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  1. 10 minutes ago, phnompenhandy said:

    Well the easy way is to take a league at that level which you have no interest in, and change the names and details. Or just do that for your village - the name and location, the stadium and little things like that.

    Yeah, if that is the case I will do that. But if the leagues are entered anyways, then I'll just do that. I've already started a save with the level ten database, which is going well!

  2. Hey! Can you add these leagues, Hadley & Ottaway Anglian Combination all divisions, it goes down to 5, which is split into North and South. The Division 5 North & South are tier 16, and the Premier division of that is obviously 11; which was included last year. So, down below I made a little list of how it goes; for a better visual representation:

    • Level 11: Anglian Combination Premier Division
    • Level 12: Anglian Combination Division One
    • Level 13: Anglian Combination Division Two
    • Level 14: Anglian Combination Division Three
    • Level 15: Anglian Combination Division Four
    • Level 16: Anglian Combination Division Five North & South.

    Here is a link for the current standings for the teams, and what teams are included, would be awesome if you could add these! - http://www.angliancombination.org.uk/



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