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9 "What we've got here is a failure to communicate"
  1. The data attributes used in FM21 are supplied by SciSPorts? As a recruitment analyst would they/you not also subscribe and have such data available? Just cos a striker has a perceived shooting attribute of say 17 does not mean there any better than someone with 14 its a combination of many attributes that ultimately determine how good a player actually is or potentially could be. WHat does annoy me are players who are around the age of 21 yet have already almost maxed out their actual/potential when they still have years ahead of them to develop further. The potential attribute should be removed !! The fact that some players never reach and achieve their full potentially is realistic, Barotelli comes to mind, or alternatively Vardy who came from obscurity to become world class, Simply impossible in FM, but you can develop a moderate player who is perfectly capable of starting in the lower leagues to playing in the Premiership even when their attributes would suggest otherwise without any editing or cheating. What would make the game harder is a better AI or one that doesn't just favour Man Utd. If the game can make Man Utd strong why not other teams? my current save has Spurs bottom and Chelsea and Liverpool mid table at Xmas, like sure really? Man Utd top played 18 drawn once lost NONE still have the same manager and almost the same squad. As for making it harder for the pro players, they just know how to beat the game, no skill just knowledge and experience. Take Kevs recent Barcelona rebuild as a perfect example? Realism reality? Hardly. Barcelona are broke broken kaput and will be until they change their ownership model and a country buys and rescues them !! I was going to say a billionaire but then their debt is almost 2 billion so they need a MULTI billionaire just to clear the debt without any investment. Now try and configure the game to replicate potentially and probably will happen at Newcastle? Its impossible and they have a serious challenge ahead of them if they want to become a top 4 club. AS did Man City who invested a fortune on their infrastructure and squad, its unfortunately infuriatingly frustratingly impossible to replicate certain real life scenarios. The game is far too easy due to the game/match algorithms being absolutely useless making the opposition weak even when they potentially have a far superior team, except as stated above, if its Man Utd.
  2. You agree a transfer and wage budget is it not then YOUR responsibility to then recruit the players you want and need? The Chairman/board duty is to make funds available it is your job to spend and use them wisely. You can request the club funds a specific transfer target over your budget is that not basically the same?
  3. your brain will work slower as you get older right? I wish, I am 57 almost 58 and still waiting. Yes your body starts to slow down after 32, but I would argue that is a variable from person to person. A result of all that good food, excessive beer the kids get older so less running after them cos they now have their own car so the taxi can be retired and seriously, hard training starts to become a right pain in %$&. But that does not necessarily mean a good player suddenly becomes a bad one over night, its a slow "painful" decline over a number of years into middle age !!! However you feel the pain more, recovery takes longer and old injuries start to hurt again especially on a cold winters day. So yes your body gradually starts to slow down "gracefully" but your mind is still active and you learn to pace yourself, not that you have much choice.
  4. team reputation appears to be based on promotion/relegation and a good cup run. Newport for example started on 3850 in SBD2 then after promotion to SBD1 increased to 4255 and 4655 when we reached SBCL (Sky Bet/Div) then we won the League Cup and it further increased to 5076 and later that season we won promotion and finalist in the FA Cup and reputation jumped to 5538. We went on to win the FA Cup and it increased to 5717 and then pre season for EPL Jun, it was 5929. There doesn't appear to be any way to find the actual clubs reputation its only by those silly stars but looking in the editor I know our reputation is the lowest Forest are on 6433 twice European Champions and Leeds are on 6947 now in their 3rd EPL season both of them well known clubs unlike poor Newport. How the match AI decides what players are actually good or bad is beyond me, but that is also true for real so I guess that is what is called hit or miss, trial and error. You just stumble over a player who plays well and accept it be thankful for it or as I find a certain player can make the team play well and without him they struggle. I like to build my team around a solid reliable BBM and they are first on the team sheet. I just love Longstaff released from Newcastle when they got relegated not a great player or a star but he just works for me. Then I have Christopher Missilou as a DLP and Adam Philips as a AP who have played a couple season together and built up cohesion. I have bought better players since we moved up the leagues but to be honest there only used as backups. Then in goals I have Nick Townsend again I have better choices but I see no reason why he needs to be or should be replaced. Going back to playmakers as I do for all my players, I hammer them in training by continuously making them do new traits. I ignore attributes and personal current/potential ability I buy players whose core attributes are already good for the position I want and any improvement in them or others is a bonus. WHO cares if a player has a potential of 155 when his current ability is only 100 if his tackling is say 11 he will never be a good defender or under 6"2. unless he is retrained as a wide wing back and I rarely retrain defenders I try and make them better at what there already good at. Potential ability is plain silly only a guide, a bad one. A good player is not made there born. No one ever made Gazza a great player, he had it in him from birth a born superstar. SO I just get a player who looks good whose attributes fit and try and make them better. But that needs the best coaches you can find, good coaches make better players without good coaches no amount of training is going to work. Same goes for your team leaders and mentoring you