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  1. I do not have a save from before he was homesick as it was only about two or three days into the save, and no games had been played yet, so there wasn't a foul conversation or lack of playing time. Walke.fm should be in the cloud, which is from right after he started complaining. Here is his happiness screen.
  2. I have recently started a save with Red Bull Salzburg, and my German goalkeeper Alexander Walke has come to me complaining of homesickness. I find this very questionable, since he was happily at the club for nine years irl, and the Salzburg stadium is literally five minutes away from the German border, as well as the two countries being similar. (Even the far end of Austria is only a few hours' drive away from Germany). I'd assume it's probably just bad luck but there should be something implemented to try and make it a bit more realistic in the future (i.e. minimum distance, language difference, etc. required). I can provide a save if you want. Thanks
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