / 4GB Ram / Onboard Gfx / 128GB SSD
  10. they were all done in 1 game. Went up to 2090s. I resigned from Italy and couldnt get a job in france (my manager was over 100 yrs old) so gave up on that save and so never did the french achiev :/
  11. Im on 80/84. I havent done twitter update, french hero, Professor and continental king.
  12. ^ thats a good idea actually, thanks