need to keep working on players. SO you need to keep a close eye on players individual training and development, and as I have said I hammer them in training to make them better until they almost break and then only then ease off. Some players really hate me others love me, give it time you find a balance. But am I not creating good players from one who was average? Yes and No. You will never make a bad defender a good one maybe only better unlocking their potential. You will never make a striker with current pace of 11 improve to 18 physically impossible but with fitness training they can significantly improve stamina work rate endurance etc. I was always fast at school but with proper professional training I ran faster for longer yes I was a sprinter but I was also pretty good at cross country and over longer distances. Technically at football I was useless but cos of speed it mattered not if a defender cant catch you and being tall I made both a good defender and striker although I was a little to to aggressive and rough in the eyes of some referees, erm most of them. Don't get me wrong I do understand why the game has current/potential ability it is relevant as much as irrelevant. But you find young wonderkids who have or almost have maxed out the potential/current abilities before there 21. plain daft and wrong since there bodies are still growing. Why are EPL players fitter cos they train harder? or have better coaches? A good sports scientist should improve every player same for all coaches. If you improve your coaches it should benefit some players a lot and others maybe only a little and I guess a few none cos they will always be useless. But I can also understand just how difficult this would be to program into the game, certainly not impossible but its another area of the game that needs work, refining,,,, Give them time but their collaboration with SciSports should go some way towards providing the data needed to drastically improve the game and its AI algorithms. We can but hope.
  5. This is one of the most annoying broken parts of the game Finance Facilities etc . For example I recently took Newport County from Div 2 to the Premiership in 3 seasons unlike in real life. So what did the board do in the middle??? NOTHING. Improved nothing REFUSED oh they upgraded youth facilities to adequate and training to average BIG DEAL. SO here we are in the Premiership having just won the FA Cup, the League Cup Champions of the Championship by I think 12 points and yip in Europe and now we play at Ashton Gate (Bristol City) cos Rodney Park our home ground has a capacity of less than 9k when it should actually be less than 8k but what the heck close enough. But they are going to expand it to 17k? HOW? Its not even ours as we ground share it with two rugby teams and its owned by WRU. I understand the politics and ownership model at Newport a little unusual as its fan owned and investment is almost none - 30k per year. I raised over £100m in the transfer window have a salary cap of £24m next lowest is Forest on £42m I was given a transfer fund of £17m, made that selling one players x3 actually one player sold for £34m, Forest spent £80m I spent £30m making a transfer surplus of £80m. Our total sponsorship etc is £750k ???? Forest get £4.1m who were promoted with us. Yes I bought a ton of youngsters ( I know who to buy and when) who increase in value per division and worth quite a lot when you get to the Premiership yeah most wanted to leave when in the championship and I refused cos we have a great set of youngsters with potential most got offers of between 75 and 200k in CHampionship then hit premiership and its in the tens of millions figure that one out !! SO sat with over £100m transfer balance. I get paid 2k a week and they refused me a new contract, Daniel Farke is at Forest on £12k aaugh yes I turned down quite a few interviews. SO what the heck we need a new stadium one that is our own and fit for the team/squad I have built, fit for the Premiership ft for Europe. But then my DOF made offers for over £100m players almost all useless my highest wage is £64k he went after players who wanted £110k plus !! where was this money going to come from cos I dont have it in my wage budget which is £1.2m I am currently spending just shy of £1m highest wage is £64k and thats cos I needed good defenders so had to buy em. I have an analytical mind I understand the complexity of designing the algorithms and various game engines but come on SI, the town idiot could do better. A little foresight would be useful, communications and planning between board and staff, our Chairman put in a £300k loan, impossible and why when we didn't need it. OUr projected profit this year???? £240m no idea why or how I guess cos we are in the Premiership and nothing to spend it on. Where are we projected to come this year? 5th wow and we are top after 4 games unbeaten and looking good. SO we currently play at Ashton Gate with a capacity of 27k our average home gate is 16k top attendance was 17k cos that is hard coded into the game even though potentially its now 27k all that potential revenue lost when a big team comes (Spurs home 17,185 Leeds 16,677 and we beat em both 4-1 and 5-1). Will FM22 be better be any different? I bet its exactly the same - BROKEN
  6. First thing to remember is the AI match engine is broken, it cannot think and AI teams can be forced to play defensive/negative if you are more aggressive with your own tactics. Question One - The advantage of playing friendlies against a bigger club is the potential to raise some extra matchday income to help fund new players but unfortunately it will probably not help you find or attract any. Can also help clear some debt if you have been over spending on wages or appearance money Question Two - Depending on your current Division and I guess country, try and attract players who play in the same division or lower, available on loan or older near retirement unattached Unfortunately once you learn the tricks, due to the AI match engine being so completely useless, it spoils the game as it becomes far to easy to get promoted. It is not luck there are no secrets, its not even clever requires no skill just an understanding with experience how to find the players you want. You do not need the best players just players that are good playing in the positions you want them to play in. In FM21 the highest rated players are not