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  1. The Fifa world League did not appear with the testing file...
  2. Relieve the 2001 Chinese Leagues of the top 2 division using this file. (Of course there's no match fixing incident in D2 in this file unlike IRL) PLEASE USE FAKE PLAYERS AND ADD PLAYERS TO PLAYABLE TEAMS 2001 Chinese Leagues.fmf
  3. Which division's team can be promoted to the playable division??
  4. Alan Hunter,Ipswich Town FC Hall of famer(North Ireland) Alan Hunter.fmf
  5. The first Wonderkid will be Mario Kempes of Argentina Kempes.fmf
  6. After realizing myself being **** on making nation rules compared to @Tonao and @Timo61,I've decided to concentrate on Making Wonderkids(Based on Footballers which is either Well-Known or Obscure). General Rules: The players are unemployed, 14 years old,and have CA higher than 90 and PA 200. Their birthday are Real(IF KNOWN). Their national team will be their place of birth SO ZIDANE WILL BE ALGERIAN AND FONTAINE WILL BE MAROC
  7. Here's Eusebio right before 1966 World Cup unemployed. Eusebio.fmf
  8. Here's a Russian Goalkeeper called Yuri Okroshidze who represented USSR at U16 World Cup 1987. He's Recreated in his state as of 1987,when he was in Zenit St. Petersburg. Yuri.fmf
  9. A reserve team participated in DFB Pokal after the winner of a Regional Cup was promoted into D2. Fix please
  10. How did you Remove the Nonexistent Countries? Cuz I was trying to make a Past DB as well
  11. Some incorrectly promoted German Clubs cannot participate in the regional cups. Fix
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