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  1. How it is going, any updates? No problem if not! I'm just being an impatient twit!
  2. Not to seem I am being impatient, but do you have an estimated date when the database will be fully done, or down to level twenty-two?
  3. Does the level 11 database include level 11 and below, or just level 11? Kind of confused on what you mean, haha!
  4. Yeah, if that is the case I will do that. But if the leagues are entered anyways, then I'll just do that. I've already started a save with the level ten database, which is going well!
  5. Aye, the leagues I said above are leagues which I really want to see, mainly because one of my local villages play in the 12th tier, and I am thinking of creating a club in the lowest Anglian Division based off the local village near me which doesn't have a team currently! But Dan, this is awesome; you're awesome!
  6. Hey! Can you add these leagues, Hadley & Ottaway Anglian Combination all divisions, it goes down to 5, which is split into North and South. The Division 5 North & South are tier 16, and the Premier division of that is obviously 11; which was included last year. So, down below I made a little list of how it goes; for a better visual representation: Level 11: Anglian Combination Premier Division Level 12: Anglian Combination Division One Level 13: Anglian Combination Division Two Level 14: Anglian Combination Division Three Level 15: Anglian Combination Divi
  7. Did I read right that the level ten database maybe released this weekend? Or, estimated too.
  8. Hey man! First of all, I really enjoy your database. Took my local village, 11th tier, last FM to EPL in around 14 years, best save I've done! Just wondering if you've got an estimated time for the tier 10 patch release? Cheers!
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