always the best, a good player in the lowest divisions can last for seasons since they just keep on playing well, even when their stats would make you think otherwise. If you are playing lower leagues to legends it usually only takes 3 or 4 new players per season to continue the rise to fame and glory plus maybe a couple of loans and always keep a look out for released veterans and you should get promoted season after season. Human Managers are 10x better than AI, SI can do all the tinkering they want with the screen GUI and appearance but its the heart of the game that is seriously broken - the AI Match engine. Ok there is more broken than just that its one of many. Question Three. Where or how to find those players you need. Players in certain positions need certain specific attributes. Midfielders require passing, vision, tackling, work rate, stamina they are your teams engine. A BBM is critical as much as a DLP if you are not using a DM or a AP/BWM if you are using a DM. Finding the players comes to you in many ways, Media News, Division awards, scouts, your DOF and I guess recommendations (Never use them) the players search engine and just spending hours looking at other teams squads for the players you want, especially same or lower divisions or in leagues in an adjacent country. England use Scotland Ireland Wales. Setting up a specific player search in squad depth is a very useful wizard and the one I use the most. IF you are in lower divisions get the best loans you can they could be critical and some seasoned older players for experience. Also keep a close eye on teams promoted and relegated in your country and abroad, they might have the players you need that are now surplus to requirements. TACTICS. First and most important, decide your teams tactics the formation and mentality. You only need two, Home away, think of it as Attacking Defensive , The match AI likes you to keep things simple and repetitive it build familiarity and team cohesion, that is what will win you most matches more than player attributes !! Usually keeping to the same mentality is a good idea - positive or attacking I never use defensive and rarely use attacking. Once you have your squad just play games and see how your players perform. I just move players to the positions they can play to find their best role. I ignore all advice either from staff or the game there all broken and usually wrong or misleading. I always keep a close eye on a players development, players who train well usually play well. If for some reason you cannot find the player you want for a specific position, either get a loan or an older player on a single or couple years contract or best none contract and just an appearance fee.
  7. Nice idea .... but then I find scouting in general convoluted and a mess, like tactics. I use Team Report, Squad Depth to highlight weaknesses & targets then request an assignment (search) and off the scouting team goes. From the assignment screen I can see who is doing what and who they are scouting, absolute rubbish usually, But there is no way to further configure who is doing what and why or where. Usually wasting their time in places they have little if any knowledge wasting my scouting budget !!! Yeah I guess if I took control of scouting/scouts I could probably configure more but I waste enough time doing all the other responsivities I don't have time or the inclination.
  8. Setting team tactics with match plans and team squad rotations and team/opposition instructions is a complete dogs breakfast. It would appear "almost" everything anyone would want is sort of there "somewhere" but finding and applying is so damn irritatingly convoluted and I would argue nonsense. SO we have Tactics Overview, in procession, in transition and out of procession in a nice sort of clear clean GUI, then we can choose formation and players/subs, cool. Some basic instructions and then you move to other Tactics sub menus. Why? Ok so your setting your various custom scenarios, I get it. BUT what the heck have they to do with your choices in Tactics Overview? So then we configure/create our Tactics Match Plans depending on numerous scenarios winning loosing drawing, then game time, subject to our teams formation mentality and finally the team instructions all in amateurish boring txt and drop down menus. the Match Plans GUI is plain horrible. Oh yeah then there is Tactics Player and Tactics Opposition Team Instructions when we have already tried to set them in our Tactics Match Plans? Have we not already set basic instructions in the Overview? Does our Tactics Match Plans override choices made in Tactics Overview screen or not what of the other sub menus? There are too many ifs and buts What is the logical path one would take in creating a custom formation/match plan? What are the dependencies we base our decisions on? GAME - Home or Away Formation Opposition - Stronger equal or Weaker Mentality Available players - Bans injuries and International duties etc - Players Transition - Team Instructions Score- potentially change all of above I hear you when you ask, how do we make it look/work better? Wizards? Assistant Managers advice we can then customise to suit? More choices more buttons to press? Remove the numerous duplications and make the setting your team tactics path logical. Like in the Tactics Overview GUI you have Marking Pressing Tackling??? Should that not be, is that not part of your custom Match Plan??? I get it, there basic instructions for those Managers who do not use Match Plans, fine, but if you do want to use Match Plans? Should the Tactics Overview GUI then give you the option to import your custom Match Plans? But then Tactics Match Plans has no options for tackling? Why not? Tactics is a COMPLETE MESS with little if any foresight SO you create your Match plans based on formation, score, time of game, etc COOL, this should all be in one GUI so a manager can understand what is going to happen and when based on what scenario Oh yeah then you get set pieces, I am not even going to go there, I don't think the game developers go there much if ever either. IT looks like a GUI from the 1990s, probably is still the same one from Championship Manager
  9. even better if we could import audio of our clubs favourite songs and anthems LFC never walk alone or Leeds - We are Leeds etc etc etc oh the fun of Rangers v Celtic with a proper crowd or the fans shouting "Champions"
