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  1. Hey FuSS I really enjoy your tactics, but got one small question. What do you do when you're having trouble breaking down the oppositions defence? I'm having a few to many 0-0 draws
  2. That seems like a good start. Will test it out and try to tweak it as I go. Thanks.
  3. Manchester United is flying at the moment. Entertaining, attacking football. I really want to play with a tactic like that in FM20, but I'm tactically clueless. Can anyone help with a recreation? What I know: It's a 4231 fluid formation. The front 3 (Rashford/Martial/Greenwood) seems to be rotating occasionally. Pogba DLP? Matic with a defensive role. Bruno is everywhere. Any help is appreciated.
  4. I want to recreate these three tactics from the 07/08 season, but I struggle with tactical knowledge so I need some help. Tactical analysis Cheers! P.S. If someone has created all three of the tactics, a link is appreciated
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