  10. Just a thought, why are no games played under floodlights? I know they do but the effect is not really very good.
  11. Problem is differentiating between the roles of Director Football, your Assistant Manager, the Head of Development Under23/21/18 Managers and Loan Manager. Some consider the Manager himself to be the Head coach so we all have different views on whose position responsibilities and roles should be whose and it would vary from one club to another as it would individually depending on the skills and experience of the staff. Training first team - delegate to your Assistant Manager Training of Youth Teams??? Head of Youth Development, the respective junior team Managers and their assistants? SO to me your head coach is one of the above by roles, just not by name.
  12. Its time FM moved with the times and gave our staff a mobile phone. Then whom ever you delegate to can send you a txt and and ask for a yea or nay answer or some guidance? But then they could also introduce video conference calls so we can conduct transfers whilst sat on some exotic beach whilst on holiday.
  13. Football is like a game of chess, each piece has its strengths and weakness but its how you play them as a whole a unit/team that matters, not specifically individual pieces - unless your called CR7. A striker is only as good as the service he gets meaning how when and where. A winger/wingback is also only great if he gets it where we wants and there is someone at the other end to make good use of what he does. IF he is lightning fast and the strikers have only just made it past the half way line what use are they when he is out level with the penalty box 18 yard line? Similarly if a wingback is up at the opponents 18 yard line and possession is lost who covers behind? Kloppie is a master of tactics, and that is why some signings have initially failed cos players just could not keep up with the pace LFC play at. Bielsa does wonders at Leeds with many players others would never consider at a similar level cos as a unit there extremely hard to break down. Although he did get the ManUtd game all wrong, and got hammered. Has anyone actually watched a whole complete 90 mins of any FM21 match? Studied how the players move cover and find and close down spaces? Praise to the developers cos its impressive if sometimes a little frustrating to watch and attempt to manage, control? yeah right good luck on that one. Pep would have nightmares playing the game the way he manages his teams. Why did WIlliam fail at Arsenal, maybe he didn't they do? Maybe he is what he always was and that is why Chelsea got rid of him? He looked good in a great team and found wanting in what is a poor Arsenal team. Is that the fault of the players or the coaching and tactics? But was he great at Chelsea? Why is he still not there then? His concentration is poor decision making is naïve at best first touch hit and miss and passing/shooting ability? Did he loose his contact lenses??? or does he need a pair? His awareness and reading of games is just as bad for the position he plays. There is no attribute for intelligence/IQ but there should be !!! Ok I know some are going to point out Rooney or Gazza there are exceptions. My point is your team tactics determine what attributers you need in a given player. If your attack is holding a high line speed isn't as important as say agility acceleration balance first touch and your forwards would be advanced. If your playing a lower line of engagement, as in fast counter attack, stamina, speed/acceleration fitness is critical as much as one-on one and composure/ball control to get the ball past the goalie and hopefully into the net. SO they would hold back on their forward position looking for gaps aiming to beat the slowest defenders and waiting for those killer balls to chase. Vice versa for defending. Yes you can dig deep into tactics but its time consuming and often unrewarding cos often players do their own thing and you end up with 10 different tactics for each formation changing instructions during games is a pain since you are reacting to the opposition as much as your own teams instructions. Set your assistant to perfect attributes and delegate - at your peril ! ok back to playing Leeds just won the Quad, EPL Champions League FA Cup and Carathingie cup but Mr Radrizzani refuses to improve Elland Road, we need a new stadium and he has over £600m in the bank and I have over £300m in transfer kitty I cant use and he just refused me a transfer for £40m for a wonderkid cos we can't afford him????????? How did I make that money? developing anyone that looked half good I could get cheap and pay them peanuts from under18s teams keeping them till 21 on the lowest wages possible and selling with 40% on future transfers. Scouts are critical but data analyst is more reliable. Now we are making over £200m a year doing naught, the tax man loves us !!! Just as well we are making that money cos our income/expenditure/wages is a disaster cos the economy part of the game is broken or at best deeply floored.
  14. It was recently announced a female game would be introduced. Does this mean there will also be some females in the crowd???
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